DJI PHANTOM 4 RTK – A Game Changer for Construction Surveying

Updated : Jan 16, 2020 in Articles

DJI PHANTOM 4 RTK – A Game Changer for Construction Surveying

STRABAG is a European engineering group for construction services, headquartered in Vienna. STRABAG is one of Europe’s largest construction companies and we cover all services related to the building industry. In 2015, we started using drones for surveying and 3D data acquisition, to achieve efficiency gains for internal and external clients. This integration had an impact on our workflows and simplified many steps in our operations. The placement of ground control points, used to be a time consuming process. In the past we needed 20 to 40 GCP per square kilometer which takes several hours to plan. By deploying the Phantom 4 RTK, we can reduce the amount of GCPs to 55 and even to zero under circumstances. For us, the Phantom 4 RTK is another step forward in making construction surveying with drones simpler. It is compact and flexible and therefore can be a useful tool for our team at STRABAG. In order to use all benefits of the fully integrated system, in RTK mode we are using network RTK services. To achieve even more accurate results, especially in areas with bad mobile network coverage, the D-RTK 2 Base Station can be connected with ease. The long battery life of up to 30 minutes, lets us map large areas in a single flight. The Phantom 4 RTK provides an integrated flight planning app in the remote control. Including all relevant terrain parameters to make the flight planning easy and efficient. This solution helps us to gather consistent data that can be easily processed to continuously produce accurate results. If the area is too large to map on one single battery charge the Phantom 4 RTK will automatically resume the mission after the battery has been replaced. Without ground control points, the achievable horizontal accuracy is up to two centimeters. This is the foundation for delivering good results in volume calculation, terrain modeling and progress monitoring. Phantom 4 RTK also offers the opportunity to choose between RTK and PPK. After the flight, the data is uploaded onsite to the cloud to be processed by the surveyor’s preferred post-processing software. Drone generated survey data is comprehensive, which is an advantage for detailed 3D modeling and related evaluations. Thanks to the Phantom 4 RTK’s consistent data capturing process, engineers are assured that they receive the necessary models according to their project requirements. In due time, the models are available for the engineers onsite to download. Drones prove to be very efficient tools in the construction industry and I am convinced they will be integrated into the construction processes internationally more and more. As an innovation leader, it’s our protocol to execute complex construction projects with highest quality and deliver on schedule. The Phantom 4 RTK contributes in many aspects. We are looking forward to working with the Phantom 4 RTK.


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