Flipkart SmartBuy On the Ear Headphones – REVIEW   (EA1MP)   🎧 Who should go for it?

Updated : Nov 10, 2019 in Articles

Flipkart SmartBuy On the Ear Headphones – REVIEW (EA1MP) 🎧 Who should go for it?

Whtizup guyz! In this Video letz have a quick look at the
SmartBuy On Ear Headphones by Flipkart & find out if it is any good or not!
–inTro– On opening the boX, you will find, well, only
the Headphones, in a very plain packaging! We can’t really eXpect more at this budget
price..!. The build is basically plastic but seems durable
enough. There is the flipkart SmartBuy logo on both
sides and it does come off pretty easily! There is no branding or logo on the Ear-Cups
itself. The cushions on the ear-cups feels comfortable. There is also a thin layer of cushion on the
outside of the cups and the inside of the band which is good! The cups can turn 180 degrees and can also
fold-in to make things easier if you are to pack it in a bag! And it does not make any creaking noise! These are pretty light in weight with a simplistic
kind of design! It sits quite comfortably with the correct
amount of pressure on the ears, not too much or too less, so that’z a plus! I will advice you not to remove the cushions
because it does take a bit of work to put them back ON! The sound quality during phone calls is clear
& audible for both parties! Now coming to the Audio Quality during music
playback, the highs are present but not crisp enough, the mids & Vocals are actually good,
clear and not too loud & muddy like some other budget headphones! The bass presence is there though not too
impressive. The overall sound clarity is not as good compared
to even some budget In-Ear Headphones BUT it is OK to little more than average at best
specially at this low price range of ₹700! It is actually not bad and are in-fact better
sounding than some budget Sony On-Ears, which as you know, are Branded. These are pretty decent for someone who wants
an entry level headphone! If you liked this Video then give it a Thumbz-Up
& hit the free subscribe button to stay tuned on more tech content. ThanX for watching, keep the Peace & catch
you neXt time!

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