ECommerce for Moodle, Totara, Kallidus & Brightspace: Selling Single Seats On Your Courses

Updated : Oct 12, 2019 in Articles

ECommerce for Moodle, Totara, Kallidus & Brightspace: Selling Single Seats On Your Courses

In this quick video, I�ll take you through the process of buying a single seat on one of your courses, and demonstrate the single sign-on feature that gets the learner instantly enrolled and logged in to your Learning Management System. The user selects a course from your storefront catalog. Let�s take Advanced Chemistry. Flexible discounting features are built in to Course Merchant, and I cover them in other videos here that have �discounts� in the title. So let�s click �Buy Now�. Enter a voucher or coupon code if applicable. These are covered in the video titled �Discount, Coupon and Voucher Codes.� A new user enters their details to create an account. These learner data are drawn though to the LMS. We can customise these profile fields during the setup process and pass your chosen data through to the LMS. Let�s create the new account for this learner. I�ll put this sale through as free since this is a demo system. Course Merchant has multiple payment gateways and you have control over which ones you use. I cover that in the video titled �payment gateways�. We�ll agree to the terms and conditions and click �proceed�. In the exit screen, simply click here to access your training now. This can be changed to anything you want, with different text or button code, for example �go to your course� or something like that. … and this is the really good part, the single sign on. The learner is taken directly to your LMS already enrolled and logged in! They can access their course and start studying. That�s it for this quick introduction to how your customers buy a single seat for themselves with Course Merchant.

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