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Hey guys, it’s Jenn The queen of hauls is back! and this time we’re stepping it up a notch that’s right this time instead of going to the 99 cent store I went to….. THE DOLLAR STORE (YAAAAS) and honestly guys, i spent soooo much money at the dollar store.. that i don’t think i’m going to be able to pay rent this month 🙁 so PLEASE Subscribe and GIVE this video a thumbs up ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) PLEASE GUYS! i’m like really running out of money yeaarh.. (ahhah) I REALLY need mone…. S*** you can alle see that i’m wearing sweatpants ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) in this video :I I look put together from the table and up but under the table i’m just..
heeeey: (awkward)… We really made it to the big lead guys! We’re no longer in the cents, we’re now in the dollars. I’m just climbing the financial charts and I’m SO excited to show you guys what I got at the dollar store So, without further adu, let’s haul bi*ches! Woooo! I don’t even know what I’m about to pull out right now. Oooh a bubble blower So, I always wanted one of these and I’ve never had one before so I am freaking out you guys I can not wait to try this I really hope it works If I could get this open *hammering bubbles like an otter * S*** I did not mean to break that The next thing I got was an air horn So I have never owned or even used an air horn before so I’m very excited about this I don’t even know know exactly how this… *sad little toot* *BOSS toot* Oh My God I HATE this *another freakish boss toot* Oh my God I hate it so much that is like a sound that I never wanna *little toot* AAAA! I hate it I don’t know why I hate that so much All-right guys, this next thing is actually so cool a golf course calendar as you guys probably know wait…. *removes shard of dollar tree dander from my eye* Oh my god I’m bleeding Can you see it? Can you see it? Can you see it? It’s all good guys, I’m a certified surgeon so… I’m just gonna BANDAGED! Don’t worry I’m sorry you guys but I’m about to drag the Dollar Store because what the f*** is this? This is a fake candle it has a little switch on the bottom here see it’s like lighting up now woo-hoo like, so cool wait it’s not even lighting up This fake candle has, like, the ugliest design I have ever seen in my entire life What kind of decor does this even look good in? It literally says “LOL” on it and it says something else too it says “AWESOME” on it are you? fff— OK, this made me laugh Its a coloring book. it says “Big fun book to color” It also says “Duchess Annie” I don’t know who Duchess Annie is, but, I’m assuming she’s like a knock off Disney princess. The part of this book that made me laugh the most was as I was flipping through the pages. Each picture that you can color has a little caption underneath of it. and let me just read you some… “A gentle breeze” “Love your hennan hat.” “Sweet friends.” Me when I’m standing next to a cat. “Perfect” Me when I’m looking into a mirror. “I want apple” want like what? Who would get this for their child? This isn’t even grammatically correct. So, I got one that is a little bit more fitting for me. “I’m perfect” Fashion doll. Woooo! Ha Ha Oh my God, she’s na– Oh sh* that head came off like disturbingly easy. The next thing I got was this Cursive handwriting poster. Because, who the F*! writes in cursive anymore? ooo, I am so excited for this. This is a ribbon twirler. WHAAAAAAAAAA! THIS IS SO FUN! Do you guys even see how cool this is??! Let’s see what I got next Next thing I got is a window cling from a brand called “joking around” so it’s just a joke you guys! Basically it’s a rock and then…*huffs* I’m out of breathe from the ribbon twirling basically it’s like a rock and then like broken glass around it. I think your supposed to stick it on glass and it’s supposed to be a joke “looks real” ? From the same brand I got this. It is clip on jewelry. I’m excited for this because I don’t have any piercings on my face. But now i’m about to! Okay first of all these already look so fake! I don’t even know if you can even see them because they are literally clear But yeah.. They are clear so they don’t really look like jewelry But, whatever. I’m gonna put a lip ring and then do a nose one OOOOWWWWW Oh my God, Oh my God I’m not kidding guys it really hu- Ow, that hurts soo bad, oh my God. Alright, well THIS blows (laughing) Yeah it looks like I have a piece of plastic stuck on my face (shouting) OOOOOOOO Oh my God its going EVERYWHERE And don’t forget to subscribe, because I put up a new video every single Saturday. Bye!


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