Evolution explains different shopping styles

Updated : Oct 12, 2019 in Articles

Evolution explains different shopping styles

So do you consider yourself someone who likes to shop? I love to shop. And are you Christmas shopping right now? I am. Looking for something for my mom. So you are Christmas shopping. Tell me about your shopping behaviors. Are they different? I mean, I think so. So you, like, second guessed it 00:38 more and wanted to make sure and I picked and then that was it. That’s it. Yeah, so you don’t think about it anymore. Get it done. So you are kind of get in, get out. Yeah, I think more so. Hi. My name is Laura Bailey and I am with the University of Michigan News Service. I am here at the Nickels Arcade in Ann Arbor with Professor Daniel Kruger of the University of Michigan School of Public Health. Kruger’s research focuses on evolution and how it affects human behavior. So when most of us look at the Nickels Arcade we see shoppers, but when Dan looks at the Nickels Arcade, he sees thousands of years of evolution at work. Can you explain this to me? This is basically forging in a modern consumer environment, and for most of our ancestral history, men performed the majority of the hunting and women performed the majority of the gathering. So we have really developed sex specific forging strategies to help us hunt and gather. So you see sex differences in the way that men and women shop. Even in the modern mall environments like we see here where women are much more attuned to the quality of different objects looking at the colors, the shapes, the sizes, the feels, because when you are forging for fruits and vegetables, you really want the ones that are in the best possible quality, the ones that are just right. And for men, they really want to go in, get what they want and get out as soon as possible. I understand you had a personal experience shopping with a partner where you couldn’t understand the shopping behavior and that led you to the research project. So why don’t you tell me about that? Right, we were traveling around Europe for the winter holidays a few years ago, and we had been traveling from village to village, and when we reached the tourist Mecca of Prague , the men and women had a little split, because when we got to Prague, a city that had a thousand years of history and culture and a castle, the women wanted to go shopping, and we couldn’t understanding why they would want to go shopping when there is so much culture to explore. Say I am shopping with my partner and we are getting on each other’s nerves, how do we diffuse the tension? Do you have any tips for me? It would be good to understand that we might have inherently different shopping strategies and understand that your strategies might not mesh well with theirs, so there could be alternative things that you could do. Understanding these differences, we might agree to disagree and maybe split up for a little bit, and let each person shop in their own way to promote a healthy relationship and reduce the stress in the sometimes very intense holiday season.

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