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Updated : Mar 06, 2020 in Articles – Buy, Sell, Store Physical Precious Metals

Hi, my name is Ken and I’m not the founder of although I’d like to be. but I’m gonna tell you a couple things about it
because it’s ******* great. What is It’s an online platform
to BUY, SELL and STORE precious metals. What? You think gold is outdated? Well, central banks are printing money like Monopoly, and who knows, even your banker,
what Bitcoin really is! Do you really think you can afford to risk your kid’s future? Precious metals are investments that last. Look, no one is asking you to take a gamble here! You go kid! Will you ever get a chance to see that ingot? You bet you can. We’ll either ship it directly to your door, whenever you want. Or, we can store it for you in our fully insured vaults.
For free. That’s right: for free. Why the hell would you wanna spend your money to protect your money? And trust me, Don Corleone ain’t coming anywhere near here. So, whether it’s for your own retirement or for your kid’s graduation, we’ve got it in all shapes and sizes. You know, they say size doesn’t matter, Well in this case, believe me, size matters. Seems like fun, right? We may not be watchmakers but we’re a Swiss Company, after all. All of our products have been sourced and manufactured by the most trusted mints in the industry. Listen, I might not be a CIA agent anymore, but I still sure hell know a good opportunity when I see one!


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