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FAILED DIRT BIKE SHOPPING (Day 1562) | Clintus.tv

(upbeat music) – What’s up guys, welcome
to Day 1562 of the vlogs, and today we have an awesome
surprise up our sleeves for you and the kids. Speaking of kids, we just picked
them up from Mamaw’s house. How was Tarzan? – Good.
– [Bryce] Good. – [Clintus] You guys went
to see Tarzan, was it a really good movie? Favorite part? – It’s really cool, like– – I don’t wanna spoil it! (laughing) – It’s really good when
he becomes Tarzan. – When he becomes Tarzan. When Tarzan becomes Tarzan. – And in the previews, you guys probably already
know this happened, but when he fights gorillas. – He fights gorillas. Yeah, anything that’s in a teaser is not really a spoiler, so he can say that. Anyways, we just picked them up, we’re leaving Mamaw’s house and we are heading
in a general direction. So here’s a first hint, we’re gonna go
shopping for something. So I’m going to give
you three options. You each get one guess. Three options are, no, hang on. I’m gonna give you three options, and you guys get to give
us your one guess, alright? First option: new house. Two: new dirt bike. Three: a new car. Sierra, what guess do you have? – House? – Sierra says house. Bryce, what do you say? – Dirt bike. – Dirt bike? – I want the house, but I think we’re gonna
get the dirt bikes. – Those were the two
I was thinking in my head, like, oh, it’s either
gonna be a house or the dirt bikes. – I don’t get a new car? – [Bryce] Well, yeah,
it can’t be a car. – You said you’re not
gonna buy a new car until we get a new house. – Oh, I did say that. I did say, “Mommy’s not
allowed to get a new car “until we get a new house.” – [Bryce] So it’s not the car. – Aw, I just ruined, okay. Alright, so it’s between
the house and the dirt bike, which is what you
guys said, right? You’re voting house,
you’re voting dirt bike? We shall see. Alright, you guys
ready to find out? ‘Cause I mean,
basically once we drive up to this destination,
you’ll know what it is. So you ready? – Yeah. – Today, we are going to go look at… new dirt bikes! – Okay.
– [Bryce] Okay. (laughing) – [Tiffany] For me! – [Clintus] For her! – [Bryce] Quads? – Just kidding. (Clintus laughing) – [Clintus] Actually we
should, though. While we’re out looking,
might as well get you on some and have you sit on them. – [Bryce] I wanna do the houses. – [Clintus] You wanna
do the houses? You said dirt bike, though. – I know, because I knew– – [Clintus] Oh, you knew,
you knew! But you’d rather look at houses? Well, that will come soon enough, ’cause I’m gonna call and we’re
gonna get a realtor going. We’re gonna get
the whole thing started. – [Voiceover] Five years later. – So our first destination is
gonna be North Valley Honda. It’s the bike shop that I
bought my KX450 at last year. Great people, they gave
me a great price, and so that’s our first place. And then after that, because they only sell
Hondas and Kawasakis, we’ll probably go
to another location and look at like Suzukis,
Yamahas, KTMs, that sort of thing and just kinda
get a feel for the bikes, for their sizes, and get like a price on it. Oh, you guys, they’re closed! They’re closed on Sundays. – [Tiffany] Fail.
– Dude, seriously, when I was a kid, and my dad can attest to this if I call my dad right now, dirt bike shops were
always open on Sundays because everyone was
riding on Sundays, right? So they’d go out to get
your last-minute gear, you have to go
get your, you know. And it’s Sunday,
everyone’s off work. And they would
close on Mondays. But dirt bike shops were
always closed on Mondays. So I was like, oh,
we’re good, it’s Sunday, no big deal. They’re closed! Oh, no. Bummer, dude. – [Tiffany] That one’s definitely closed. – [Clintus] That is
definitely closed, yeah. – I think we just passed, there’s a couple shops on
Cave Creek here, right? – Yeah, Cave Creek’s a very
busy dirt bike-y place. That’s why I came down here, ’cause I knew there were shops. Cycle Gear’s down there, but that’s a gear to get gear. So yeah, we’ll go back. And that shop was open, there was dirt bikes
outside of the other shops. We’ll go to that other place. But we’re definitely
gonna come back here, ’cause like I said, they gave
me a great deal on my bike and something tells me they’ll
give me another great deal on their bike. Of course a lot of you guys say we need to get one
of these four-seaters. This is a two-seater, a
four-seater would be good. Oh, these are single-seaters. I didn’t even know they
made single-seaters. That’s a single-seater, whoa! I didn’t know they made those. Yeah, well, not if you
have one and I have one. Yeah, a lot of people
want us to get a Razor, and I want a Razor, I do. I do want a Razor. But we need a trailer
to haul the Razor and Tiffany doesn’t really
want to haul a trailer. So it means I need
to get a toy hauler, which means I need
to get a bigger truck. So this is all future stuff. Alright, so there it is. There’s a YZ1, what was it, TTR. TTR 110.
– [Voiceover] I like how the blue looks. – [Clintus] So that’s a Yamaha. – [Bryce] I think this is our size. – [Clintus] That’s what
you shoulda got, that’s the first bike
we shoulda got you. That’s a PW50. That’s what I should
have gotten you guys. – [Tiffany] That thing is so cute. – [Clintus] I know. – I can’t lift it up. I wanna do a wheelie. – [Clintus] No.
– This feels smaller than the one we have right now. – [Clintus] It’s lower, yeah. But it’s actually a bigger engine, it’s 110. Yours is a 65. So this is a TTR 125. It’s got an electric start. – What’s an electric start? – [Clintus] You don’t
have to kick it. You start it up. – Which size is the
actual racers ride? – [Clintus] 250s and 450s. Down here. – [Bryce] Those are 230s, 250s. – [Clintus] Yep. That’s a WR, that’s off-road. This is a two-stroke. This is what
Uncle Austin wants to get. Uncle Austin wants
a 250 two-stroke. – What about this? – [Clintus] These are two-strokes. 125, 250. – [Bryce] Where are the four-strokes? – [Clintus] Four-strokes
are right here, yep. And see, look, come here. You know how you know? Here’s how you know,
right there, bam. Look at that pipe. See that pipe?
– [Bryce] Yeah. – [Clintus] Those are two-strokes. Four-strokes have the skinny pipe and the big muffler in the back. So that’s like my bike, 450. – [Bryce] Yeah, you can
tell the difference. 250, 450, you can tell
the size difference. – [Sierra] Wait, that’s 450s? – [Clintus] Yeah, so these
bikes are kinda the same. Two-stroke, four-stroke,
but they’re the same class. And then these are 250 and 125. Oh, that’s a WR, that’s
an off-road edition. They don’t even have a 250– – [Sierra] Can we get a Suzuki, or– – [Clintus] These are Suzukis right here. So here’s your bike. Oh, it’s an 85. Never mind, that’s an 85. And then these are 250s. Four-strokes. – [Sierra] Yeah, like,
it’s not that (mumbles). – [Clintus] And then we
got quads for Tiffany. There’s a 450, there’s a 700. 700 Can-Am. No, right here. Oh, that’s a 450 too. – [Tiffany] You want a kid’s one? – [Clintus] That’s a kid’s one. Yeah, that’s basically
what Bryce was riding at Brian’s, right? – It looked much cooler, though. – [Clintus] Hey, there we go,
there’s a 200 automatic there. That’s totally a kid’s one,
but Mommy could ride that. Hop on that real quick, see. Yeah. – Are we gonna get Mommy a… Oh, Sierra! Sierra, come here, look it! Do you want to drive or do
you want to get in the back? – [Clintus] Yes, it actually fits you! That actually fits you. – [Bryce] Yeah, Mommy! – [Clintus] It looks smaller, but it actually fits you, because you’re so tiny. – This one I’ll be able to handle. – [Clintus] You could handle that. – Very slow at first. – [Clintus] 3600. Oh, how you feeling,
how you feeling? You think you can handle that?
– Maybe. – [Clintus] You want one? – Can you buy me one, please? – [Clintus] Let’s see, your
birthday’s already over, Mother’s Day’s already over, so I guess we need Christmas? (laughs) Hey, look at that,
a double-seater! Bryce is in charge. – Can I do the… – [Clintus] That’s the throttle. – I got the backseat, though. – [Clintus] Doesn’t matter, it’s off. That thing is huge. – He controls the quad, but I get to have the backseat. – We can drive this. – [Clintus] What do you think, Sierra? You like that? It’s got a kickstand. No clutch, though. There’s no clutch. So that’s interesting.
– Can we shift, though? – [Clintus] No, there’s
still a shifter. The shifter’s right there. – But it twirls? – [Clintus] You just let
off the gas, and you shift it, I guess. – That’s the kill button, right? – [Clintus] Yep. Bryce, that one has a clutch. – What’s this one, then? There’s two buttons on
here, I’m getting confused. – [Clintus] So that’s… Oh, is it an electric start, too? It looks like an electric start. – [Sierra] And what’s this? – That’s the killswitch. Alright, so at this location, they’ve got a TTR 110 for $2240, and it’s not an automatic,
but there’s no clutch. – [Sierra] You just shift. – You just shift. That’s our first option. – [Sierra] I want that. – On to the next store. Alrighty. Bellies are full of Mexican food. Time for one more shop. ‘Cause really, every other
store we looked at’s closed. I’m like, why are they
closed on Sundays? So we got one more
shop to look at. Hopefully they’ve got
a couple other brands, ’cause the first
place only really had the Yamaha in their size. They carry Suzuki, but they
didn’t have any in their size. So I’m hoping that Honda
and Kawasakis are here. We’ll see. Alright, so they’ve
got all the brands. Hondas, Kawasakis,
Yamahas, Suzukis. You’re right,
they don’t have KTM. – They don’t have KTM. – [Clintus] At least
they’re not over here. There’s some more on
the other side, he said. So that’s the 110. What do you think, you think
Sierra’s too big for that? – My legs are long. – [Clintus] Your legs are long, I know. But as far as like power-wise, I know that’s the right
size bike for you, as far as power. But yeah, I’m worried
that you’re too tall. Put your right leg up, put your right leg up. – [Bryce] This is my size. – [Clintus] Yeah, see, you’re almost too tall for that, Sierra. That’s the right size for
you, Bryce, you think? Little 70? (laughs) Pee wee bike. That’s like the last
red bike you had. Same size. They don’t have any Kawasaki 110s. They’ve got this
two-stroke 100, though. And then there’s 85. Those are still too big for you. – This is my new car, guys. – [Clintus] It’s almost
like the Batmobile. It’s kinda like the Batmobile. That’s your new ride? – This is cool. – It’s a new car, right? – [Clintus] It’s a good fit for you. – Basically a car. This is my next car, guys. – [Clintus] What do you guys think? Should we ditch the
name brand stuff and just go with
these old pit bikes? That an automatic, Bryce? – [Bryce] I guess, yeah. – [Clintus] I don’t know,
but there’s a shifter. There’s no clutch, though. So you just shift
it without a clutch. I just feel like it’s a 50, right? It’s a small engine,
like I feel like you would just grow out of it. You would just grow
out of it so fast. It’s a big bike, though. I mean, it’s got suspension for me. I could put my butt on there. Wow, guys, I’m mega-bummed, like, what a fail. We were totally excited to
go looking for dirt bikes and surprise the kids,
and like, A, it’s Sunday and almost all the
stores are closed, and B, the two stores we went to literally only had a Yamaha. That’s all they had, which I’m not saying
anything against Yamaha, but I kinda wanted to have
the kids sit on each one, get a feel for
which one’s like, taller, which one, the seat
feels better, right? Get some competition with
the prices and whatnot. And like, nothing. So we definitely
have to come back. We definitely have
to go during the week when all the
other shops are open. I definitely want to
check out North Valley, ’cause North Valley’s gonna
have Kawasakis and Hondas, which are my two leading
brands that I want the kids to possibly get. It would be nice if
we all rode Kawasakis, but Hondas are a close second. So, yeah. Sorry, guys. Fail dirt bike shopping. (blows raspberry) Alright, guys, so we
made our way back home. Tiff and I kinda talked a little bit, and we’ll probably have to
wait ’til after our trip, which we’re going
on a trip this week, in case you didn’t know. I kinda hinted at that. We have an action-packed week, you guys don’t want to miss it. I mean, like, seriously. It’s gonna be awesome. I’ve never been to this place. But anyways, we’ll have to wait ’til we
come back after our trip to go back and look
at the dirt bikes, but I’m feeling pretty good. The research I’ve done, like I said, it’s gonna be between the Kawasaki
and the Honda. I just want the kids
to sit on them first. So after our trip, stay tuned. New dirt bike for
one of these kids. I don’t know which one yet. I’ll buy it and then
whoever’s my favorite, I’ll give them the bike. Anyways, I’m joking, by the way. I don’t have a favorite,
I don’t have favorites. We’re gonna play some
Magic: The Gathering. These kids are super excited, I built their decks yesterday, and that’s all that’s
been on their mind, other than the dirt bike, is to play. So we’ve got our decks shuffled, and our seven cards dealt. So here we go. Magic: The Gathering. Alright, we’re well into the game. And I just told the kids,
put their hands on the table so that I can kinda
see what they have and kinda walk them through
the different steps, ’cause there’s a lot to this game. There’s sorcery,
there’s creatures, there’s enchantments,
there’s instants. So it’s one of those things
where they’re learning. They’re learning. So far, so good? What do you think? You getting bored yet? It’s a slow game. – We’re in the learning part, so. – [Clintus] It’s like school. You’re like, meh, school. – And this is one
of my creatures. – That’s one of your creatures. That’s a dried cherry, don’t eat it. Alright, so after the first round, Bryce took out Sierra. So you eliminated Sierra, and then I eliminated Bryce. And the reason why I
eliminated Bryce is why? – I made a mistake, so I tapped all three of these cards and I did two damage to Sierra, so that knocked her out, then I did three damage to you. – [Clintus] But, because you tapped all your creatures, what? – I couldn’t block, so when he has a creature
that I could do six– – He only had six life,
I had four creatures out and three of them
could do enough damage to kill him out, let alone all of them together. So the lesson he learned was don’t attack
with all your creatures when you have that low of life, ’cause you have
nothing to block with. And what are you doing
while we’re playing Magic? – This. – [Clintus] You’re still
playing Best Fiends. – Yeah, it’s so addicting. – [Clintus] What level are you on? – Well, I got stuck, like at 47, then you have to
do this special thing that has like 20 things within it. But it’s addicting. – Yeah, 47? Alright, so after two games, I won both. – Obviously. – Well, no, I mean, the first game you had me down to like, nine? I was down low, but the real
question is this, okay? And honestly. No b.s., you two, okay? Did you like the game and do you wanna play it again? – [Bryce] Yes.
– Yes. – Yes, both of you? – Can we do tournaments,
like at that one place? – Well, once you know how to play, once I know that
you can play by yourself, and I don’t have
to give you any help, then you can play tournaments. – Yeah, I meant that, not like right now. – You, I was worried, though. It felt like you were getting bored. Is it because that last
game was just really slow? – Yeah, like we didn’t get any land so we can put anything– – The way Magic works, guys, is you draw seven cards, you have seven
cards in your hand, and if you don’t
have any lands, you can’t do anything. And then once you have lands, you have to have things to do, and Bryce wasn’t
getting any creatures. That was your other problem. You had all spells and instances. – So what I was doing was I was getting no land, but I was getting a
whole lot of creatures. Then I got a whole bunch of land– – And no creatures.
– [Bryce] And no creatures. I got a whole bunch of lands,
put the creatures down– – And Sierra, you, same thing. You were getting no creatures, right? And when you did get one, we would attack
and you’d lose them all. Anyway, so you
guys are good, then? – Yeah, I like it. – Alright, cool, I’m excited. They just need more practice. It’s a game that takes
time to learn the skill and what all the things do and when to use them. But even just
in that second game, you guys were definitely
picking things up. So I’m excited. Well, guys, this is the way
we’re gonna end the vlog, hope you enjoyed it. Unfortunately, like I said, kind of epic fail when it
came to going and looking at dirt bikes today, but like I said, when we get back
from our trip this week, we’ll definitely go back out, hit up a couple more shops
that were closed today, and we will make
our final decision on a new dirt bike
for the kids. This is our
last-ditch effort, really. We buy this new bike,
a new four-stroke, and if they don’t
get the confidence, they don’t feel like riding, it might be the last dirt
bike the kids ever own. But, speaking of
dirt bikes, tomorrow Mike Junior Swag hit us up and wants to go
ride in the morning, so I’m gonna
go riding with them in the morning bright and early, so stay tuned tomorrow,
dirt bike video. Whoo, vlog on.

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