DaniLeigh Takes You Thrift Shopping | Take Me With You

Updated : Oct 11, 2019 in Articles

DaniLeigh Takes You Thrift Shopping | Take Me With You

– What’s up guys, it’s
DaniLeigh. About to go thrift shopping, one of my favorite
things to do. Let’s go. – Hey! – Hey, what’s going on? – How are you? – Nice to meet you! – Nice to meet you, too. – Thank you for coming. I don’t
really thrift shop so like, I need some tips and tricks from
you. – I gotchu. – On what I can do. – All right, so first thing I
always look for is like, colors and patterns. – So when do you think style
became like really important to you? Like, when you were
younger, were you wearing like the newest and the hottest? Or- – When I was like in high
school, when I was like 14, I was into sneakers, so I’d always
have like my AirMaxes and like my Jordans and Nikes but it
wasn’t- it wasn’t like that though. [Laughing]. Like, I would wear like a
regular plain T-shirt with like shorts and then call it a day. – I know that your fans
sometimes compare you, like, a modern day Aaliyah. – Yeah. – Do you agree with that or is
there other inspiration that you get? – Definitely. I think she’s one
of my biggest inspirations but like, Aaliyah, she always had
like the big, oversized [clothes]. That’s what I think
she was known for and I definitely love that vibe. I
love, like, being comfortable. But still looking fly. And I
always like looking different in a room. My style is very like ’90s.
This is dope. – Yeah, that’s really cool. – Yeah. – This is cool. – That’s fire. I really like
that. This jacket is kind of crazy, too. Oooh, track pants. Oooh Adidas.
Haha. – Yes! The best. I could see you
wearing like a crop top or something with that. – Yeah. – Yeah. – My hand’s getting tired. You
wanna just try this stuff on? – Yes. Let’s go. – Let’s see what it looks like. – Cool. – Yaaaas, honey. – I love it! – Okaaaay. – Do a little spin. I feel like
it deserves it. I love that jacket. – Thank you. I love this cardigan. – Thanks! – I’m definitely getting this.
This right here- – Yeah. – I gotta get this. – I think this is my look, too. -Yeah, we look fire. We should
just leave like this. – Right? – [Laughing]. -Oh my gosh. I love that. – I love this, too. – I think that’s fire. I think
this is not so fire. -This is usable. – Yeah. – I don’t think I like the
pants. – The pants are a little too
much. – Too much color going on. – Yeah. – This is like the outfit I
would buy, like, this really gives me like an old school
vibe. – And the sneakers with it. – And the Jordan Ones, it’s like
my favorite. – It looks so comfortable. Good. [Gasping] I love it! – Thank you. I love this, too. – Thanks, I feel like I’m about
to run a board meeting or something. – This is like my- this is like
my typical like Dani type of like girly look. So where we
going tonight, girl. We all dressed up, we gotta go get some
men or something! – I know, right. Cool. I think we got the right
pieces today. – We did good. I got some great
pieces. You did, too. – I know, I’m so excited. – Me, too. – All right, let’s go. – All right, let’s go.


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