Finally Upgrading My Workspace πŸ₯΄πŸ’»

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Finally Upgrading My Workspace πŸ₯΄πŸ’»

You know how when you’re thankful for what
you have, but it’s time to upgrade? (♫ bootleg Upgrade U by Beyonce plays ♫) Lemme-lemme upgrade ya! Hey YouTube World! It’s me, Evelyn. I rarely invest in myself unless you count
rewarding yourself with dessert as an investment. But in 2020 we’re giving you new and improved,
okay? We’re giving you seamless workflow, systems
and processes, okay?! Ergonomically sound work environment. Carpel tunnel?! I don’t know her! I have so many dreams and I need to act like
I’m going for after them. I’m also my own boss and I’ve been a really
bad boss. I would have quit if I was working for me,
I would have- I would have quit. Thankless, thankless job. So in this video I’m gonna share some of
the things I recently got just to begin to slowly, okay, bit by bit – not every day can
be shopping spree – the things I recently got to slowly begin to upgrade my equipment
and my work environment. Dedicated space. The biggest investment I made in myself is
when I moved into a new space and transformed the master bedroom into a dedicated home office
filming studio situation. Before this, the background of my videos was
typically my bedroom, sometimes the living room. And now, it’s one cute, organized, easily
tax deductible dedicated space, amen. I have a whole video about my home office,
so go ‘head and click the link wherever links is located to watch that. It feels so good to not edit in the same place
I sleep. And I used to have this really bad habit for
years of working from my bed. All day. And that’s not what we tryna do in 2020. In 2020 we tryna be full of energy. I don’t wanna come to y’all with REM cycle
energy. Now since I have this home office, I really
only work from bed on the off chance that my cramps are really bad, you know, they hitting
me with the YAT YAT bop bop bop bop bop! Blue light lenses. Shout out to GlassesUSA! Ya girl partnered with them on this one. Oh, yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. I have been wearing glasses with blue light
lenses for at least the past 3 years, but they were RAGGEDY. Like jingle jangle. They almost felt like toys. And I’ve always wanted to invest in high
quality frames for the lenses. My vision itself is pretty good, ya girl’s
sitting at a 20/18, okay, I got astigmatism that makes driving at night kind of terrifying,
but other than that, we good. I just rock with the blue light lenses when
I edit. So GlassesUSA cuts out the middle man and
allows you to buy your prescription glasses for more affordable prices without having
to go to the mall. (gags) The ma– (gags). The mall– (gags) They have over 6,000 styles of glasses and
sunglasses, including designer brands like Gucci and Armani for all you bougie African
aunties watching. You can add your prescription to almost any
pair of glasses and sunglasses. You can also add blue light lenses – on
they’re called digital block lenses. GlassesUSA also partnered with my girl Hilary
Duff for an exclusive collection which is why I personally decided to check them out. Am I someone who buys something just because
Lizzie McGuire designed it? Yes. Yes I am. The Muse by Hilary collection has over 80
frame styles to choose from. She co-designed them and they are frikkin’
cute. (squeals) (♫ chill hip-hop music plays ♫)
You can use the GlassesUSA Virtual Mirror
to try on any pair of frames and see if issa vibe. If issa look. Just upload your photo and see what you’re
giving the people! So I’m gonna show
you the frames that I picked. These are the Kylie frames by Muse. This is not too much of a deviation from the
norm for me. I’m giving you older millennial, okay? 1982. We’re giving you “should I make a youtube
channel about getting out of student loan debt?” We’re giving you “I just bought a bird of
paradise plant. I bought a palm frond, you know what I’m saying,
a fiddle leaf fig tree. I’m a plant mom.” (♫ chill trap music plays ♫)
So these are the M1191 frames by Muse. They not doing me wrong yet, okay? It’s a little different for me, but I got
them because the model on the website was a Black girl with straight backs, you know
what I’m saying? She had a strong pair of glasses, you know,
a strong forehead, cornrows. All just forehead to the wind, and I was inspired. That’s the energy I’m tryna give y’all in
2020. These frames are giving me young hacker on
those CSI type shows. It’s giving me art curator. Like I went to Art Basel but like, not for
Instagram photos. I don’t know- I’m gonna go to Art Basel for
the Instagram photos. I don’t care what nobody say. Ah, yes. These are the Francesca frames by Muse. Listen! They on to something! (♫ bossa nova music plays ♫)
We’re giving you Mad Men minus the misogyny. We’re giving you academic, okay, textbooks. This says textbooks! We’re giving you a little bit of Paris. Like, “Is that a beret?” Oui oui. Alright, now these are the Clara frames (squeals)
from the Muse by Hilary Duff collection. What?! They’re pink! Don’t even play with me. On the website, they looked intense, okay? But I wanted to step outside of my comfort
zone, okay, and I’m glad I did. I think these are my go-tos now. (♫ playful music plays ♫)
I’m giving you fun kindergarten teacher, you
know what I’m saying, I’m giving you Teach For America but like I went back to my own
hood. And oddly enough these are giving me a little
bit of quirky you know, off-the-court NBA player? Hot pink glasses, a trench coat, and capris. (laughs) And loafers. Like that’s what I’m gonna give you guys! Mm! (cries)

♫ Hey now! ♫ Hey now! ♫ This is what dreams–(laughs) These are the Eva frames from the Muse by
Hilary Duff collection. (squeals) The whole collab is cute. (♫ chill hip-hop music plays ♫)
These are slightly larger than the Kylie frames. And the tint on the frame itself is like a
little bit more blue? In person it makes sense. I made it make sense. I love them. And you’re watching Disney Channel. Ima put on my Clara frames. So blue light lenses or digital block lenses
have been very helpful for me over the years in preventing eye strain, in preventing headaches,
you know, inability to fall asleep quickly, all the problems that can be associated with
staring at a bright blue screen all day. I do also use the flux plugin on my computer
screen, but I turn it off when I’m editing videos because I need the screen to be the
correct color when I’m color correcting the video footage. So that’s when the lenses come in clutch. Check out the link in the video description
box for up to 60% off your first pair of glasses at Alright let’s talk about posture, shall we? I feel like I got a hunchback y’all. I really feel like I do. ‘Cause I’m here with it. When I work, I’m here with it, you know what
I’m saying? I spend hours writing, reading, researching,
typing, editing like this. I don’t have a desktop yet, uh that is uh…that’s
part two or three of the upgrade. That’s the next stage– maybe like two stages
from now. A desktop is big and it’s high, and it makes
you look up, you know, the screen is eye level. But with a laptop it’s smaller, so you’re
always kind of looking down. Like this. You’re here with it. And sitting like this for a prolonged amount
of time is just a lot of neck strain. So I got this laptop stand from Amazon. to
elevate my computer off the surface of the desk, so my neck isn’t always bent when I’m
at my desk working. It’s really easy to assemble. It’s sleek. The color of the laptop stand matches the
metal color of my macbook for the seamless look. Shop around, hit your googles, okay, get what
works for you, but this is what I got. A desk chair, okay?! Desk chairs I had found out in my Internet
research are high. They’re so expensive. But you know what’s more expensive than a
desk chair? A chiropractor. That’s a specialist! You got coverage on specialists? Okay, what’s your insurance lookin’ like? Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency
in their working environment. Is the blood flowing? Is your posture good? Do you got eye strain, you feel me? Carpel tunnel. My desk set up previously was far from ergonomic. Oh snap crackle pop. That’s why I got the laptop stand. That was really step one in my personal ergonomics
here in my home office was to kind of lift my head up, get my spine aligned. And I also got the desk chair. Now, according to my research, the chair I
got – super basic. I mean, you can go even more basic than what
I got, but chairs can get high. Like hundreds of dollars. There are some that are thousands of dollars. So mine’s a little on the basic side, nothing
fancy, but what’s important is that you can adjust things on the chair. You can raise and lower the arms where they
need to be ’cause your arms need to be level with the desk, okay, so according to your
height that’s different things. Okay, you can lift the seat of the chair itself
higher – boop boop boop – or lower – boop boop boop. You know, you can hit ’em with that. You can adjust the tilt, okay, you can hit
’em with the yat yat. (laughs) And it has lumbar support, okay, that lower back is critical. Mmkay, got a nice booty cushion so the nerve
in yo tailbone don’t get pressed and yo leg fall asleep?! That’s a upgrade! I got it on Amazon. It was really easy to assemble if you have
normal adult human wrist strength. Which I don’t, so I had to ask for help. But it’s cute, and it came in a cute blue
color! Aight so boom – since I elevated my laptop
up off the surface of my desk using the laptop stand, I’m essentially just using it now
just as a screen because you can’t keep your arms in the air to type, you know what I’m
saying? You gotta keep ’em down here – ergonomics. So I did have to buy a wireless keyboard and
a wireless mouse. Got those, but the real upgrade was the mousepad. It alleviates pressure, which prevents your
hand from cramping up or your fingers from falling asleep. I know some of y’all have noticed over the
years, but I have crooked pinkies. And my pinky is the first thing to fall asleep
on my hand when there’s any amount of pressure anywhere on my arm, my pinkies fall asleep
and the mouse pad really alleviates some of that awkward positioning, you know what I’m
saying? That’s what I’m giving you right now. That is my fully extended pinky. You know, we all got our issues, and this
mousepad was a really affordable way for me to again contribute to the improved ergonomics
of my workspace. (♫ chill hip-hop music plays ♫)
So yeah within the year, I hope to purchase
a new camera, okay? This camera right here, the screen is is cracked. I can’t see half– from here?! I can’t see half the screen. I be filming videos (laughs) like this. Can you- can you see me? Like that, you know what I’m saying, using my imagination here. I have no idea what that looks like. I might get a new lens or two, you know what
I’m saying, some new glass as they say. A new tripod maybe? This one is rickety – I don’t even wanna test
it too much, but it done me good, okay? But (shakes tripod) you know what I’m saying? (shakes tripod). A new mic, you know what I’m saying, something
a bit more manageable. Who knows? Lights, okay?! Camera action! We gon’ be in business. We been in business, but with these upgrades?! Mm. Unstoppable. Mmm! I feel it. Thanks again to GlassesUSA for sponsoring
this video. In the video description box, I’ll link all
the frames that I personally chose and showed in this video. And you’ll also be able to enjoy up to 60%
off your first pair. In the spirit of upgrades, let me know what
you would want to see from me with all these new accoutrements that yo girl finna have. I am still just one person, okay? If yo suggestion requires a staff we– I’ll
pitch it to somebody, but– What do you want to see from me. Put your suggestions for the year in the comments
below. Thanks so much for watching, and I will see
you on the internet somewhere. Bye! (♫ chill hip hop music plays ♫)


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