DermaSuction vs Visual Blackhead Remover: As Seen on TV vs. AMAZON

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DermaSuction vs Visual Blackhead Remover: As Seen on TV vs. AMAZON

so cleaning your face is part of a
regular everyday hygiene regimen right well there are companies out there that
say they can help you suck out your pores whether it be blackheads or acne
or maybe even just massage around your face today we’re going to be looking at
two different products one is the as-seen-on-tv derma suction by a company
named bulbhead we’re all familiar with bulb head the other one is called the
visual blackhead remover it looks kind of similar doesn’t it have a similar
design this one is an acid on Amazon product we’re gonna take a look at both
of them to see exactly what they do it I’m gonna let you know a little later
what the visual means on that visual blackhead remover this is Jeff with Jeff
reviews for you and my channel is dedicated to reviewing
mostly as seen on TV items I look at consumer gadgets other household items
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just like this one now let’s take a closer look at derma suction and the
visual blackhead remover so let’s talk about logistics this one like I said
before is an acid on TV product it’s derma suction it’s by bulbhead you can
find it at Walmart at Target you’re asking on TV products it runs on two
double-a batteries that are not included so you have four different head tops
okay so there’s an oval top there’s a small top a big top and then I think one
for like massaging it’s like a rubber tipped top so you have four total and
two settings either high or low well then technically there’s off but that
doesn’t really matter when I did notice right off the bat between the two is the
visual blackhead remover has like a base so I can set it down if I were to set
this one down it wouldn’t fall over so that’s something that’s noticeably
different right there now let’s go into the visual blackhead remover okay so
it’s a little smaller maybe a little sleeker let me tell you something I
really like about this product before you’ve been using it it’s rechargeable
bald head why don’t you use a charge while crawling this makes so much
more sense I don’t have to worry about double-a batteries I really like that
feature plus I do like the flat base all right so this one comes with three tips
now that’s one lesson that Seen on TV product I can’t give the box so I have
IBM tip I have a bigger tip I do have suction pads that I could put on those
tips and then I have an oval one this one right here it has I think four three
settings except for off so there’s I think soothe I think there’s normal and
I think they’re strong and it’s actually written right here in nice LED lighting
the visual part here this actually freaked me out a little bit I have
tested it just wanted to see what it looked like first but there is a little
tiny camera in there what and so you can look at your pores
up close and personal and guess what yep you guessed it you can record what it’s
doing and I’m gonna upload part of that in just a little while so it’s not for
the faint of heart if you do you’ve ever seen someone pours 10 times zoom up in
your face that’s gonna happen in just a second both of these products say you
need to first wash your face then make sure the product or the part you’re
gonna be I guess sucking out the pores part or whatever you need to make sure
it’s been warmed for about 3 to 5 minutes so I’m going to do that off
camera and then I’m gonna try both products I have my little my foldaway
mirror right here that I’m gonna help me use and then at the end I’m gonna give
you a buy or deny which one I’d recommend now there is a price
difference between the two and we’ll talk about that a little later let me go
make sure my face is washed up and my nose because that’s what I’m be using is
nice and warm so the pores are opened alright so are you ready for this now
I’ve never used a product like this before so what I’m gonna do is I’m going
to use a lower setting and a smaller tip so I asked you to recommend if you go
click up I can hear that it’s on they say try it against your skin
if it pulls well it’s not really pulling very much and see a higher setting now
that that creates a suction there okay so maybe this one I’ll try a little
higher setting it doesn’t feel like it’s a very strong suction power what they do
say however is don’t sit in one spot move it around okay so you just
constantly moving I do note that this one talks about you can use it all over
your face where the direction of the visual blackhead remover mainly talked
about your nose now I don’t know if that means you can’t use that other spots I
just know that so the directions that might turn the light on right here on
this my fold away mirror and let’s try this out I do know this says it is
actually hard to move once it’s stuck to my nose so I guess the suction does work
a little I don’t really see that it’s doing anything yeah I can’t tell right again it
definitely is suctioning to my nose but it says moving around moving around no
no no I’ll have to look to see if I see anything I guess it’s supposed to suck
out stuff out of your pores let’s try the other one and once I’m done with
this one I’ll link a video of what it looks like I have the same oval I’m
going to turn it on turn on now this one argues that you have to fully charge it
took about two hours that’s a suit let’s do normal oh wow
yeah you could already tell that’s more powerful so be careful not to leave it
in one place of directions do say if it gets tough in one place it could bruise
in a circle no one wants that so be ready to move it around I have the oval
tip on just like I have that one alright let’s roll to move well I think that
it’s a kind of a good option is to start up and pull down it tells you to try to
move it around as much as you can alright it looks like my nose turning
red there hmm I’m not sure I think that normal is
actually too hard for me tips it seems me getting stuck to my skin now let’s
try down soon well that is very weird I’ll have to see
what the video shows but that was me just trying both of these two products
in the head-to-head let’s continue on with this review I would love to hear
from you do you use one of these products as part of your beauty regimen
is this something that we even need let me know down a comment section below
what your thoughts are I’d love to hear them
let me know down the comment section below let’s talk about how to connect
the visual blackhead remover to your phone so this is a Wi-Fi enabled device
so first you have to turn your Wi-Fi on and if you’re connected to a Wi-Fi you
have to disconnect you’re gonna see something call pop up it’s like udu –
beauty and a bunch of numbers and that just talks about the serial number
attached to your device and so then you’re gonna have to connect to it there
is an app you have to download as well and so in the directions there’s a QR
code you shine your camera download the app once you’ve connected to this via
Wi-Fi you open the app and it says connect and you click check and you just
go right on into the program you have the option to record and take pictures
and just glance around it’s real neat when it does hook up little lights
around here so where the camera is light up so it’s really really neat the camera
or the video footage that you can take there’s no sound and so it’s just you
looking through the lens I’m going to show you that in just a second and so if
you don’t want to see that it’s about twenty seconds long
it looks like who’s being dragged out of caves so if you don’t see it just
fast-forward until just past it but here let’s go into what the actual visual
blackhead remover looks like on their camera so I know this is gross but it’s
really neat too you’re recording here pulling the goo or the dirt out of your
pores so you actually know that this product is working even though it’s
gross it still is pretty cool yeah was gross no one should see that it
looked like a scary movie I’m just kidding so let’s talk a little bit about
the two products ok so I have the as seen on TV bulbhead derma suction and
the visual blackhead remover a few months ago one of my subscribers asked
me to review this product and to be honest with you I didn’t really want to
it’s not something I would use actually I don’t use a product like that so it’s
like yeah I don’t really want to do that but then in the mail recently I got this
product sent to me by a retailer on Amazon so I figured why not I’ll compare
the two I like to compare as-seen-on-tv to Amazon products so let’s talk a
little bit about it one I said this had two settings low and high what really
only has one because the low didn’t do anything and that was well that just
stunk I didn’t care for that part this one has three settings but I only really
liked the low setting for me the upper two settings were were kind of a lot so
that’s something that you need to know let’s talk price right asking on TV
derma suction $19.99 so 20 bucks it sits in that price point like mostly as seen
on tv products the visual blackhead remover an Amazon product $59.99 or
sixty bucks three times as much as the other product now you might think to
yourself whoa three times as much that’s just ridiculous I don’t think I would
like that all yeah I understand that but to be honest with you this one actually
worked this one not so much I looked to see if anything came out and I I didn’t
nothing actually happened okay at least for me this one I definitely you could
see that video there’s evidence so I like the other features on here the flat
base the rechargeable battery it just makes sense so this is something that
you use I would definitely lean towards this product the camera is just a little
bonus so you can see what’s going on I thought at first why would you want to
see that when I thought well maybe a makeup on maybe have some money but you
want to just check it out and this gives you that opportunity so if I were to say
a buy or deny I would say deny on the dermis section it didn’t do anything now
if it was more powerful maybe if it had a rechargeable battery and it could pull
stuff I would recommend but it just didn’t work this one I would
say if this is what you like and this is what you need sure it’s fine it’s a
great product and it’s a high quality product anyway this is Jeff with Jeff
reviews for you as always thanks for stopping by I hope you have a great day
thanks for sticking around for my entire review video of the derma suction versus
the visual blackhead remover remember that video earlier where my nose and the
pores remember how that stuff came out well they recommend that you wash those
tips out right away and it makes sense right because it’s gross so just make
sure you do that now during this video as my lighting over here I have the
sensor bright 360 it’s the magnetic base light that I reviewed not too long ago
so I’m gonna do is I’m gonna link it right up here and I would love it if you
would click on this link it’s safe I promise I’ll see you over there


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