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Hi, everyone. My name is Kelsey and my name is Becky and we are The Sorry Girls We are back at you with another dollar store challenge And I feel like we haven’t done one of these in a while. No, which I don’t know why. That’s crazy. So the theme for this dollar store challenge is back-to-school slash dorm themed items Yeah, we’re going to go head to the dollar store, see what we can pick up to make for a dorm or back-to-school Yeah, exactly alright should we hit it? Let’s do it We’ re both in the dollar store now, trying to find some items We’re gonna try and keep it around ten, fifteen dollars we’ll see what happens. I mean dollar stores here aren’t like a real dollar stores things are not a dollar. I have no inspiration right now. I don’t know what to do. Like zero clue. Okay. My idea right now is to do some kind of like bathroom like a kit. But it’s not really flipping anything which I like to do. Alright. Dollar store actually has some kind of cute wrapping paper I’m surprised. Okay my new idea. They have these really pretty cords which I like wanted to buy ever since I first saw them here um. They’re just like extension cords, but they’re so cute. So I found these white ones that are cool cause they’re like see-through So I’m gonna get three of them and try and join them together somehow. I don’t know. We’ll see if it works. Okay, took me a while, but I finally figured it out. I’m gonna use this bowl. So for my dollar store challenge I am going to make a lamp because every time becky and I go to the dollar store We see these extension cords And they are so cute And I just got this idea so I got a bowl a nightlight and this extension cord for only like Seven something which is a great deal um And hopefully this isn’t gonna be too hard to do. All right moment of truth. So my next step is to drill a hole in the top of my bowl here because this is Gonna be my little lampshade um I found this wood drill bit, but it does work on plastic I just tested it out, so I’m gonna make sure that this is big enough So that my plug can fit through once I drill this hole That was so easy to do now I just want to create a little piece of plastic that can sit in here So I’m just gonna create a small circle out of this corrugated plastic that we just happen to have And I just need a place for the cord to sit So I’m just gonna cut out a little kind of inner circle here So to put this all together. I’m gonna go cord first in through here plug side first, and then I’m going to add on my little shield thing here And then I’m actually just Gonna Superglue my little plastic piece here Onto the bottom of my Bowl just now the top of my bowl just to make sure nothing really slides around And then we’re just gonna add in our little nightlight here and then we can turn it on and My lamp is done. I mean Not bad for a seven dollar lamp made from the dollar store materials, and honestly that took me like five minutes, okay? Let’s see what Becky has to make for a dorm or back to school all right so from the dollar store I picked up three of these picture frames I wanted to do it on one giant picture frame, but they didn’t have any big ones there So I opted for three little ones, and then I got this I think it’s wrapping paper Or just like printed paper from the dollar store in these amazing patterns and then I also picked up these gold alphabet stickers from the dollar store as well, and then on top of that I’m gonna be using some white c-hooks so my plan to make out of this is to make sort of a like Message to do list board so you can organize your lights because when I was in school That was my biggest thing was like seeing what I had to do because I always forgot stuff so the first thing I’m gonna do is open my frames and make little backgrounds for them out of this cute paper And then with my little gold stickers. I’m gonna write today week and month Alright, so I have my titles on and they look very cute So you could leave it like this But I feel like when I go to write stuff on it the backgrounds might be a little much So I’m going to add a little white rectangle to each bit so you can see what you’re writing Okay, so these are looking really good, so since they’re in a picture frame and it’s glass you can actually write on these and erase them just like you would a whiteboard which is super convenient! And as a Final step to save you from having to put three nails in your wall And just one or just use the 3m hook or something. I’m gonna join all them together using the white C hooks Okay, so all my hooks are in and this is kind of the order you want to do it for your first one put two hooks on the bottom only and then in the middle you want to put four hooks on the top and the bottom and make sure they’re going in alternate directions to the one before and on the last one put two on the top only and again make sure they’re in alternate directions So that we can hook them together But that’s the general idea and the great thing about doing the hook system Is that you can put as many of these on as you want make a super long chain (heh, heh) So all you need to do now is take a standard whiteboard marker and write your lists on and erase when you complete stuff Okay, so I need you guys to vote in the comments and in the poll who you think tackled the dollar store challenge for back To school dorm better. I mean Your’s looks you did a great job too – oh I think your’s is very cute and your’s very practical mine, like. I turned a bowl into a lamp, so. it was the like you get the unexpected vote Which was really cool I love it. Yeah, but you get the cute practical vote like it’s super easy. Yeah, it achievable awesome. I think we both did amazing jobs Round of applause, team, but let us know if you had favorite below and yeah, yeah, if you guys want some more like dorm DIYs and Full-on makeovers, we have those they’re linked umm below for you And we’ll also have cards up and around so make sure you check out our other Dorm-y videos for your back school needs yeah We just did a makeover um of our space, but made like a faux dorm room, and I was like obsessed with it You need to go check it out Thank you guys so much for watching if you liked this video make sure you give it a like and if you love it make Sure you sub it make sure you sub it okay. Sorry that was too mean. Make sure you sub it. Byeee! Bye!

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