Dark Waters | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 98


  • HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing
    1:35 Ashley is the perfect warlock
    4:00 We love you Nashville (cfmt.org)
    4:45 Laura’s merch corner
    7:00 Intro cinematic
    8:35 Episode Starts
    10:30 Recap Ends
    11:45 Finishing the conversation with Essik
    20:40 M9 is very careful
    26:35 Caduceus spouts deep wisdom
    29:30 Veth speaks for Yeza
    31:00 Motivations matter
    32:05 Scene transition (the hat was a joke)
    35:20 Where’s the hat?
    37:00 Fjord and Jester
    40:10 Picking up take out message
    41:15 Fjord asks out Jester
    42:30 Disposing of Essik’s body
    44:15 Messaging Essik
    46:15 Air squats
    48:50 Frackas
    49:40 A spell that preserves a dead body? Doubt they’ll ever need that
    51:00 Widogast’s branding
    51:55 Demonstration
    53:20 Spread the love
    55:20 Caleb’s tinkering
    59:25 Fjord’s reminiscing
    1:01:45 Jester’s tarot
    1:02:55 Yasha’s self-care
    1:05:40 Caduceus’s grocery run
    1:10:05 Sheera Bobsnopper and her trinkets
    1:16:15 Caduceus reveals the secret of the hair
    1:18:20 Beau’s camping trip
    1:20:30 Veth and Yeza
    1:25:30 House Hunters Exandria
    1:27:30 More than a story
    1:28:55 Cunning action quickie
    1:30:15 Travis studies up
    1:30:50 Break Starts
    1:44:55 Art Montage
    1:57:45 Break Ends
    1:59:40 Young Beau
    2:02:30 Testing the fan
    2:04:55 Seagulls are all rude
    2:05:15 Beau pose
    2:07:10 Secret bomb
    2:10:30 Picking the lock
    2:16:00 Inventing glitter
    2:17:25 Sprinkle is doing great
    2:19:15 Beau and Yasha and Jester
    2:23:35 Yasha is commando, canon (eating dirt)
    2:30:25 Different strokes
    2:34:10 Caleb and Fjord
    2:43:55 Sinking the ship
    2:45:35 Sailor voice
    2:50:00 A dream in thunder
    2:57:30 A nightmare of storm
    3:00:20 A rude awakening
    3:01:35 An unexpected map
    3:06:05 Battle begins
    3:17:05 Who battened these hatches?
    3:29:50 Historical accuracy
    3:46:35 Matt’s crown
    4:05:35 Orly down
    4:09:50 Beau negs Marius into missing
    4:12:00 Woodchipper finishing move
    4:14:00 Hammock fighting
    4:17:55 Fjord falls
    4:33:20 Caduceus saves the day (for now)
    4:39:10 Fjord down again
    4:43:30 Fjord dies
    4:45:40 D&D Beyond is brutal
    4:47:10 Orly dies
    4:52:05 Brenatto’s crossbow
    4:57:35 Clutch counterspell
    5:00:20 The ball was inside you all along
    5:00:40 HDYWTDT
    5:04:30 Widogast's Melf's Acid Arrow
    5:06:20 Postgame
    5:08:10 Episode Ends
    The in-game start date for the episode was the 30th of Thunsheer 836. Sam’s flask has a picture of Veth in a leprechaun hat and beard.
    Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

  • Listen I know there are no writers on the show but WOW a lot of Fjord centric "scenes" and then THAT! You could not have planned better fjordshadowing

  • Was watching the anime "Hellsing" couple of days back, guess who I saw in the credits…. Well it is the sort of project he would do 😀

  • 3:55:00 a guy is APPLE-D, never thaught a cam angle would make something as little as obscuring a couple of letters as funny as it did

  • I'm sure it's already been said. But Dammit Beau, it's "Red skies at night sailors delight, Red Skies at morning , Sailors take warning.."
    Where did you get grey from.

  • So how come when Fjord wakes up he has no armour on but when everyone else wakes up they have their armour on?

  • Small underrated moment of this episode is about 45:20 when Jester pretends Essek desperately wants to kiss Caleb and Caleb is like "that checks out"

  • ….. every time I see Beth interact with her family, I can’t do otherwise but imagine how M9 would carry her body (or not even that) to the boy and having to explain that mom is never coming back

  • You guys have a lot of party awareness and subconscious foresight. Because it's really eerie for how things turned out at the end of this episode after such a talk between Caleb and Fjord at around 2:30:00. Lmao no wonder people insinuate this is scripted, when it's obviously not. But yeah, this was fantastic! Awesome episode guys! 😀

  • So weird imagining these monster making a beeline for all the unconscious people and ignoring everyone who is still a threat.

  • There are a lot of poems about great hero’s sacrificing themselves for a better future……
    Don’t become a poem, I want my wife

    Sheesh Mercer…..

  • I wonder if Travis is planning on going with Oath of Redemption. So far I've been convinced that he was going to go with the Oath of the Ancients, but now I'm not sure.

  • If what happened in this match is DM revenge for the whole Dust of Deliciousness thing or something, I am going to be so pissed at you, Matt Mercer….
    I highly doubt that's the case, but if it is………. ooooh…..

  • Always a good sign when the related videos sidebar includes C2 E26 "Found & Lost," along with its Talks Machina episode.

  • One has to admire that even though this is a long episode, Matt sticks with his plan to keep sending in creatures so it isn't too easy for them.

  • "Sometimes i just thing i should just die for every person that ive killed" YAAASHA BABY NOOOO omg you're killing me ashley

  • I think the fact that both clerics are at the table and can use Revivify is one of the few things keeping people from absolutely turning full-on infuriated rage monsters and vowing to slaughter Matt….. like holy shit, there's still a chance.

    Yeah, I get pissed at him too for making the choices, but that's me living in the moment. I hope he doesn't get too much flak from other fans…

    [still glares]

  • When Veth is talking to Yeza about coming back I had a GoT/TWD moment of, "Oh no, Veth is done for!" Haha but this isn't scripted… it's not. …..

  • I love being able to come into work on a Tuesday morning and have this waiting for me. Makes my Tuesday's so much brighter.

  • Fun fact: The show starts streaming at 11:30pm where I live, so I usually don't catch it or the rebroadcast. Decided to subscribe to twitch so I could jump in whenever and avoid spoilers over the weekend. I started watching at work, just in the background but it got to Fjord and Caleb's talk when I decided "Nah, I need to be able to watch and focus, I'll finish it later"
    Another excellent episode, start to finish. Travis continues to completely blow me away.

  • I feel like the fact that Artagan is in fact NOT stuck behind the divine gate as an actual god would, kinda breaks the story in a way. Like on one hand, he wants Jester to prove herself and therefore will not help her with everything, on the other… he can in theory make an appearance if she's ever in truly lethal trouble and just wreck whoever she's up against, as surely he doesn't want her to die.

    I'm not sure, it just seems like if you mess with Jester you're also messing with an arch-fey that can very much appear at a whim and fuck you up.

    Though I don't think Matt would actually have Artagan do this against the big baddies because it would kinda ruin the challenge of the game, but from a narrative standpoint I feel like there's nothing really holding him back which to some degree ruins a bit of the immersion, but that's just me.

  • Can we talk for a minute about how Critical Role are using Amazon Prime Video to market the animated series, and Amazon are an intensely unethical company? I mean, I realise artists and creators don't have too much choice in this day and age, but surely they could at least provide an alternative and / or talk about the problems with Amazon?

  • The irony of Marisha complaining about being stunned hahaha

    that's also 2 fights in a row that an enemy has been made immune to stun by Matt. I think he's pretty sick of his baddies getting stunned guys lol.

  • my theory? that fish thing that has attacked fjord in his sleep is avantika in her new form, sort of like oban the punished. more like avantika the blessed

  • Whatever happened to those Harpies that Caduceus put into barrels and began moss decomposing? They should be ready for some good tea by now

  • Can someone please explain Travis what a Disengage action is before he tosses himself off the ship… 😛

  • I dont mean to be that guy but Fjord couldnt have done his cool thing, the curse is a bonus action, far step is a bonus, and eldritch blast is an action. Mechanically he would have either cursed and fallen flat on his face or fallen and teleported.

  • Love the show, but it drives me up the wall that Bo and others keep saying the Traveler isn't responsible for Jester's powers; clerics (and/or warlocks) are 100% dependent on their patron for spells. Jester, while delightful, is in no way a god.

  • c´mon let Matt have some fun to……. but no good game and love you guys… love every episode. still waiting for that CyberPunk OneShot with Sam Regal ^^

  • Tbh technically, if the Balleater were a typical pirate ship, it would be one of the faster ships in the armada – pirate ships were small and lightly-armed because it was better for them to be fast and maneuverable so it could outdo any ship coming after it, and then military navy ships of course were generally slower because they'd be carrying all the cannons they could.

  • You have to declare targets that Spirit Guardians does not affect from those creatures that you can see, when the spell is cast. So moving upstairs to have Fjord in the range would mean that Duce was just constantly nuking down Fjord with his beetles of death.

  • Caduceus is the highest wisdom character I've ever seen. I could play with a monk or something and still be wondering who has the best insights.

  • Wait a minute… "All caught up in the revelry, soon I will be free… The canvas can work miracles. Just you wait and see…"
    Is the Gentleman the protagonist of "Sailing" by Christopher Cross?

  • 2:02:55 The Albatross; "'Twas right, said they, such birds to slay, That bring the fog and mist." ~ Rime of the Ancient Mariner

  • Everyone just chill the fuck out!

    Matt you did nothing wrong I loved the encounter and was on the edge of my seat the whole time! Well technicly not on a seat I was standing and working and just listened. But had to stop at times because it was so exciting. at one point i wanted Fjord to die (sorry Travis) because that would have been such a great oportunity for drama and charakter development. In books im always in favor of killing of important charakters because of the oportunities it represents.

    It was just foolish of the Mighty Nein not to expect anything after they set foot on the balleater, the ship they used for the Ukotoa questline. We're talking about and godlike demonic entity that is powerfull enough to grant mortals powers of their own. It would have been laughebly easy for Ukotoa to find another Puppet, to promise it power and wealth, then show him a vision of Fjord. Fjord getting the first Orb, the second Orb, betraying Avantica, destroying the first seal, the second one then running from his duty and worst of all throw the sword into the lava. Then in his way tell his new Puppet "Kill" while showing him these, and "Bring" him the Orbs aka Fjords Corps.

    i would have done it the same way. Story encounters, important encounters and encounters related to a charakters Backstory should be hard and exciting. Otherwise why bother?

    again im completly behind Matt in this and applaude this encounter, it was a masterpiece.

    (and to all the rules stickler out there, get a life its just a game, im using about 25 Homerules! Who cares!)

  • Is it just me or does it feel like forjd is a punching bag hes been down so much and it kinda see like Matt focuses on him, not allowing him to show off what a warlock can do.

  • Is Beau being protective or possessive of Jester, when it comes to the Traveler?
    Or is she jumping that line like it’s her early morning calisthenics. What do you think?

  • hey so is anyone going to talk about orly??? they can revivify fjord and if he's willing to come back then he can, but do you think they'll go all that way for orly? no! i love fjord alot but im crying for orly too!

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