Girls bad boys ആയാൽ | Funny interpretation | Karikku

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Girls bad boys ആയാൽ | Funny interpretation | Karikku

This is the problem if you buy
big tomatoes! Chopping never ends! Hey, I love to sit on a bullet.. Why don’t you marry a girl who rides a bullet?
She’ll take you wherever you want! Not that way! To ride it! We riding a bullet? Whatever!
Only scooters and cycles are meant for us! Yes boss! What’s going on? A new guy has joined my office! So?
– He’s good-looking. Mr. Bombshell? But I don’t know how to hit on him.. Would he think of me as a flirt? Don’t think that way!
I got a nice technique! Forward him a nice message! And then mention,
‘Sorry, by mistake..’ Don’t forget that part.
Quick! Oh no! A girl from my office
has sent a message! What message?
– A forwarded one! This is usual! You see.. This is full of forwarded messages
from girls. For what? To woo me! Just watch! You’ll receive a
‘Sorry, by mistake’ message soon! Oh no! She said that!
– See? Didn’t I tell you? Say ‘It’s okay’, and let it go.
Else, such girls can be a burden! Here, his message says ‘It’s okay!’ Technique worked?
Now, the next one. ‘Are you cocky?’
– He’s a simpleton! Don’t be a saint! Send it! You want cucumber?
– For what? For eye pads.
Makes your eyes feel cooler. Oh no! She asks, ‘Are you cocky?’ I’m not cocky at all!
Why does she ask so? Are you dumb? Don’t reply! It’ll be a burden. Don’t reply at all! Isn’t it rude to not reply at all? I said what I have to! He says, ‘Nothing of that sort..’ That’s it! Simple!
Next, ‘Nice DP!’ She says ‘Nice DP!’ Awesome, man! Awesome!
Enjoy! It’s already 10!
Why aren’t they open yet? This is the beverage shop in town.
It’s usually not crowded. Do I have to buy? Can’t you..
– This is my area! People would recognise me!
Only 3 girls are there now! It’s okay! Quietly go and buy it!
Here, wear this! What was the name?
– Just say beer! They will give it! Cover your face with the kerchief! Oh! Wow!
– Here, look at this! Wow! Look who’s here! Since my friend got a fever…
– So? This ain’t a medical shop.
It’s a beverage shop. They said beer mixed with black pepper
cures the fever. So.. It’s not beer, kiddo! It’s rum!
You gotta mix with it! What do we have to see, God!
Catastrophic! That’s right! What you said is right! Where are you off to?
We are all here! Go stand in the queue! Look who’s here! Don’t touch me!
– Shall we grab a drink? Sis..
– Um? Are you sure it’s run?
– Yes, it is! Hey, this sister here says
it should be mixed with rum! Hey, please come here!
– Bug off! Dear, what are you doing? I was gonna take a shower. Why don’t you do a video-call
while showering? Video call? Don’t you understand?
Can’t do that! Such unusual coyness! Send some photos then!
With your new shorts! No! Photos wearing shorts?
Can’t do! No? So you don’t trust me! You can’t do a video call!
You can’t send photos! You weren’t like this before!
– It’s not about trust.. Why don’t you understand? If someone
sees this, what would my future be? Let it be! Don’t mention that! I am a fool to follow you,
calling you sweet names! Just one photo! But don’t ask again! Okay! Muaaah!! Such tantrums! Is that 2:30PM bus gone?
– Not yet! Hey! [Random flirty song] If they do something today,
I’ll inform my dad! Can’t predict their actions!
Look at the way they stare! Hey! Look at us! They’ve started!
We have to bear this now! Trying to scare us with
those big eyes? This is a bit too much!
I’ll inform my dad! Keep it shut! No way! When we try to keep calm.. What’s the use of getting dad?
Can’t predict their actions! Afterall, we are just men! There, he comes! Come on! Let’s do it! Uh no! Sorry! What did she do?
– Touched me! It’s ok! Let it be! This is the fate of men! This is a bit too much!
– We gotta lodge a police case! The law is on our side! This happens
only because we turn a blind eye! Don’t be sad.
– I’ll inform my sister! Wanna come with me? Can’t take this anymore.
Gotta ask them right away! It won’t work out otherwise. What do you think?
You can do anything to the men? Don’t you have a dad or brothers?
– No! I’ll tell my sister!
– Ugh! No! Not to the sister.
We gotta let the cops know! Ugh no! We got scared! Be right here!
Come on, let’s go! Please come back tomorrow!
Won’t you? Bye!


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