Fortnite Battle Royale NEW Shopping Cart Madness

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Fortnite Battle Royale NEW Shopping Cart Madness

Fortnite Battle Royale NEW Shopping Cart Madness Hi everyone, welcome back to another video in today’s video room to play something for night battle royale and as you know right now we Will be playing with the shopping cart. That’s right shop a card back in business right now So we’re gonna be playing it’s an old skin as you can see here. The blue Squire Blue Square is like my favorite I’m very good with him. So let’s go into a I’ll need up Blitz back Stay up blitz blitz a faster paced version of battery a match begins with the storm moving toward the island already They got teams of twenty version two five teams of twenty fight to the finish this mode has Actually and resources in store that has more legal and then standard battle royale modes Bringing you into a normal solo and then we’re going to a destroy so we got the plunge on here Oh, wow, it moves faster again. It was fast Yes, I love doing this. Okay, so you take the worm And you like that Arrows but I always like it it means you know the ticket Mom alright So we’re gonna go into a quick match right now and we are going to just look for a shopping cart. I Don’t know where to find one because I am not played until now open the shopping for a scam out Oh, well, that’s weird you can see the kills now and those Does she do divot has Grass on it. Now. Do you guys see that? I found that just now? Oh my gosh How long ago – I’m gonna go to the house on the hill real around right here real BL There’s just mirrors or something different Who’s that all guys have found foosh of you Tonight, oh shoot. Oh shoot. I am on Ed noms. Oh, My gosh people, this is amazing so I’m gonna I’m going to write that down this hill I’m going to see if it does any damage fall damage when you go back down Bring that So we got we got bad start right now, oh My gosh, that’s amazing So we’re gonna go in here Fix it okay. So we’re gonna go in here and I wish Then we’re gonna see all right when we get to the edge right here Oh Whoa, oh, shoot Really kinda way right away God Okay, so this is like the new ways to get around I’m just gonna push it and then we’re going to like ass There you go first kill So we are going to ride on this Home Alright back on a shopping cart So we have a ways to go but luckily we have the new shopping cart So that’s one thing that we have that will be our advantage in this game right now is our shopping cart first try So that’s what we’re gonna do We this this video we’re just gonna be looking for it shopping carts I Don’t know if we’re gonna go to the same place or if we’re gonna go try like Retail or something. I think we just met go to the same place. So then we don’t like die right away. So straight doing that So we gotta get going for shield now What No So now let’s just go grab our own Are I don’t our shopping cart struggle That’s trouble though Okay, let’s go or drive it Oh This is amazing It’s really just this video I’m just gonna be showing you around on this thing just like See how good this you’re gonna kills on it. It’s gotta be it. Oh, here we go. Here we go. Here we go Here we go. Here we go. Here we go Ha ha ha exit oh Let’s go So those think it’s very useful, ah, just drink these heal up That this thing is amazing I’m not gonna lie. This thing is like the best thing ever Turner Those are a couple of supply drops over here Should I pick her? There’s a shopping cart in the water, oh Shoot I’ll make sure nobody comes from behind me You try to break mr. Wheely faces you do come on push So getting warm around and see how I do there so I think my personal opinion is a free to go up not go kart what I keep saying this is a the grocery cart Is like really good that at least I think they should have added it it’s pretty good It’s a really good useful thing you can go down hills with because like I really that That’s very useful for using it Come down below your opinion, I mean your opinions on it I need your opinion like my opinion counts to buy me like your opinion is like better than mine I think it’s all about the customer They sound like a up Oh What do you call it? Hey watch it might call it Wednesday Okay, so we are going to go to the hill get Actually, let’s go to dusty Just kidding, haha you guys know I would have died straight away if I went to dusty You know they like I Have a theory So the missiles right there right I found in the bunker in whaling woods I’m going to have a video on that soon This is my theory so they’re gonna launch that and We we’re gonna go back in the bunkers for season 5 that that’s what’s gonna happen That’s my theory because like oh my god, oh my There’s two of them there, aren’t you Hmm what if you think – probably not okay, so let’s go Let’s just Go Oh, ow, oh shoot, ow Oh aah Oh mine I didn’t know it could hurt so bad. Ow Oh Cool ow, oh my gosh. I need a med kit right now. Oh My gosh my kit please uh Excuse me from flat but blush blush myself. Oh My gosh I suck Hey What can I like fine like like anything else yeah. Yeah chug chug yay Yes, I got God No, nothing. All right, so all right, I’m gonna have to use my Chuck Chuck jump As I like to call it the chug of Google Yeah, you’re back back again to our normal selves What if I could break stuff ha ha ha ha no I can’t okay That was gonna be like Harry Potter that scenery likes, uh, oh Wow Whoo. Oh Wow, can I go in here? Oh wow Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo Wait, I have a question go Oh, oh we think okay we got to get going This is a new generation of fortnight, it’s so bumpy. I Wonder if these could break Okay, we gotta get going fast these are pretty fast to be honest All right, we’re stuck here we have to do one thing We oh, I don’t know I took damage from that Gone froze there We made it but you’ve ran it so far yes You’re near Oh, whoo. Oh I think I broke it. Oh That answers my question Sad Yeah, you got a new one, yeah No, no, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah now Go I’m sorry, I had to abandon it. I feel so bad. Why? Found them guys found him I summon over there every shirt Oh Come on each fear do not be dead. Look at that I’m at 1 HP Okay. Thank you all for joining me in another video today So just calm down below. What what do you think of? the new grocery cart right now shopping cart Tell me about it. Do you like it do you not? Subscribe like this video comment down below. I will talk to you back and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye

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