Family Dollar store employee fired after going off on Local 10 investigative reporter

Updated : Nov 19, 2019 in Articles

Family Dollar store employee fired after going off on Local 10 investigative reporter


  • Don’t yah just love when you come to a YouTube video on a black women who is angry for whatever reason and the comment section has people putting the whole of black women on blast?

    As soon as you have an off day and it just so happens to be caught and camera, you an individual with a unique situation has to represent the entire race as if subjective situations can be generalized .

  • How rare is that? A black woman shouting and overreacting, in an aggressive manner? I bet I haven't seen that less than a million times before….so very rare!

  • Why you keep recording her? Obviously she’s not willing to get interviewed. Just cause she’s an employee doesn’t mean she needs to provide an interview.!

  • If anyone thinks that she is mad about losing her job you are dead wrong now she gets to stay home Watch Murray all day and collect welfare she is living the dream

  • I have 3 family dollar stores within 15 miles of my house and they are all nasty. I pay a little more and go to CVS when I just need to pick up a couple of things.

  • That beotch is beyond ratchet. She just set black people back 20 years. And what Family Dollar isn't partially or completely disgusting? Wait, WTF….. 2:00 Oreal? 😶 Add another 5 years.

  • Black people clean?? Ratchet black girl I bet you that she has a dirty as apartment she don't clean that all…

  • Thats all Family Dollars or should I say Dollar Tree because they own it. I know I was a manager at Family Dollar

  • I know nobody might not take the time out to read this but I just started my YouTube channel and I am trying to accomplish my goal of reaching 1k this year can I please get some ❤️❤️

  • Put a nice store in the ghetto and they turn it into the ghetto. Put a low-income store in the ghetto and well…. they turn it into the ghetto too. Our Family Dollar is spotless, but it's not in the ghetto.

  • Congratulations to the lying and bullying media, you and your wealthy colleagues got a minimum wage earner fired. That must have took a lot of courage and bravery.

  • You say that they don’t care about your well being yet you damn fools keep supporting them. Open your own store or try supporting some of the Black owned stores in your area! My Bad There Are None because they all went out of business because you all refuse to support them!

  • I have the footage of a Daytona Beach burger king employee going off uploaded to my channel tonight and she was also fired.

  • First of all, how did the story change from family Dollar being dirty to about her getting fired people get fired all the time and then are in a bad mood afterwards so that's nothing new she's blameless and if people think a stores dirty don't go in there I don't understand this, just don't go in there!! But regarding the dirty store, it's up to the managers and owners of the store to see that the store is clean maybe the employees can do a light cleaning but it's not mainly up to them to do that as well as their job that they got hired for and that's probably why the ex-employee got mad because the camera was on her as if to say it was her fault and we don't know what happened before the cameras went on someone might have said something to her something could have happened to set her off and then the cameraman turn the camera on when she reacted from maybe someone's rude comment. News media have a way to say things to people to bait them with the cameras off and then they'll turn the cameras on when there's a reply made that makes the person look bad. She shouldn't have acted so loud because it did ultimately make her look bad in the end as far as her attitude but NOT about cleaning the store. We all get mad every now and then.

  • Have you noticed the lowlifes that work in Family Dollar Dollar General hey guys the owner of these stores or the managers if you want a good business you have to have good employees

  • The truth be known this is what a lot of them act like they're violent nasty they live what they learn from their single mother the father's nowhere in sight to knock the hell out of the children and show him what the hell that's supposed to act like and do right

  • I dont know the full story behind this less than 3 mins footage. My two cents on this, it may not be the employees faults especially if their job title does not entail cleaning. If they were not hired to clean the store thats not their business to clean the store. It is the management business to hire cleaning crew to clean their store. That might be the results when company try to save extra bucks at the expense of trying to use employees to do works that dont fit their job descriptions. If that is the case, no one should be blaming these ladies who showed up in this video, that is not her problem, That's my opinion. I dont know the full story.

  • Solutions to all this: hire two full-time cleaning crew employees morning and night shift pay them at least $12/hour 40 hours a week to keep the store clean, and to encourage them to do a great job, it is that simple. I can not blame no employees whose job title does not entail cleaning for a dirty store, that is nonsense to expect some one to clean a store when they were hired to do something else

  • the girl is right she's not family dollar she has no owner ship in the company she has not one control over anything.

  • Family dollar does not care about the employees either. I worked in a store in Kansas city that was begging robbed at gun point, just about every month, along with others, and they refused to staff the stores, or supply security that was Adequate. They simply said, nope never will happen when I requested it. Do do not only blame the employees. Because I can Guarantee you that dollar tree, "the company that owns family dollar" was no help with staffing, or investing on getting rid of the problem. Half the time they have known for years of a rodent problem, but do little to fix it. They never staff their stores enough to even prevent it. Then they Penalize you when you do go over payroll, a small payroll mind you, just to keep the store in a good condition. Otherwise they expect you to be super human, Especially the manager.

  • Where do Family Store find their employees. Bad rap for the company. Employee s need to take pride on the place of work that means keep it clean for costumers.

  • Well they need to come clean up some of these Family Dollars here in Columbus Ohio that's how come I don't shop at the Family Dollar Store in my neighborhood I have to go to the suburbs to go out to the Family Dollar store but in the hood they are ghetto as hell

  • He came in that store with Camera on and got in her face as he made accusations to her for a reaction. He got a different kind of reaction. Its sad her behavior and lack of proper English dialect was caught on camera.

  • Here we go , black man and blonde sacrificial lamb reporting … once you see that combination , you know that the “news” will be Jew funded … therefore , feeding into our minds that we are all equal , …. when we know damn well it’s not true

  • Her: idc about family dollar
    Family dollar: ok, you're fired!
    Reporter: remember that employee that cussed us out? Well she was here yesterday, and now she's fired!
    Her:, idc. I'm me!
    Me: yeah but you fired now though and now the world knows!🤷‍♀️😂

  • Ok so If you know they don’t care, why continue to shop there? Stupid mother fuckers would rather thrive on 5 minutes of fabricated outrage then actually take steps to better themselves.

  • Imagine going into the projects where these Beasties the spawn and unleash their Demons into the world live ? Now imagine having to get a 3 day license to carry gun permit just to install kitchen cabinets? This was 4o years ago and it has not gotten any better of that I am sure as City after City falls to mayhem with shootings and killings from this very community blanketed in safety by a bent Politically correct Government allowing the use of the race card as a crutch and excuse for their existence and perseverance towards destroying the fabric of society with impunity.

  • She does not care for welfare is always avaliable especially when you have the race shield to hold up for every and any exvuse.

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