Cost of Living in Mexico: Grocery Shopping + Prices (Digital Nomad Family in San Miguel de Allende)

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Cost of Living in Mexico: Grocery Shopping + Prices (Digital Nomad Family in San Miguel de Allende)

hey guys! okay so today we are going to
the big grocery store La Comer, but first we stopped to fuel up and get some
breakfast. We are at El Rinconcito, it’s this cute little restaurant and a crazy
small world thing is that the owner of this restaurant actually lived in
Charlotte for like ten years which is where we just left so that was
really really wild. I have ordered the enmoladas, my first time having it so
I’ve no idea what to expect Jesse got an omelette and Harper got
some scrambled eggs and a chocolate milk Jesse: yummy eggs for you. Pretty good? She likes them, yay! looks like there’s chicken
inside and it’s like an enchilada with mole sauce Jesse: I want a bite, can I stop filming? I want a bite! let’s see how your omelette is Erin: it’s good? Jesse: mmmm. Erin: oh boy!
so Jesse’s meal is this beautiful omelette and beans and yours cost forty
five pesos, which is just a little over two dollars Okay so my plate of food was 60 pesos, which is three dollars we found some puppies! Oh puppies! guys we just walked past these two puppies for adoption and I want one so bad! I’m having a real problem here I want Carlotta and I want that yellow
dog and I want that black and white dog I want all of them All right guys we’re in the grocery store,
this is the big big supermarket in our area so we don’t shop here very often.
it’s pricier than just shopping in the market but we do a trip every now and
then to stock on– stock up on some things and they’re having a bunch of sales
today so let’s see we can find Before I had kids I was very judgy about the lengths to which people would go to get their children to eat. I’m just gonna
admit that right now. I was a very judgy non parent who had no frickin idea how
hard it was who get a human being to consume food. so I’ve come a long way. I
am now at the store buying dinosaur shaped pasta thinking perhaps I can make a spaghetti sauce with enough vegetables in it to provide some type of nutrition
for my child so yeah if you’re not a parent just know
that whatever you judge other people for you are going to get it back in spades Jesse: mega flan! mega flan! Erin: Look at this flan! Jesse: how much was that? Erin: this is 45 pesos, so what like two dollars and thirty cents? Jesse: something like that and it weighs a pound All right, we’re on the bus going home another reason that we tend to shop in
the markets is that they’re a lot closer to our place and uh, it’s a bit of a hike over here, and since we bought an obscene amount of groceries it’s going to be kind of fun getting them home without a car Phew! okay we made it home. it’s hot but we did it, we got this ridiculous load of groceries home and so I thought I would
let you know some of the prices. I’ve got our receipt here. They were having a big
sale so a lot of the things we got were um three for the price of two or that
kind of thing. all right this is everything that we got today so this is
all of Jesse’s stuff. you can tell the difference in our personalities in um
the things that we’re picking out, he’s getting the mac and cheese and I’m
getting the coconut water and Chia and the tofu. I don’t know what that says
about us, but but there you go. The tofu was 71 pesos, the milk sixty pesos, it
would have been a better deal to get the gallon
but our fridge can’t fit a gallon standing up so for convenience sake we
got the we got the half gallon. Jesse’s Strong bows are 17 pop so less than a
dollar. these cheeses were on sale they’re usually 40 pesos per cheese. They
were buy three for the price of two so three of them cost 80 pesos. The papaya
was 36.04, could have got that cheaper at market I’m sure. what is that? I think I just spent an obscene amount on the dates, ooh. there were 169. I
should have looked at the price before I got those. the Nutellas were on sale
buy one get one free for 59 so that was about three dollars for two. the peanut
butter was 69.80. the bread was 25 Starbucks drinks were 29 a piece but
they were also buy two get one free so it’s about 60 for 3. 5 avocados
we’re 59.60 so about $3 for all of those and they look really good. so yeah I
think that honestly if you are on a tight budget this is a video of
everything not to do because we bought all kinds of things that were organic or
more like things you might find in the States. buying the produce from the supermarket instead of one of the little markets in
your neighborhood, like all of those things are just like the wrong thing to
do if you’re on a budget but I wanted to give you kind of an idea of what a
fairly mindless shopping trip looks like you know back in the States we had to be
super mindful of every penny that we were spending especially in the year
leading up to moving here we were really on a tight budget so we watched
everything that we were spending and I was not going out buying organic coconut
water or organic medjool dates. so while we did try to eat healthfully, you know I
wasn’t buying any organic produce, none of that stuff. like we were we were really watching it so I just kind of wanted to give you an idea
of like if you go to the grocery store and you kind of just buy whatever and
you don’t really think about it and you just kind of get what you want this is
what you might spend. so I’m gonna get this stuff in the fridge and we got to
have some lunch


  • Even I was moving with the rhythm of the man's song c:
    I'm from Mexico, I live in Mexico but I still enjoy watching people from other countries living here and their experiences. I hope you and your family really enjoy your time here and even if you don't choose it at the end for your permanent residence, I hope you come back to visit! It's a big country with a lot to see. Have a nice day!

  • Please ignore the bad comments, those people don’t know what they are talking about, I am mexican and I tell you, stay and enjoy Mexico (mi casa es tu casa) 😀 you are welcome and will always be!

  • La Comer… Short for "La Comercial Mexicana"… when you said "La comer" it sounded like you said "the to eat", it means nothing but that's how it sounded… In order to sound "mexican" you said "La Cómer", notice the accent apostrophe on top of the letter "o", that's your strong syllable… CÓM-er

  • was that a soriana supermarket?if it was it is more expensive there than bodega aurrera .but you cant beat tianguis or local markets.peace.

  • Do the food products you buy in the store in Mexico have the nutritional information printed on them like products in the US do? Mark M.

  • Still a couple of years ago you used to get three times that amount of avocados for that same price. Damn avocados, they never went down on price again.

  • I accidentally spent $11 on a loaf of bread when we first moved here. It happens! Also, my husband LOVES those Strongbow ciders too!

  • Beautiful Super Market , and great public transportation . 'Su Casa' looks charming , HOW did you find your rental house ? and what is a common price range , for a long term rental ? Gracias Erin

  • I'm surprised to see that some of the prices are about the same or even more of what we pay in NYC. I lived in Mexico many years ago and as I recall, the prices used to be about a 5th or a 6th of US prices. Very cheap. I guess we didn't use to shop in the commercial stores, we always shopped in the 'mercados'. They have great food, excellent prices and most of all, very fresh produce. Being vegetarians was not a problem for us, the vegetables and fruits they have in Mexico are of excellent quality, far better than those we have in the States. Even then, most restaurants had vegetarian dishes on their menus, even though they were not listed as such. I guess San Miguel Allende is a tourist town, therefore they have 'tourist prices'. For Mexico, they seem a bit expensive. Maybe you should try the 'mercados' for your next grocery shopping spree, who knows, you might find it a lot cheaper. Good luck. Cheers

  • Hi Erin I am not very fan of Norteña Music but some songs are nice I like the Tex-Mex Norteña style,…I insist you should adopt a puppy those puppies looked very nice! Greetings from Canada!

  • Nice video, I love when your little girl dance in the breakfast….good people like you are very welcome in México, "mi casa es su casa"!..👍👍👏

  • In Corea and some others Countries the banas and papaya and some others Fruts are olny for Rich Peoplo cuz one Mango Cost $ 100 dlrs in Mexico all the People can eat that and much more deliciusas Fruts

  • aun bajarias mas el precio si buscaras otros productos en los mercados fijos o tianguis donde la fruta y la verdura es mas barata. y los quesos ir a los frescos, hay menor variedad pero tienen menos grasa. comprar naranja y hacerse el jugo exprimido. la leche en tetrapack y es mas económico. agregar a la dieta mas verduras.

  • I hope the are going well in my country Mexico, I wanted a lot of peace and blessings to you and you family. if one day will remember Mexico will be waiting with open arms. "my House is you House". greetings from Coahuila Mexico.

  • Love your Videos, I may have missed this but, how much is your apartment and how did you find it. Thanks so much

  • Tanx, you are special kind of gringo, cause live with us and speak well of Mexico, The uSa President speaks that mexicans are the worst people and want to put a big wall to stop inmigrants from Mex , greetings from northeast area of Mex,

  • Great video your guy's breakfast looked very good, but that guy with the accordion butchered that song 😅. Welcome to our country may your stay be awesome.

  • I enjoy watching all your videos! I need to go visit that place I live in Florida but when I go visit Mexico I go to Jalisco that’s where all my family lives and that’s the only place I pretty much visit lol

  • I hope you’ll consider sharing about your apartment….how you went about finding it, the renting process, and the cost of rent there. Also how utilities work, etc.
    We’d also like to hear about how well the internet is working and phones. All the tips and tricks!!

  • Saludos we live near chapel hill nc and we can’t wait to go back to San Miguel it’s a magical little town ,blessings to your family

  • What do you guys do for a living? Do you work in Mexico selling drugs? There is no way you can afford all that without a nice degree working in Mexico.

  • I commend you Erin, I know it's not easy to adjust and you're doing awesome. I myself learned the hard way like you did about shopping in supermarkets. I learned it was only convenient for non-perishable items, or things like tp, toothpaste, etc. I would love to go to the tanguis, and seeing what everyone had made to sell. Getting their tips on what to use certain items.

  • You are amazing
    “””””””””. BUT !!!!! “””””
    why you didn’t adapted those two beautiful puppies????

  • Most of the products purchased are for "American" tastes. You would save lots of money getting local Mexican products and shopping in mercados.

  • Hi!!! I am from Raleigh and have been living in the country of Mexico for 9 years. I live about 4 hours from San Miguel in the State of Queretaro but in the mountains .

  • I don't get it, so many people from all around the world wants to move to the US so badly and you're living in Mexico, Americans really love adventures.

  • Love San Miguel. My parents are from Dolores Hidalgo and I have a cousin who is a priest in San Miguel. I’m so glad you are enjoying yourselves. I’m trying my hardest to convince my husband to move to that part of Mexico.

  • I love you guys and all your videos. You are a young, beautiful family and can get away with dietary indiscretions for the present, but please pay attention (for your health) to your diets as the years roll by.
    If I’ve crossed the line forgive me and won’t ever mention it again. Commented only out of love and concern for your health and well being……god bless.

  • I was wondering ,back in the late 60's and early 70's water, and food was a great health concern. Example:: Cinco de Mayo in Ensinado,about 100 miles from US boarder. Hundreds of Gringos poured in for the boat races. The place where we ate there were two choices chicken or lobster on a spit, very good but a buddy and me walked into town and walked past that chow house. Lobster and chicken were still hanging from the spits, a real gastrol upset. We stopped on the way back to the trailer park and ate breakfast at a small restaurant and had ranchos (eggs) to die for. At 19 I could handle it at 65 I doubt it. The crux,is the food and water safe?

  • Hi, I recently subscribed to your channel and absolutely love what you're sharing. I haven't used
    you tube enough to know if or when you reply back to me. Do you have a Facebook page to follow. Please look me up because Id so appreciate your opinion on some near decisions I'm trying to make regarding moving to Mexico. Thanks again for your vlogs, they are truly inspiring.

  • I just bought a home in Rosarito. Having it remodeled. I was hoping that the work would get done sooner, but that’s not the case. Full bathroom demo and remodel took 6 weeks. Mexican workers in the US would run circles around the workers in Mexico. Other than that. It’s really nice out there. Sure things such as infrastructure are really bad, but the people are kind and not as rude as Americans

  • So funny. My husband and I are the same as you and your husband. I sneak chia seeds in his food. Yes he tries but every time he eats organic he is in the bathroom non-stop. He just can't do it.

  • @Erin – stop convincing me to move 🤣🤣🤣
    Old forge, NY , sometimes nutella is 2 for 6. . . .wtf.
    Seriously though, tired of being poor in the 'richest country' . . .

  • I’m from Monterrey, have ever been there? I recommend you go visit my hometown of Monterrey, u would love it I guarantee you, and thank you for loving my country, I live in Dallas TX

  • Not a parent. But I’ve made it my mission to get my nephew loving food. He loves Spanish rice with peas and corn and scrambled eggs with cheese and spinach. I learned from my mom to blend things in. Didn’t know till I was much older that my moms “Campbell soup” had fresh tomatoes, onion, garlic, and Italian parsley in it. She’d put star shaped soup pasta and I ate that up and cleaned the spoon.

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