Dressing Like Billie Eilish! (Celeb Twinning Challenge)

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Dressing Like Billie Eilish! (Celeb Twinning Challenge)

– Okay stop. Don’t, no! – I’m feeling competitive right now. – Do we have boxing gloves?
– Cause I am a bad guy. – That’s not the rules. – This one is more balling on a budget. (gasping) (upbeat music) – Welcome back to Clevver Style, today we are doing another one of your favorite videos, we’re doing Celeb Style. Did I say Celeb Style? – [Crew Member] Celeb Twinning. – We’re doing Celeb Twinning but challenge style. – Yeah you guys have
seen us do this before, I wasn’t part of it. But I know you guys did Ariana Grande and the results were really interesting. – Aggressive. – Ponytail. (laughing) Online as well. – You look like sexy. I literally look like Toddlers in Tiaras. – I’m gonna start crying. – Forever 21. – She’s coming to take back
what the darkness stole. – Well today we are very excited, ’cause we’re doing the
one, and literal only. – Only. – Billy Eyelash! (laughing) – Doing Billy Eilish will be extremely interesting, I predict because she doesn’t give a Phineas what people think about her and she also doesn’t give a Phineas about what the tabloids say about her she like, really actually has a style all on her own. – But every time she’s on the red carpet I always feel, like,
refreshed when I see her. Because she’s so different
than everyone else I’d just love to applaud
her for her uniqueness. – It’s the one person you’re
like, “I really wonder what Billy Eilish is gonna wear tonight.” – [Erin] Yeah because it’s
always gonna be comfortable and it’s always gonna be different. – Out of the box. – So today we’re gonna be recreating three iconic Billy looks and the team that does
it at the lowest price wins. I don’t know what we win. Street cred on the internet. – Bragging rights. It also has to be cute. You gotta like, want it to
look good and presentable, authentic, unique, Billy-ish. – Yeah. I don’t think,
literally any of us could half-butt this if we wanted to. We’re all too competitive
to even do it cheaply. – [Sinead] That’s true. – This is insane, the looks that we’re recreating, they’re not just like at Forever 21. – Yeah. – They don’t exist. – Unless you went to Burberry. – Or Chanel. – Is that in the budget, Bridgette? – I’m feeling competitive. – Do we need boxing gloves? – I’m feeling some way. – You guys, honestly
good luck to you guys. – [Erin] Oh to you too. Oh my gosh. – Good luck to us, Sinead. – Yeah, but also good luck to you guys. – All right, I gotta keep you on schedule. – [Madelyn] Let’s go.
– And keep you on budget. – Bye! – Bye! Good luck, love you. – Bad luck! (upbeat music) – All right guys lets talk about look number one. It is this yellow sweat pant suit thing from her “Bad Guy” music video. I feel like when I think of Billy Eilish like, this is what she’s
wearing in my head at all times. So for this outfit we’re gonna have to
find a yellow sweatshirt and matching yellow sweatpants and then yellow sneakers. – Yeah that’s tough. – I don’t think I’ve ever seen anywhere. – They definitely exist. But you’re, like we’re gonna have to actually go to specific
stores in order to get those. – [Erin] Yeah a shoe store. – And I mean, if we’re
trying to stay on budget. I mean, we’re at least
trying to keep it low. That’s where it’s gonna be the toughest. – Sneakers are so expensive. – And if you wanna go bonus for bonus, extra-credit points we can get the blue wig as well. – Yeah. – I’m actually really
excited about this outfit. – It looks comfortable. – It is comfortable. – Especially if you can
get some polar fleece. (upbeat music) – Okay we’re at the mall,
everyone is caffeinated. Time to dress, now!
– Wait, what did you just say? Did you speak English? – Time starts now! Five seconds ago. The timer just started. – [Erin] No, no it starts now
’cause we didn’t understand. – Yeah, that was literally
not even English. – You’re on my team! – I am on your team, I’m so sorry. – Okay, so strategy change. – So I thought, like, we should focus on some of the more simpler, basic items. – Yup.
– Even though it seems like, try to get the harder stuff,
you know, at the mall. – Where are we gonna find
like Burberry print gear that is a dupe? – Right, so I feel like let’s
knock out all the basic stuff and knock out as many of
the accessories as possible. – Yup. I think you can
get cheap jewelry here. – Same. – I think probably, maybe
part of the yellow outfit. If we can find a yellow
sweatshirt for under 25, I know we can online. – Yeah, it’s really
smart that you said that. It’s like let’s try to and keep it as everything here,
as cheap as possible. – Look at those pants, Sinead. – [Sinead] This is pretty damn close. I think we should get these. – I think we should get these. – Okay we’re going to H and M first. I’m actually feeling really competitive, I think it’s the caffeine. We’re gonna go into H and M and I wanna look for
that yellow sweatshirt and yellow pants situation. – I feel like there’s promise in here. – Oh wait, sweat shirts. Yes. Oh here, yellow. Oh, I love her. – [Erin] Now do they have she’s beautiful? – [Madelyn] I like this mustard color. This is literally it, this is perfect. – [Erin] Okay Madelyn, I think we’ve got what we came here for. – Okay yeah. – [Erin] I think we should move on. – Lets move on and
let’s see if we can find the same, kind of like,
type of pants maybe online? – [Erin] Yes online. – But I think, okay let’s move on. – It’s so not her. It’s so pastel-ly – This is so soft. – And there’s an, oh my God. – Right? I’m freezing too. – Should we get you this? – No, ’cause I feel like, – And it needs a hoodie. – What about the pants, you wanna look and see if they have, – [Loryn] Wait, did you see this? Oh, that wasn’t the right color. – [Sinead] No, but that one is way closer. because it is a hoodie. I literally have this at home. – It’s only 25 dollars. – So I figured, if anything
we could just get another one. But this isn’t even the right one. We had one that was orange-y. – I think we could get like,
this is like traffic yellow. I feel like we could get this online. – So we are gonna dive right in and look for the certain accessories that we couldn’t find at the mall. – These are gonna be challenging. Lots of DIY things in my
future, I could feel it. We have to stay on track.
– We need the sneakers. – [Erin] I think they’re like, yellow. I said yellow chunky sneakers? – [Madelyn] Oh these ones, Shein? Oh cute, add to that. – Now we need to Billy Eilish wig. – [Madelyn] I mean, this one’s cool. – [Erin] What does that look like? That looks weird. – That’s kind of dope. – Okay, so for outfit number one, the bad guy outfit we have the pants. We need the sweat shirt,
and we need the shoes and the chain and the wig. – So we have pants. (laughs) We’re gonna go to Shein just because Shein has
so many things on it. – [Loryn] Oh wait, that’s good too. – [Sinead] Okay, the reason
why I love this one over here is because the black writing. – [Loryn] That’s 13 dollar, get it. – [Sinead] I know it’s so cheap, right? – [Loryn] Okay, done. Where’s the pen? – Right there. – Yay! Oh, the silver chain. – Yeah. – So search “Billy Eilish pendant.” – [Sinead] This one? – Yup, warm spark. – Add to cart, alright so necklace done. Blue wig. (upbeat music) Ah, that’s it. Okay, but it’s 16. – [Sinead] Dude, that’s really good. – [Loryn] That’s really freaking good. – [Sinead] Okay, this one now we’re done. – Yeah. All right, come on out you silly Billies! – Come on Billy Billies! – [Loryn] Round one. Oh!
– [Sinead] What does she do? She’s like. – Get in here. – Oh, I’m sorry. – Oh, oh. – It’s funny. – Sorry I’m a bad guy. – Honestly, I feel like you
both look pretty dead on. – I love that we’re wearing
the same exact shoes. – [Madelyn] I know! – [Erin] So we found this outfit to be pretty cheap, actually. We got the hoodie at H and M, and then we went to this
random store in the mall and we found these pants that oddly match. We thought they would be big enough but it’s really hard to find like that perfectly baggy jogger look. – Again I have very fat
calves, it is what it is. – [Everyone] No! – [Erin] But I feel really
good about this look. I think we got pretty close. – [Loryn] Well that’s what
was hard for us I think was just finding yellows that match. – Yeah. – I actually wouldn’t have
guessed that those two, – [Madelyn] Came together? – No, they came together so yeah. Okay so, I think if we lose it’s gonna be because we just were too, I think, like, trying to
make things too spot on. When we saw this sweatshirt
we were like, “Oh my God!” In the video she has
like this exact same font right here underneath their hair. – What does it say? – [Sinead] I don’t know,
“Can’t believe feed any.” – Did you get it on sale ’cause
they ran out of other words? – “I can’t believe feed any.” – No it wasn’t on sale! – “I can’t believe feed any.” – [Madelyn] What’s the difference? – I can’t feed, believe, I can’t. – Oh good, one more person and we’ll totally figure
out what it actually says. – We found this is like her, her logo and then I can’t believe we found this actual seatbelt buckle. – That was wild. – [Erin] Wrapped around her pants. – As we were checking out at Forever 21. – Wait you saw that at a store? – At Forever 21? – [Loryn] In the checkout line. This is a really hard competition for me because I feel like,
Sinead, you look so good but you also, you look
a little expensive so. – [Madelyn] I feel like we
almost bought these pants. Were these online? – [Loryn] They were Forever 21. – I mean, we can keep
complimenting ourselves all day but I think what we need to
get down to is the bottom line. Pricing on these two looks. – Duh. All right, there’s a drum
roll playing right now because we, you guys, spent on this
total look, 63 dollars. – [Sinead] That’s really good,
you guys. I am impressed. – Okay, so for our outfit we spent $74. – [Erin] That’s a hard pill to
swallow for the budget queen. – It’s not, when you look at it, which one looks like we spent more? – [Sinead] Which one is more balling? – [Erin] But that’s not the rules. – Which one is more balling on a budget? – All right, we got a little cocky but, I feel at least she looks damn good. – She does look good. – If we’re gonna lose I
wanna lose by looking good. – She’s right. – [Loryn] Let’s go to round
two, because we got two more. – Good game. – Good game. – [Madelyn] I look like
Aquamarine. (upbeat music) – Alright, so the next outfit is Billy’s AMA’s red carpet look. – Where do we. How are we going to find a
bedazzled bee keeper bonnet? – Amazon. – My grandpa’s a beekeeper, I should’ve kept some of his things. – Ugh Erin. – Maybe I could just like
spray paint it silver? – Yeah.
– Why am I helping you? – Okay, so all together, the pattern top and matching pattern pants, and matching pattern sneakers. Then her accessories, a silver necklace, six silver rings, and the
studded hat with the veil. So pretty straight forward. Everything you see in this
picture is what we are getting. – Okay, I do have some ideas
of where we can get this. But we’re keeping it to myself. – Oh. – I already know where
we’re getting this outfit. – Where are you getting it?
– No, I’m not telling you. – I’m not telling you either. – Okay, we thought we
were done at H and M, and then, it came and blew our minds. You guys, we found this
matching suit here. – Which is like close. It’s the same pattern. – [Erin] Hers is like more
of a crew neck T-shirt, kind of vibe. This is more of a zip
down kind of situation. – But this is cool. – [Erin] And if we can’t
find anything that’s exactly perfect that look, this
would be a really good fall back option at H and
M, and it’s only 60 bucks. – The plaid two piece. It’s fairly impossible to
find something that similar that also is like, comes in
a top and bottom situation. But we will keep you guys posted. We’re thinking online for that too. Okay. – Alright, so. – Moving on to outfit number two. – I am really nervous about this, so lets try like, “tan plaid T-shirt.” – [Sinead] I like that. – T[Loryn] his is close. – [Sinead] It’s so close. – [Loryn] Seems expensive. – What if we just get a giant blanket? (laughs) What? It was a joke. (gasps) – Oh my god. That’s it, that’s it. Oh my god, and the fact
that it’s a matching set. – [Sinead] Oh my god, oh my gosh. Put in baseball cap with neck flap. – [Loryn] Wow, look. – [Sinead] It’s baseball
hat with neck flap for men. – [Loryn] Good job Sinead. You’re back in the lead. Smart things. – [[Sinead] Okay well, I think
I like this one the most, just because I think it’s the closest, and I think we will be able to put mesh on this thing and it’s white. – [Loryn] Yes, I like that
it’s white. Okay so, got that. Lets look up rhinestone. – [Sinead] Bolo. Oh what? Oh, rhinestone mesh. Right? – [Loryn] So this or that? Because this, – [Sinead] Lets get that. – [Loryn] Plus, it’s delayed for. – Rhinestone bolo choker. That one is pretty good. – Okay, so we got the necklace, rings, the hat, done. We need, we still need the socks for the, – [Sinead] Whatever
dude, they’re 30 bucks. – [Loryn] So we just add it to the cart. – Yeah. – Alright, now we’re looking. (gasps) – [Erin] Oh my god, keep scrolling. This is a freaking gold mine. Maybe we can do something like that. – [Madelyn] This one? – [Erin] Hmm. – [Madelyn] It’s kind of what
she is wearing in the photo. Lets add it to our cart for now. – [Erin] Then we need
a silver piece of like, – Like overlay? – Hmm. I think this is really close actually. – [Madelyn] No, I actually
think that’s a great idea. – [Erin] I’m excited to DIY that. – [Madelyn] Okay, but what do
we want to do about the shoes? Did we want to look for
like plaid slippers? – [Erin] Because you
know we kind of have to keep in mind our version of this pattern. – [Madelyn] Right, we had like
a hound’s tooth track suit. Mm, this one? – [Erin] Hmm. It’s just a different color. – [Madelyn] Oh, okay cool. – [Erin] That’s it. – Okay, that’s actually great. – So we really struggled
with Billie’s hat look. Because it’s the most unique
hat that’s ever been created. Found this fishing hat, of sorts. So we decided, we’re
going to DIY this bad boy by ordering a clear bedazzled dress. – [Madelyn] That’s literally perfect. – I know. And we’re going to drape it over this. And I look like a beautiful fish in a net. – [Madelyn] Yo. – Is it cool? Does it look like her? – [Madelyn] Yeah. All right you guys. Billie round two. Come on out, I am so excited. – Oh my god. – Take the center stage please. – Is this toilet paper in these shoes? – It was a bag. – Well that’s creative. – I mean, the effort put in
by both teams was lovely. – [Sinead] This is great. – Where else are you supposed to get this? – Lauren DIY’d the hat all by herself. – Wow, that feels like a dig Sinead. – No, I was going to be
like, I’m so proud of you. So we ended up finding this
two piece set on shein. It’s extremely feminine. And then we got, paint these little boots, that we had to make not look that cute. So Lauren just found some
white bag stuffing in the room. – [Loryn] This happened five seconds ago. – Literally. And tied it around there. And then, the hat was literally, one of those sunshade caps,
with some mesh overlay that we got on Amazon and
DIY’d, with a hot glue gun. Also, like ten minutes ago. For accessories, we got that little drop chain necklace, that she’s wearing. And the sneak rings. – Oh, this took like an hour.
– The sneak rings were dope. – [Loryn] An hour of our
shopping in the mall. – Okay, so, for our look, we were definitely going
through the same issue about looking for this, Burberry, plaid print. So we found this Hounds Tooth
track suit from H and M? – Yeah, we got this from
H and M, it was on sale. – Sale, what’s up? – It was the only one on sale. – Our slippers were from Amazon. We were having some issues looking for the proper slippers too. – [Erin] They were God awful. – We found some cute ones from Walmart, but they were going to take
like a month to get here. – These were our sad plan B’s. And the hat was really a creation from my weird AF brain. We got a bee keeper hat of sorts, and then found this dress. – No way, really?
– This is literally a dress. – Yeah, this is a dress. I have to say, I like Billie’s style. It’s so comfortable. And you can have the worst posture and hide all kinds of snacks. I’m still wearing my clothes
from earlier under here! – [Sinead] Dang! All right, so for our entire outfit, two piece, shoes, rings,
necklace and our lovely DIY hat, we spent a total of 107 dollars. – I mean, the bags that I
wrapped around my feet were free. – [Madelyn] All right,
total for our team’s look. We spent 115. – [Erin] Ugh. – I feel so much better. – Yeah, but do you look so much better? – Yeah, I don’t think so.
– I don’t know. – Okay, you guys, solid
efforts were one to one. – All right, I feel really good. We’re neck and neck. Lets go, lets finish this off. – You’re also very
protected from bees as well. – Hey Erin, wait, our team is over here. – Oh yeah, yeah. (upbeat music) – All right, this third
look was her most recent. She wore it to the Oscars. It’s this Chanel, sort of two piece suit. – We basically need to get a white jacket, white pants, lace gloves,
rings, jacket pins, and then her nails are
a bonus of these long, black, sort of square tip nails, that I feel like we could do
maybe press-on’s or something. – I don’t think this is
going to be that hard. It’s very specific patterns
and stuff like that. But honestly, if we don’t
find these things at the mall. I feel like between the two of us we already know some of the sites to go. – I think it’s going to be
hard, because of the time limit. To get all of these pieces. – I do feel the same as Loryn, where a lot of these pieces you can find, like you said, in the wild’s of Amazon. But, yeah, there’s going
to be a time limit. We’re not, we don’t get
all the time in the world. So we got to kind of
strategize a little bit. – Okay, we’re in Express and
this pink jacket over here kind of reminds me of the Chanel outfit that Billie was wearing, at the Oscars. So I’m going to see if
they have it in white. I also have a pair of sort of like, loose pants from here that remind me of the bottoms in her outfit. So, I’m going to do a quick browse. – [Erin] Quite sure of
that, enough for Billie. She would not approve. Oh that’s cute. Okay, Erin is down. – [Madelyn] Hi, thank you. – [Erin] Wouldn’t this look cute? Do you guys always want to touch clothes when you’re in the store? Even
if you don’t even like it, and you like would never buy it. You just want to touch it. – All right you guys, we’ve actually done
pretty well considering Billie Eilish has the most
specific style known to man. And it’s all designer now. So, we got a cool little
semi matching two piece for the Chanel, that we will show you guys when we try it on. Oh, are we going down an escalator? Okay, lets if I can do
both, two things at once. – [Loryn] Sinead? – [Sinead] Yeah. That’s way to big. – [Loryn] Do we get points for hilarity? Okay, so, we found these
like glittery, felt, stacks. I think we could do cut out C’s, and we would have enough. We could do all of them glittery. – Yeah, we could. – [Loryn] Then we could even do black. Because it’s black glitter too. – Yeah, and if we really wanted to like really, really go all the way. – You’re so DIY, I appreciate it. – We could even put like
some stick on shimmers on it. – [Loryn] Like that? Like black glitter? – [Sinead] Yeah, like the big circle ones. – [Loryn] Or something that’s 3D? – [Sinead] Yeah, like something
that is the actual texture. Like, shimmer dry things. – Does that mean we
don’t get to keep these? – I mean, it would be
hilarious if we had one giant Chanel one on there. – Flip back to this. – Okay, so it’s pretty
much just narrowing down the green wig and the Chanel CC’s. Okay, starting with the green wig. Now, we’re going to literally just search “Billie Eilish wig”. So there it is. – [Erin] 27, but it’s
an extra credit bonus. So it’s not against our budget. – [Madelyn] Yeah. We
could also get a black wig and get lime green spray paint. – Or we can steal your hair. (laughs) – CC pins. Okay, we found these pins. – [Erin] You know this is Gucci, right? – [Madelyn] This isn’t Gucci. – [Erin] This is a Gucci knock off. – Oh, it’s a Gucci knock off. – Which I think might be
sacrilegious to Chanel. – Yeah but, I mean it’s
as close as we can. What would you rather do? This one. – [Erin] Hmm. – [Madelyn] Best days. – [Erin] I like that one, I love that one. – [Madelyn] We could just
get a bunch of these. – [Erin] No, we might want
to get one other option because she has so many
different varieties. – Yeah. – So maybe get like two of these. So if you want to order more, why don’t we order like two more. And then our plan for the gloves is just sharpie Chanel on them. – Right. – I think we’re okay with that. – I think we got everything. – Okay, I got nails, then
we’re powering through. – [Sinead] Sorry, I’m
searching for “big gold rings.” – Two dollars, wow you were right. – Told you. – [Loryn] Why did we spend so
much money at the ring store? – [Sinead] Add to bag. – We have two minutes.
– Okay, type it in here. Its called, “plaid tweed
panel curved hem teddy.” – [Loryn] Okay. – This app is great. – I think we did it,
I think we did it all. – Okay, for our second
DIY, we got this green wig. So we decided to buy this black hair spray and spray the ends of this
so we can create our own. – Okay guys, so all of our
online purchases have come in. – Hmm.
– We have very little time, but we’re going to DIY a couple things. Good gosh, this jacket is like so perfect. It was exactly the texture
you were looking for. And the fact that it already
has some bedazzlement’s on it. For the things that we
really thought weren’t going to turn out well,
I have high hopes now. – Yeah, dude, I’m excited, lets do it. – [Loryn] Okay, here
we go. (dramatic music) – All right, you guys, our final round. This is Billie Eilish times
two dressed all the way up. You guys, come on out. – You look like someone very specific and I can’t figure it out. – Could it be Billie Eilish? – No, it’s not. – Do the pose. – What is it? This? What does she do with her face? Yeah, didn’t really study it. – [Erin] Chanel. – Wow, you guys did a
good job with the DIY. I’ll give you that, that’s pretty perfect. – This is where we
hopefully saved some money. – What is happening to your thumb? – I don’t know, this was loose. – Because you’re double jointed. – Oh that’s weird! Don’t do that ever again. – [Loryn] Oh my god,
you broke it! (laughs) – We DIY’d and hoped
to save the most money because we knew that this,
in order to get this, we were going to need a
lot of stuff on the jacket. So she had one, two, three, four. She had six Chanel logos. So we just did this with foam. Glitter foam that we got at Target. We got the jacket from Shein. And I will say the
jacket, I’m most proud of because I feel like it’s so close. – It’s as close as you
can find in the world. – [Sinead] Yeah, but we
definitely had to sacrifice anything that was kind of,
that similar on the bottom. So we just went with an
oversized, white thing. And we didn’t get any
shoes because it wasn’t on the list and honestly couldn’t really tell what she was wearing. – We kind of took the mall approach. We wanted to see what we
could find first in the mall. So we got this jacket from Nordstrom rack, and then I think we got
these pants there too. – Where did you get those? – They’re like pajamas. We couldn’t find Chanel pins obviously. We found C’s and those are probably the most expensive thing on this outfit. – They were too much money. – Just because we had to
get two, four, six C’s. But then we went to Claire’s
and got these nifty little, – [Sinead] Oh yeah, I
forgot out about our gloves. – [Erin] The little lace gloves. – Also, the reason we were taking so long to come out here, is I was busy gluing individual rhinestones onto her nails. – [Erin] What? – She was wearing them on the carpet. – Oh my goodness. – You guys, you know I have
a problem. It’s really bad. – [Madelyn] All right you
guys, so total for our look, we spent 121 dollars and we’re ashamed. – It’s too much money. The
C’s put us way over budget. – [Sinead] All together we
spent a total of 83 dollars. – [Loryn] Pretty dag gon good. This saved us, the foam that cost 5.99. – Yeah, these C’s were like 50 bucks. – Yeah, they were like 40 bucks. I don’t know, I feel like this was a very hard challenge
but I kind of liked it. – Yeah, I liked DIY’ing. – So you guys, let us know in the comments if there are other
looks we should recreate from celebrities, or even
more Billie Eilish looks dare I say it. – Well you know what, I
think we learned one thing. Billie Eilish is a style
queen in her own right. We attempted but please guys, let us know if you think we pulled it off. – Let us know. – And if you don’t think we
pulled it off, don’t tell us. – Don’t say anything.
– Don’t be a bad guy. – Oh good one Erin. – All right you guys! Subscribe and we will see you back here. – Give this video a thumbs sideways. – [Madelyn] So gross. – That is so gross Loryn. – Duh.


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