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Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel. For today’s
video you are in for such a treat. The other day I had to go away with work for 24 hours.
So in that time, Matt had all three boy by himself and he also vlogged his experience.
So today’s video is going to be Matt’s day with the boys. He will show everything he
gets up to. He even does some speed cleaning. It’s so good. So I really hope you enjoy this.
If you do, give it a big like and I will make him do more. And don’t forget to subscribe
as well. And, yes, enjoy Matt’s day. What’s going on in here? Jackson just found a match in doubles. Oh did he? Yeah he found two turtles. I’m trying to find one. I’m trying to find
a match again. Playing a bit of six a.m. doubles. Dad I want to cut the blonde off. You want to cut the blonde off? Yes. What of your picture. Yeah. What the blonde hair? Yeah my blonde hair. Why? What color is your hair? Um, black. Black is it. Talking of hair what are we going
to do today? Look at my picture. Get you a little hair cut. Look at my picture. Look at your picture. Right I’m going to give this tap to make a
bit of a try. See if it works. I think I better call Emily. Em, Em, how do you do this tap to make? Right
hand yeah. Okay, I’ll give it a go. I like it. Sorry, Emily who? It is twenty past eight and what is Jackson
doing Kaleb? Eating a sandwich. He found his lunch is his bag, even though
he’s had breakfast. But he probably won’t eat for the rest of the day. Where are we going? To the [inaudible 00:03:34] So softly. We’re going to drop the boys at
school aren’t we. Yeah? Where are we going to go? Well we might get a hair cut we might go see
Grandad, go to the soft play, go to the farm shop. Yeah we’ve got some bits to do. Bye Daddy. Love you mate have a good day. Do you want to have hair cut? No. You say this and then you get up there and
you’re so good, you sit perfect. No. Okay, should we go to the library and get
some books? That’s my hair daddy. Is that your hair on the floor? Yeah. Who’s had a haircut? Me. Yeah, you’re happy now? Yeah. Is it because you didn’t like your hair before?
Now you’ve got a nice new haircut. Oh, who’s on your jumper? Huh, Spider man. Spider man agh! Where are we Jackson? Ug. Jackson is in a lovely mood. We’re just going
to Nick’s to return mommy’s orders that she never returns. Bit of a bug bit for me isn’t
it Emily? [inaudible 00:05:42] mommy. Oh sorry, Emily. Should we go Jackson and
we’re going to get Grandad aren’t we? Mommy. Yeah, Jackson loves being around me. Feel
the love. Don’t you be going to sleep mister. We dropped
that nap didn’t we, no sleeping, promise? Oi. I said no sleeping! Never. Jackson what do you want to get? Makeup for my mommy. Makeup for your mommy. Yeah. Okay what makeup does she need? Red. Bread, oh red. Red makeup, oh lovely. Should
we go and choose her some? Yes. Okay. [inaudible 00:06:22]. We ate there at your birthday. Yeah. Yeah. I go have my birthday. I go [inaudible 00:06:25]
eat cake. You got [inaudible 00:06:30]. And I eat it all. You did come here for your birthday didn’t
you. Everyone can come to my birthday tomorrow. Tomorrow everyone come for your birth… who’s
birthday is it today? Grandad’s. Grandad’s. He looks good for a 107 doesn’t
he. [inaudible 00:06:50] All right don’t hit me. The ocean. This is the ocean. What’s in there? Where are you? Look it’s up here Jack. Looks it’s up there. See it Jack. Look. Can we see a [inaudible 00:08:09] Oh look. What’s that face? [inaudible 00:08:13]. Oh. Oh looks he’s over those where’s he going? He’s eating water. Got to get some water. From the kingdom. You love the peacock from the kingdom? There
they are. Oh look a chicken is coming over as well look. Hello. Hello. It’s okay. Jackson did you have fun at the farm? Yeah. Yeah. What animals. Did you see? All of them. All of them. What was your favorite? Sheep. Sheep. I want to see them daddy. Well we’re going to go to the farm shop now,
the other one near us and get some food, some vegetables. Home. Yeah and then we’ll go home. No. Mommy. I need to eat. Mommy. Mommy looks a bit worse
for wear. She’s aged a bit. That’s not mommy. Yeah the secrets out. Not your Mommy. He’s not my dad. It’s my dad. What? What? That’s my dad, that’s your dad! That’s my dad, that’s right. Who’s your dad? Um, Mathew. Mathew yeah, that’s me. Are you going to have
children Jackson? Nope. Nope. Nope. He took my advice. Some cherries for my mummy. I want to get
cherries for my mummy. You want to get cherries for your mummy? Yeah. Fingerellas okay, where’s the fingerellas? Where’s the fingerellas, more importantly,
where’s the fingerellas? After Christmas. I’m hungry too. [inaudible 00:10:28] That’s my momma. Oh no. That’s momma’s. Jackson is just watching his favorite show
the Beat Bugs. So I’m going to check my messages from all my fans on Instagram. Done. [inaudible 00:11:04] bug. Huh? [inaudible 00:11:09] bug. One thing I would say to all those dads out
there, when babysitting your children- I’m joking we don’t babysit them, is don’t moan
about it. And when your missus asks you, how’d you get on? Just say that it was easy, even
if it wasn’t. Because then they can’t throw it back in your face when they’re struggling
with the kids because it’s actually really hard. Time for a bit of coloring Jackson? No. No. Yes. Yeah what are you drawing. Do do do do da da. Do do do do da da. You’re so good at coloring
aren’t you. What’s your favorite thing to draw? A window. A window? Is that- Breaks. A window breaks is that what you’re drawing? This is [inaudible 00:12:07]. Is what, sorry? A boomerang. It’s a boomerang. Oh it smashes the window? Yeah. Like in Peppa Pig? Yeah. Oh. Who’s going to throw the boomerang? Me. You are? I love boomerangs. You love boomerangs. I never knew that. I
learned that today. Should we put a
flake in it. Nah. Chocolate like that. Not choc- Chocolate [inaudible 00:12:40]. Yeah. Draw a face in it as well? Yeah. Go on then. What colors are you going to do
it? Heart, a red heart. A red heart. Who likes red hearts? Me. Who else? Mummy. Mummy. Do you love Mummy? Yes. Yeah is she your best friend? And Daddy. Awe. That’s rare. All right what were you going to cut up Jackson,
are you making a snack? A banana. A banana. So, let’s move those. And I’ll just
cut that, cut one bit off first. We’re back in the car. We’re going to get
the boys from Karate. Jackson has got a phone in the back just to keep him awake because
it’s like 4:15. We do not need a danger nap! Dinner is done. I marinated it last night.
It’s been in the slow cooker for eight hours today. Not really I got Chicken Goujons. I’m
going to get the boys. Are you all right Ca- Jackson? What’s your name? Jackson are you
awake? Ugh. What are you playing? He’s tired. Another three hours to go. Got the boys from Karate. Did you have fun? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, what did you do? We did Karate. Oh right what do you do there. Karate. Karate all right. Do they teach you anything
there? Karate. Okay. You went- We went to the book [inaudible 00:14:39]. We went to where? To the book thing. The library? Yeah the library. Yeah you didn’t really love it there did you? Right we’re going to go home, feed you, I’ve
got some homemade Chicken Goujons. And then I’ve got football. Then you, well first of all we need to do
some homework. Oh, yeah I’m going to, I’ve got to read. Can I make cookies? Yeah that sounds like a good idea. What are you eating? [inaudible 00:15:11]
Chicken Goujons, what have you got Jackson? Boomerang. Chicken boomerangs. Oh I see the look there. Boys it’s bath time. I’m going to win then. [inaudible 00:17:12] Daddy. You tired? Yeah I’m really tired. Okay I’m going to go to bed on my own and
have a bath on my own yeah. You guys stay down here. No. I’m going to win. I’m coming. I’m going to win. I’m going to win. [inaudible 00:17:57] leave me. I won’t leave you, let’s go. Go like this aghhhhhh. Aghhhh. This is fun. I’m doing a bird. You’re doing a bird. Doing a bird guys. Caw, caw. Can you do a bird. Oh, it’s a big spider agh. Agh. Are you tired by any chance? I want the [inaudible 00:18:58]. You want to what? I want a picture [inaudible 00:19:04]. Okay, you want me to read to you. “At night they would wish each other sweet
dreams”. Who do you wish sweet dreams? Nice sweet dreams. Nice sweet dreams awe. I’m not sure but I think we’ve got a bit of
fake laughing going on. “And when it comes to going for a drive there
are two rules, rule one Daddy always looks like he knows what he’s doing.” Funny isn’t it. “Rule two, that dad never admits that he might
be a bit lost.” That’s my daddy, daddy. That’s your daddy. What’s different though? Brown. Brown hair. Yeah. Must be the print. Say night night world. Night night world. Night night world yeah. Night night. See you in the morning. Night night Mummy. Say see you in the morning. [inaudible 00:20:09]. So Kaleb now. What are you doing KK? Spelling. Little spelling practice. So good at it aren’t
you. Yeah we do some spellings and some reading. And it’ll be two down hopefully. Kaleb is down. Big boy now. You’ve done your
reading haven’t you? Maybe we do some spellings? Oh yeah. Yeah. Then I’m going to do some laundry, get
the school bags ready, get the uniforms ready. What club have you got tomorrow basketball?
Basketball kit ready for tomorrow. Then I’m going to do some work. So I’m going to leave
you there. Please don’t like this video too much or Emily will make me do it again. Say
bye Fraiser. Bye. See you, bye guys.


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