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Designing TOTE BAGS for our GUINEA PIG!

(A) What’s inside this bag? (S) Hello art friends!
(A) *Startled Adam* Hi art friends! -I was not ready. *Steph Giggling*
*Adam recovering* (A) WHERE AM I? *Breath Adam* (A) OH My God!
*Wheezes* (A) Okay, so today guys we have got the CUTEST little BAGS! (S) Such tiny little baggies
(A) They’re so SMALL! And we thought right, maybe we could come up with our own little designs for them (A) So that’s what we’re going to try and do today (S) I brought in some posca pens as well (S) Because any excuse to use these right?
(A) I also noticed guys when we pick these up, check this out (A) Here, we got a SUPER RARE subscribe bag! *Children screaming ‘YAAAAYYYY’*
*Steph giggling* Wow! You know, that seems like SUCH a good idea! Are you subscribed? ARE YOU?? *Okay, calm down Adamo* (S) What are you doing with that?
(A) I need a circle for my design (A) So this story time guys, this is a light we stole from the old house that we lived in. *Steph Giggling* (S) I think it was one that an old tenant had left there
(A) Oh well there we go (S) Yeah
(A) If you’re watching you AIN’T getting it back! It’s mine now! (S) It’s cause there’s no light in the wardrobe so there’s this little plastic thing in there *Giggling.* (A) Exactly! And what do you know? It’s actually come in useful! (A) I want to have my own like brand type thing so.
(S) OoOoh! (A) I’m not quite sure how I’m gonna do the lettering just yet but. (S) oh so your’s is gonna have lettering?
(A) Yeah! This one’ll- This’ll give it away straight away *Adam laughing* (A) But I have to do it! I have to get him in! (S) It’s a peanut!
(A) It’s not a peanut! Geez! *Steph giggles [again lol]* (A) My vision!
(S) My peanut vision. (A) my peanut business is ruined! (A)No it’s not a peanut i promise (A) What could that be?
(S) OoOoh! (S) I know what that is!
(A) What is that? It’s a peanut with eyes! (S)I wonder if anyone in the comments knows what that is (A) If you guys know what this is so far you got to tell me. if I see anyone saying hamster. I’ll be so angry. It’s not a hamster. (A) I’ll give you a hint (A)We have two of them- and they’re not hamsters! (S) But there’s a lot of people in the comments that don’t know what they are. (A) Well yeah, okay We have two guinea pigs guys (A) But Brindle who’s our biggest and eldest guinea pig is really big and some people think he’s a chinchilla, but I promise *Adam and Steph giggling about their fat and CUTE Guinea pig (I want one if you couldn’t tell)* (A) He’s really fluffy! he’s a really fluffy boi, and I love him, but he’s definitely a guinea pig I promise. (A) But do you have an idea as to what I’m going to design my little Baggie now *Contemplative silence* (S) Guinea pig (A)Yes- But there’s a more to it!
I’m going to try and design… my own brand of guinea pig food.
(S) OoOoh! (A) and I was hoping that… once I’ve done it. We’ll get one of the pigs in for a little review *Giggly Steph*
(Steph giggles a lot. It’s okay though cause it’s cute) (A) And see if they think it’s good. Seen as bumble was in the last video, I’ll if Brindle’s awake and if he is awake He can come and look at it.
(S) Yeah Bumble likes eating bag, so (S) So I would’t trust him ’round that.
(A) Yeah! (A) He’s like YUM! This bags delicious! *CHOMP* (A) Have you ever eaten a bag? Let me know! (S) That can be the poll of the day! (A) Have you ever eaten a bag? If so which kind?
It’ very important! (S) Oh your idea is so cute! (S) I was just planning to draw some vegetables on mine (A) *Giggles* I’m just going to draw a BIG CARROT!
You can draw anything you want! (A)You know, we’re design- we’re still designin’ our own little bags (A) It’s just that I’m design in mind for one of our pigs. (S) Naawwww. (A) I just want you to love it! (S) If he tries to eat the bag, I’ll wrestle it off him.
(A) Oh he’s strong! (A) If he wants that bag you’re in for a you’re in for a challenge (A) Now- I need to come up with a clever branding (A) What should I call my business?
(S) Brindle’s bag (A) That’s terrible! No one’s gonna want to buy that! *Squeeky voice* oh yes. I’d like one portion of Brindle’s bag please (A)I shall call it… I’ll put Adam’s up here because it’s *whispered* my brand! So I put Adam’s in really small letter nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Nom Nom mmM, nuggets! (A) I’ll tidy this up with our posca pen.
(S) It’s so cute! (A) I have some little… (A) Cuz our pigs eat little nugget pellet things and they LOVE them so I might put some in here For a little treat for him, then he will be forced to love my design ha ha ha! (S) I need to start mine You’re getting way too ahead. (A) YOU HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING!!! (A) Its your turn! (A) Okay, you gonna hit me up with that awesome design
(S) I’ll try…. (A) My body is ready. (S) I’m going to get some vegetable reference.
A) Oh! Are you gonna do like a veggie bag? (A)Have we got vegetables?
*GASP* We’ve got some water crescents in I could put watercress inside your bag doesn’t really oh, it looks so cute. It’s like Oh, I’ve just been to the grocery store. I’m getting so into this bag thing (S) It’s because I’ve gotten to play stardew valley again so more vegetables (A) I can’t wait until they release the multiplier because we both love stardew Valley and they’ve teased like a multiplayer for so long now and we’re so excited for it now, so let us know if you guys have ever played stardew Valley the farthest we ever got is year… two?
Yeah! And that was my save and you’ve nicked it! Hey! No I didn’t!
You stole my save! We had a joint save I really liked the mining in the dungeon bits and Steph just likes growing corn I like fishing
yeah fishing and corn Those are the two good things. If you have a resume in stardew Valley it’d just say fishing and cause pepper pretty much! Is that a Pepper? It’s a very red pepper!
Yeah! I just want it to look like a grocery tote bag well so far It looks like someone’s throwing a pepper at it So I’d say you’re halfway there yeah! Can I have a quick little peek
if you would like to oh if you if you added like it? Maybe a little bit of white it, but like a big wet pepper Is that the look we’re going for? I want my vegetables moist. That’s how I know their fresh.(-w-) by the way my hairs all wet because like I jumped out the shower And I was like ¨i am ready to film this!¨
I wanna make tote bags! Once i knew posca pens are involved I was so down
what you do designin’ there? I just kind of make up shapes as I go along, and I never fully know What things are going to look like Is it like is it like a leafy green? Mm-Hmm Eat your vegetables guys! It’s meant to be like a cauliflower. I’ll have to go in with some whoa-ho. So is yours like a grocery styled bag then
yeah! That’s all I wanted to do wait an old-fashioned grocery bag with vegetables Oh! That’s so cute! Come on down to Steph’s Discount vegetables, we got it all! We got Parison cauliflower! That’s all you need! That’s all we’ve got actually.
That’s all I’ve got. That’s all you’re getting! LEAVE Oh I might try doing an aubergine.
Oh dear! I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually eaten an Aubergine I’ve seen the emoji, and it’s used in questionable circumstances Oh, I know you’re making me regret putting it on now We should start a petition now for the cauliflower emoji. If aubergine already exists
Is there a cauliflower emoji? If there isn’t there should be! how will I let Step know when imout and about that I need cauliflower? I don’t know- Could just text messages. Too many characters! Oh you’re inking! That’s serious business
Yeah! We’re going full on with this pig branding Do you think Brindle will appreciate it I hope so. I hope he eats the nuggets that I’m going to put inside and not just the bag cause I’d be so upset I worked on in this Brindle! I hope he´s awake Brindle Wake up! Nah, if he- If he’s sleeping I wouldn’t do it. That’s when we don’t show them very much because when we film More often than not they’re asleep, and it’s just mean like in the poor things up I think it’s because they’re normally in the same room with us Yeah, so when we run away to films they’re like oh, I can sleep now! Yeah,they can get peace of quiet when we’re not in there Oh look that that big BEAUTIFUL eye! I’m torn between during the text in white or in black, but I guess it looked best in Black lettering, I think don’t think so I’ve always thought you’re really good at lettering that’s something that I really struggle with Nooo. I don’t think so but you used to do like cute little calligraphy things *Scoff* I tried to do them a long time ago If I get a little bit of information, if you didn’t know about me, oh Do we have a brown posca pen? Have we talked about- Oh no it was Beige wasn’t it. Yes There is a brown there you go
because the nuggets that our pigs eat are brown Now, this could look really risky and it could be surrounded by poo But I promise you, its food nuggets guinea pig poops anomaly black,
and they’re like banana shaped Guinea pig poos are so interesting talking about Po an awful lot lately I’m sorry Yeah, you were telling us about elephant poo and wombat poo the other week. And my dream that an elephant did a big square poo and everyone just had a great time But these are food nuggets guys. I just need you to use your imagination. This is just a little bit Oh, and if you’re looking for a veggie update, this is how my veggies looking I took your advice to make a wet bell pepper That’s how you know it’s moist and ready to be eaten I’m still just trying to pack it full of vegetables, but I’m running out of ideas for vegetables does your vegetable store have a name because brundle is not going to be impressed if you don’t have a store a name Um… I might write one on the back On the back!?
Yeah! Well the designs on the front and then my brand will be on the back. Oh, okay Oh you’re go for double-sided eh I don’t have a reference for a cucumber, but I know what cucumbers look like WHAT WILL I DO??? Think I can trust my memory of a cucumber
This is where you just draw cactus “Ah! Perfect” or a dog Oh that crunchy dog cucumber.
(Not something I thought I’d ever type) I think it’ll look good if I can just jam-pack lots of…
Different ones/Yummy Veggies This is what I’m working with the guys
Oh yours is so cute! I’m gonna put some cute nuggets in it and then I’ll show it to Brindle And he can be the judge as to whether it passes the pig test. I love how minimalistic your bag is Nom Nom nuggets, they’re 100 percent alright. Oh, yeah hundred percent alright! I never saw that! OoOoh! That looks fancy yeah, I’ve just started to pop out my bag. I didn’t realize that this bit I thought that was going to be like the underneath alright. Yes I know up here, but oh well sir. Look sir say hey, it’s a cool design choice. What is that? Yes, alright? Well, we’ve got seeing some for this veggies for hungry piggies ah oh It’s gone straight to my heart. It’s killing me Hey friend, Eliza. I think you oh, are you going to put some kind of vegetable inside it? they might do if I can find one that isn’t like wet because I don’t want to like make it all foggy and Almost peppers, okay, well I’ve actually Got some nuggets in here ready to go So let’s see if rentals awake, and we shall do the test. Can you get me a vegetable as well a dry vegetable? I’ll see whether we have any dry vegetables in the house Here he is. I have my furry son. Oh Now right? He’s a very big guinea pig. I promise he’s not a chinchilla He’s not some kind of preschool my loving. Oh dear. You shall Try I have lots of things to show you There’s many things oh It’s not what I’ve got. What do you got me? okay, so You know my little bike here. I’ve got a piece of yellow pepper to put in this back while he’s into it He is so into it, okay, Brindle. What do you think of veggies? Oh? Let’s see sips all out the bag. Hey Karen( so friggin cute) He says this gets negative reviews. Oh work it Brindle So what do you think of veggie bag? nice Very good He says he’s a fan of the things that are inside the bag and not necessarily the bag itself will he finds this one You might need to give him a minute guys. Yeah, very excited right now. Well that didn’t take long to eat that did it He’s on the side of you. Oh, okay. Do you like dumb dumb nuggets you want to try them amy right? That one’s done you need to review mine now What’s inside this bag? What you know then I think he’s found the nugget come on. He loves nugget Okay, try not put your head chewy all right. Thank you. There you go No, no, it’s it’s approved by Brindle When you push it around faster, he loves the bag right. Oh, you know. There’s some right by your face What’s all this? Look at odie your mouth in everywhere at you. Well. I think it’s also a big hit. I think he likes nuggets – Everyone’s a winner Brindle. Oh, thanks for muddling our stuff. I’m so glad you were awake Welcome to my nugget and vegetable hall. He’s doing a haul video Bernal Just like virtually eating his entire hole already Well, thank you brett. Oh, that’s very sweet of you. He said he’s not finishing my holes not over. There’s still food okay I think that’s holes. I’m over it all keeps looking like it did my food Where’s my all over already? How do you think we did we’ll post a mystery video somewhere up here for you guys to check out next and don’t forget to subscribe(caption creds to Lillian harrington) for more videos doodle Date right, bye

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