Drawbridge Build For The Bushcraft Tree house Day 26 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

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Drawbridge Build For The Bushcraft Tree house Day 26 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

oh so much fun I just love playing in
the woods like criminal to have this much fun out in the woods I tell you all
right what’s your predictions leave in the comments below
yeah that many rocks is it gonna be easy to live I’m Zachary Fowler and I’m Greg ovens
and this is the 30 day survival challenge Canadian Rockies there’s only
one rule if you want to eat you got a catch and cook it the 30-day survival challenge season two
Canadian Rockies has been brought to you in part by dr. Squatch soap hidden
woodsmen gear go prepared survival outdoor vitals wazoo survival gear
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description below for the gear video of the 30 days of bottle challenge morning day 26 and so cool in the
mornings here nice hair don’t want to get up it’s so cozy in here
so warm hammocks are so neat they even trapped like it’s it’s like probably
five or ten degrees warmer in here as soon as I unzip it it’s gonna be like
whoosh whoosh up closed air so oh that makes it hard to want to unzip and get
out of here but I heard Gregg I see you see a little bit of smoke I must have
fired up the fire and get down there and help out get the coffee going make a
drawbridge today a tour tree fort all kinds of fun things to get up to
let’s do it I wake up in the morning and this great
blue stay golden finger grass my name slips through the window honest lp3
dreamers live plants all see she’s my believer given all my doubts a
lighted mirror reflecting now every true potential bedrock the neat little avatar
set this bird good morning a bit longer for you Greg likes his coffee smooth and mild I
like mine dark with a bite at the end like my women no I just kid that’s our fly protection right there
from the well flies wrapping the fish in the shemagh fish for breakfast you me just gonna close my eyes as I eat it and
pretend each bite is like bacon mmm is the best trout flavored bacon ever made
it’s so good oh it’s tearing me up that’s the smoke to me that you talk
about food a lot and it’s not the time to be talking about food all the time
yeah there’s all we have is fish I mean I don’t get sick of fish no but a salad
or something would be nice to go with mmm haven’t really seen much for salad
type of plants now you know like the Sorrell and good dark and different
salad plants I haven’t found any so we’re out of luck with salad China and
so it’s not just good on its own you know it’s like all of the stuff it’s
like you know you don’t just sit there and eat a bowl of lettuce no no no I
know you got the broccoli and there’s so much to a good salad I like all of oh
here we go talking about food for the wood one of the two of these is
objecting to being cooked I think it’s the wood humming dumber what’s the most annoying
noise in the world to the end of this adventure over the next couple days in
Jesus name Amen yes breakfast bacon oh this is just what
I wanted some yummy delicious bacon huh that’s funny this bacon has bones not
too crispy I like it raw and wriggling I mean any bacon this good bacon
but bacon that’s Wiggly that’s the way to have it
wiggly bacon bacon well I’m gonna get ready to head out I guess go to the lake
see what we can catch we’re gonna divide and conquer
Scruggs can go to the lake I’m gonna build the drawbridge I need you to help
me lift those logs in the place before you head out though there I think that’s the angle right
there I want that should be good though burnt down comes the drawbridge yeah is
that the right word for it drawbridge yeah gangplank gangplanks for your walk
out on the ship and they may jump officer yeah well they yeah they throw
you off of it you’re bad but it’s forgetting onto the dock mm-hmm
yeah I guess drawbridge all right good luck fish in do so yep I’ll see ya when
you look at me on the other end of it and you come back with six fish well r5
you only love five I think so at least two and then we don’t have to have to go
or we can go and have fun and do something more like build a raft and
build a raft that we wanted to build or worrying about fishing yeah like a fish
just for to be good getting ahead of the game yeah and then tomorrow if we caught
fish would be don’t have to catch any more fish the rest the time we’re here
straight like you just build stuff and play well that would be good yeah all
right good luck yeah before I get going on building and move the smoker with our
fish still wrapped in the shemagh over and put some green logs on the coals and
it seems like it’s already reduced the amount of flies all of a sudden it is
like witching hour just before Greg left boom flies everywhere and then I put
those green logs on the smoke going and all of a sudden they’ve almost
disappeared because they were all attracted to the smoker with the fish
wrapped in the shemagh over here so they were gonna be like laying eggs on top of
the smaug’s our fish would have been safe without having flies laying eggs
all over it gross but it would have been all over the outside of the shemagh and
look you know that’s just one more thing scrub off of its disgusting flies are so
gross nasty the stuff that they do so you got to protect your food from it and
this is like double protection now we’ve got it
the smoke getting onto it’ll help dry it out the fish is nice and cool because
it’s been so cold here in the evenings unreal how cold it can be in the middle
of summer but I mean it’s not surprising when you look across the valley and
there’s snow up there on the mountain sides everywhere in little pockets even
below us there’s snow in pockets sitting there with streams running out
underneath of them it’s crazy this is gonna be my counterweight I’ll have my
two logs there and then tied to the back side on the bottom up behind so they get
the weight is far back it’s possible it’ll allow for some weight so the
drawbridge won’t weigh as much so much fun I just love playing in the woods you
know if you haven’t done it go right out in your backyard play in the woods you
know you could do stuff like this right in your backyard that’s what I want to
do when I get home keep paying build something for my girls I need to build
them a fort just like this at home it’s not fair they keep having all this fun
out here without them like criminal to have this much fun out in the woods tell
you I would like to lash them to the
underside of these right here because I think that would by lashing to
understood that puts the weight a little bit further out and down so that but it
was probably only a matter of a couple pounds difference that that I would give
me an advantage Hey boom oh that’s quite a bit heavy quite a bit need some more counterweights cut some
steps that’s why can I put a railing on it too
now we’re just getting carried away I mean OSHA probably would want a
railing but we’re outside Oh the us here in OSHA regulations don’t apply I don’t
believe they probably have Canadian oh shit don’t they
what’s that called I don’t know I’ll put it right here Canadian OSHA it’s just
the right though you can like you’ll be like some rungs oh good need a lot of counterweight my original idea was take some green
logs and hang them from there but the logs are gonna dry out and they’ll lose
like two-thirds or three-quarters of their weight and then they won’t be
doing anything at all and this will be no good I mean it’ll work for us for a
couple days but if somebody comes back along and they want to mess with it our
Greg comes back out here to have other adventures someday
I want it to still be there and working so Rox I’m gonna make a big net fill it
full of rocks and hang it from there and that way it’ll be easy to it just bring
up a rock at a time throw them into the net until the weight is enough that it
doesn’t take much to lift this end up but it will come down let’s do it
yay yeah good to make another alright I get to make another net I do like making
Nets or fun you guys ought to try that so there is Oh how’d you do any like
well I got three nice and the good thing was one on my satellite so I mean that’s
awesome yeah I was happy boy yeah so yeah how do you like it yeah looks good
man now I’m just working on weights yeah so that’s what I’m working on now
because I decided that logs as weight they would lose their weight in almost
you know as soon as they dry out they’ll be like they weigh half as much great so
I’m making a net to put rocks in great done so it might look a little messy but
I did what I did is I did twice as many stitches down one side even though
they’re the same length as the other so that when it’s held out like this I got
even them up that it’s got a good pocket in here as soon as I even knees out on
the sides that way when I put it up there and I tie it here and here on this
side on one side of the ladder and then here and here on the other side there’s
a huge pocket and climate bladder dump some rocks in clown bladders dump some
rocks in till my counterweight is enough hey this is something Indiana Jones will
be proud of the cookbook should do it I think well because we’ve talked about it
with me would it be roads minase you know we could have each of us could have
a chapter and we all get a share in it you know mm-hmm or more than chapter but
like each of our segments you know like with their own special recipes right
well it’s use obviously with dobo and or you know or other spices sometimes I
guess we could but we don’t really use other spices all that often no but I
mean I could you know doing a turkey is nice up butter all over it oh you got
our butter man I don’t a butter per turkey that’s yeah face up 3/4 times
still it’s just golden brown oh here we go talk about food again you start you
know get real fancy you start injecting it underneath the skin yeah that’s right
you know you just make it stop that’s it let’s go back to town we’re
out of here forget this well just fill them a lot
tomorrow and then go home a couple days early nobody will even know just doubled
every time we’d light a fire we’ll put it out relight it and as if it was and
then call it the next day that’s right well just cheat on the whole thing will
just camp out behind the grocery store somebody left that in the comments much
before this is fake there’s not that like do you realize how many hours it
would take me to fake there’s like why not just do it like it’d be easier to do
it than make it like like somebody’s like I think there’s an RV in the
background I saw it our view in the background but what are you talking
about like there’s no RVs in the background turns out there wasn’t RV in
the background in Texas though at one point we went to the front of the
property to use the archery target and I missed that in the Edit and Bob Hansel
ours RV was in the background for just a glimpse you know but this is actual
wilderness there’s nothing for me in town is what hour-and-a-half two-hour
drive so and we’re quite a ways from the vehicle even yeah we’re in the middle of
nowhere here yeah just grizzly bears and whatever moose and a good fishing week
thing yes nope look at that guy’s Gregg’s punk
wood that he collected it’s doing its thing he collected this for his bow
drill and he’s had it over here drying out it’s dry enough it must have
caught a spark from the fire and now it’s it’s going it’s going look at that
one’s been going for a little bit it looks like there we go see if I can’t
put it out for him oh those smoke for the next two or three hours well I
finished my draw page up to our fortress here and they’ll have a little bit more
flavor they’ve been kind of smoking all day anyway but wrapped in the shemagh so
this should taste really good now when I get to him I did give myself a little
boo-boo I got lazy well chopping a tree for the wrongs for
the drawbridge and I went and Chuck right into my boot instead of scooting
around the tree and making sure you have a firm stance every time when you
wielding an axe for so long and so easily that I got you know I don’t know
I just I swung in the wrong way and I should have been moved around the tree
and swinging out so just trying to reach around the tree to get a little bit more
just to cut down this tiny tree and it slipped came back zinc into my boot I
didn’t think it cutting into my foot until I checked an hour later I was like
all right yeah it made just the tiniest cut but it
was open a little bit and so I put these on and well washed it in antibiotics and
peeled out any little bits of sock remanent because obviously it was right
through my great do my sock my poor darn tough socks they are not acts proof so I
never liked those boots anyway though it’s all their fault I know doesn’t
matter how much you use your tools you just you can’t slip on proper use of
your tools you know everything like I’ve said in the past
has a bite limit and there’s the bite limit is you know based on its sharpness
your capability to use it and how much it’s supposed to take out when you chop
it into something and being in the right position when you’re doing so so that it
doesn’t take a bite out of you is this one took a bite out of me let me go be
able just fine got some ointment on it and I put another band-aid on over top
of that to protect it but goofed up it happens it happens you get hungry get
tired you get a little bit you know trying to shortcut and that’s what
shortcuts lead to cuts all right what’s your predictions don’t
know wait boys leaving the comments below
yeah that many rocks is it gonna be easy to lift is he gonna be will make a
difference whatever how much how much it’s not much of a distance out there
fulcrum eyes there we go I need more weed oh that’s pretty light yeah two or
three times lighter Missouri oh the rock yeah I put some hazard tape
right here like do not walk underneath Oh
the rocks you better go oh yeah it almost wants to go on its own no oh
really it’s almost at neutral buoyancy yeah it is yeah
no there’s nothing to that oh yeah yeah like pinky oh yeah
pinky left pinky left thank you that perfect that’s perfect now the line so
we could pull it up but we’re gonna pull it down pull it up how am I gonna do
that you should wait and see they’re just gotta figure out where to
tie it off to easily works well yeah this I got a string here
so it can’t go further yeah I got ropes here so that it doesn’t slide away right
and this line here just fired that one off yeah pretty much now as long as the
grizzly bear can’t jump up and grab on to that or he doesn’t figure out the
mechanical advantage of cutting the line that goes to this we’re okay
well I don’t think you’d go to that effort now I want to know you think
we’re good I think we’re good oh this is this is like holding it where
it is so you gotta kind of like just put your foot on it well you just tie a loop
and have a carabiner where you just hook up yeah uh-huh
put your foot on it and send it back down yeah like that you’re good to go
quick Greg get up there’s a bear oh as he pulls it up yeah
worried about himself yeah all right I’ll let you up now we just need a no
girls allowed sign no more girls allowed yeah yeah we’re not little kids anymore like no girls will let no girls allowed all right finish it off I tied some
lines around this this prevents it from sliding this way these prevent it when
it’s down that way from sliding off the only thing that’s not very crafty and
bushy and is using those silly carabiners down there and so the line
goes from here down to there and then up to here and so when I pull this and I
can just step on it my foot and the whole mess goes down ladder comes up
behind us and once it’s locked into place and I have it far enough down I
could just cleat that off right there we’re good to go we could bring up our
drawbridge at night I also off-camera but in between
I also off-camera in between some of this stuff I went and I tied two more
loops around each of these corners and another double loop of different line
backing all of that stuff up so that netting it’s super super backed up cuz
there’s like I don’t know 100 and something pounds worth of rocks in there
right now you uh I don’t want that falling out of there I definitely don’t
want to fall into me but I haven’t heard one creature groan or snap or tweet from
my net since I put all the rocks in there so I think we’re good to go I’m
gonna add one more set of wraps around all this though and she’s done
I built a drawbridge for our bear say forts in the trees bear safe hand making
up a tree in grizzly territory our fortresses are done and we only have
three days left or whatever it is silly I have dinner ooh it’s but quite smoky very nice that’s
what I was hoping for probably been like four hours since I got so carried away
with my project so it’s gotten some nice smoke feels like it’s almost completely
cooked that toast this bad boy and have some dinner amen Bon Appetit just a few clumps left and only a few
days left so that works out pretty good oh my tongs we were so nice I left him
out by the fire and they’ve kind of dried and twisted up on me like a bad
pair of scissors okay all right go right past each other mm-hmm-hmm
put them the rest of the way and see if I can’t just use them like chopsticks pretty awkward tomorrow we’re gonna
build a O so we can fish from our boat probably more like a raft but then try
and put a sail on it and do all kinds of fun stuff so I’m gonna finish my fish
and then tuck in for the night yep all right I am in and that’s pretty much
all she wrote tune in next time thanks for watching
Fowler out


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