DIXIE OUTLET MALL “Weekend Shopping” | Exploring Canada [ENG SUB]

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DIXIE OUTLET MALL “Weekend Shopping” | Exploring Canada [ENG SUB]

this seems OK it’s cute, right? maybe even with shorts this is nice.. OMG hello “friendships”, it’s the weekend again join us again in our vlog for today we are going to the dentist to have our cleaning ‘cos Jay already got his insurance (and ours, of course) so we have coverage for our dental needs (slang) it’s been a long time since our teeth got cleaned we’re going to the mall after the cleaning if we still have time ‘cos the malls close around 6 PM so now – time check – is 12 noon and our appointment with the dentist is 12 noon oh it’s just 11:45 AM so we still have 15mins to come so we won’t be late if we can’t make it in time for the mall then maybe we’ll just to the grocery anyway it’s the weekend, so.. we can take you around to either the grocery or the mall hi Kish hi so here we are guys, we’re about to enter the clinic while Jay is parking the car since it’s exactly 12 now we’re going in, here we are.. family dentistry (hello) hi.. we are here.. (you say it).. we’re here at the dentist hi guys today we’re in the dentist, and… … excited… I took a picture of daddy (humming) hi! today we’re in the dentist and dad’s gonna clean his teeth and then it’s me, and then mommy and then… are you excited or are you scared? I’m excited you’re excited? Kish is next.. Jay is on the other side.. and I will go later after Kish then it’s my turn yehey.. wow, Kish is awesome.. it’s mommy’s turn Keisha is done that’s me! we will do an x-ray for my teeth first ‘cos.. it’s been a long while since we had a dental check-up that’s why we’ll do the x-ray again it’s mommy’s turn where we’re going now? to the mall guys we’re done my teeth were not cleaned ‘cos they focused on the cavities first there’s three teeth that they put filling (pasta) my mouth has some anesthetic (numbing) is it crooked? (my lips) yes, a little a little my mouth is slanted, let’s just cover it like this then there’s free toothpaste, hold on I cannot talk properly, it’s not good ‘cos it’s crooked ‘cos they injected anesthetic here as for me, it’s just cleaning, and then.. they did not give me filling ‘cos my mouth has too much bleeding we did not have cleaning for one year so that’s why we have a lot of cavities (slang) we have dirty teeth (haha) we just only had it again (the insurance) yah I had three fillings.. and they said it’s not done yet and they gave us some freebies here it is.. free toothpaste and toothbrush for kids for Kish toothpaste (again) there’s no toothbrush for adults? there is floss, and… what is this?.. listerine and some floss the wind is so strong here let’s go the wind is so strong.. what time is it? I don’t have a watch it’s just almost 2 PM we still have time to go to the mall so join us in going around Dixie mall we’re going to Dixie mall right? OK my mouth is still crooked and it’s like… here guys, majority (or normally).. when they do fillings they always put anesthetics what we were booked for was just cleaning then I was surprised when I was injected with something I felt a needle sticking to my gums and it hurt but I couldn’t see what it was Kish saw that they were injecting something to my teeth and she was scared, so she left it was funny when I was gargling when you have anesthetic in your mouth when I was rinsing my mouth.. the water always comes out why? ‘cos my lips cannot close properly they are not aligned my lips are not aligned ‘cos of the anesthetic when I rinsed with water, like this and then.. it won’t let me the water comes out, and I cannot rinse properly there, my mouth is still crooked let’s hold it like this ‘cos it doesn’t look good I look tired (haggard) what did you buy? umm.. I got M&M’s and.. this guitar yeah guitar this guitar is just $4 there’s three colors here brown, light brown, and… maybe we can buy this.. my mouth is still crooked I have my hair tie here it’s loose this looks kinda good you can do it like this.. oh yeah.. you can button it on this is OK hi guys! what are you eating? this! and I also have a guitar it’s cute, right? maybe even with shorts Kish what size is your feet? size.. eleven.. twelve.. try twelve make it exact, wow, you’re already size 12 let me try nope I can be size five but I am really size 6 so there can be a little more space do the seven I don’t like seven, ‘cos I’m only six (pretty) but I have a crooked mouth (haha) unicorn! hi guys, today I’m gonna open my guitar I will show you how can you help me guys? thank you welcome it’s like this like this… and then this one is here it’s slanted I thought you can feel it now how about that… how is your massage? it’s nice, I think this is better.. OMG this is better than what we have with ours it’s too shallow (small pressure points) is that for the neck? yes how about the back? there is.. guys we are done with our shopping wow (slang) shopping my mouth now is not so slanted, cos.. the anesthetic is now wearing off earlier I couldn’t drink, what do you call that? bubble tea by the way guys, if you want to win a tablet or some cash just join our giveaway for Road to 10K subs so I will just put the link here for the mechanics just follow that so you can join we will just make a separate video for a haul of the things we bought in Dixie outlet mall we want to show you ‘cos… it’s good to shop there in Dixie (mall) since the prices are good ‘cos they are “outlet” shops we didn’t really buy so much it’s just right, just the things that we need we will be ending the vlog here guys thank you for joining us and.. ’til next time.. thank you for watching!


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