Cushion for car seat back support


  • I bought a 2013 CR-V and developed severe sciatica a few months later. Your video looks like it may be the answer. Is there a commercial product available which will do the job of the multi-piece cushioning that you suggest?

  • Nice input fellas! I'm a post l4-l5 fusion patient and find it nearly impossible to get comfortable in almost any car (especially on long drives). I agree with your observation of a "hole" that kinda pulls you into it. I personally have a Chevy Colorado pickup which is a great height for getting yourself into the vehicle, but the seats are sub-standard to say the least. I have a lumbar support for my lower back, but I think the main problem is that most car seats are just too darned soft, and softs seats are a no-no for most folks with a bad back. It's the main reason I always opt for a table at a restaurant as opposed to a booth which also has a soft seat and "hole". It looks like your foam also creates the extra firmness most lumbar patients would prefer. Can you tell me where you got the foam you use? Thanks and best regards.

  • This is truly what I did but i want to know where do i get that seat? i NEED HELP RIGHT NOW,I even went and brought  a  new car seat and its still bothers me

  • Hello Brad, i am tring to do what you did in your crv to get comfortable. I got a 2014 rav4 with the same issue. My question is what thickness is the hunting seat cushion as they come in different thicknesses. I see them on ebay from 3/4 in. to 2 in. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the info Bob. I was hoping that he found a way to be comfortable without any aids. It is hard to believe that the car company's such as Honda and Toyota have only two people who find there drivers seat uncomfortable. I say that because i never see any complaints about comfort in the driver's seat of either of these suv's. And we know they sell thousands of them around the world. To me adding pads and cushions cheap down the brand new car. But maybe that's just me. Thanks again for your input…………….

  • What are the pad dimensions….length and width of the pad surface…..    understand the 3/4" foam depth…maybe House of Foam in Palo Alto could supply this if we could give them accurate dimensions.

  • I finally figured this out after two yrs, of driving my 12 ford fusion. Awe! these seats are too low these days! However, my lower back has suffered. The pain has radiated to other areas too. Since I added a foam wedge to my lumbar area, it has been great. I actually took one of those wedges from WAl-Mart and tore it in half.

  • i suffered a lot of back pain when i drove my car for a whole day.. as i got off.. i saw the hole on seat you were just talking about.. i thought i shud fix that hole or saggy area.. i wasn't sure if that hole on seat was the culprit until now. thanks for u r advice

  • Concerning the foam wedges, you say it's 3/4" thick and 8" long. How wide is each one? It looks like 4-5 inches wide…and you use two of them to make it about 10" from back to front. Is that right?

  • This is exactly what I was looking for. The exact same problem for me. Especially when by lumbar has less than normal curvature. I figured it out myself and you guys validated it. Solving it by placing a memory foam neck support pillow in lieu of the exact foam product to support lumbar and fill the void the car seat offers. Thank you very very much for the video.

  • I suspect this tend in seat design is to prevent your hips from sliding under the seat belt. On my car, the passenger seat is actually comfortable and has an airbag inside to lift the front, but there's probably not enough clearance on the driver side under the steering column for an in-seat airbag.

    The only problem with this theory is the electrically adjustable chairs usually let you adjust the tilt so it must not be very important even if it is done for safety, it might just earn some extra points in the NCAP seat belt test having it in the base model.

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