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  • If Team Drives aren't linked to a user account, how is their storage limitation decided? Or do they have unlimited storage? hopeful

  • Does the super admin (G Suite for Education) have access to the team drive, even though they may not be a member of the team's drive?

  • I found out admins can not delete folders… In the case the owner of the team drive leaves the company, how can we manage to erase any unnecessary files?

  • it would be really useful for Superadmins to be able to deactivate Team Drives for selected organizational units (and not just until 1/1/2018)

  • The email collaborators feature seems to have disapeared, it would be great to be able to send a message to the team about specific files.

  • In the video, they mention domain admins can limit individual file permissions through the admin console. I've searched through all the team drive settings and have yet to find that option. Where is it? I've also looked in the individual file sharing settings and there are no arrows next to each user's permissions so they cannot be changed. What am I missing?

  • Can I add items from My Drive to a Team Drive? If so, do I still maintain ownership of that file? I am asking because sometimes staff members share an important item with others and then if they leave the organization, the file goes away. If they add the personal Drive item to a Team Drive, does that file stay with the owner or the team? I understand that better practice would be to create inside the team but I'm wondering about those items that have already been created in a personal Drive. Thanks!

  • Can you add existing files from a personal drive to a team drive easily? Do you need to copy existing files?

  • There needs to be another permission level so that users can move/delete files but are unable to change the membership of the team drive.

  • So the worlds largest search engine is run by people who remove permissions from those who eat their lunch!?

  • Ouch! That part at 4:16 hurts. MANY small business use the $5 month version, which USED to be called Google Apps for Business and has been demoted via name-change rigmarole to G Suite Basic. Team Drive DOES NOT WORK on Basic.

  • Hello, can I disable the creation of new team drives by users and only be able to create team drives by the administrator?

  • well, a nice product but no effective collaboration possible until now – btw don't apply to EAP when ur from germany ; ) no chance…

  • What's the difference between creating the team and sharing a folder ? Currently we have a shared folder at our campus where I upload helpful docs . Everyone else only has viewing privileges (this is how we want it). What would be the benefit to creating a team if I already have the shared folder?

  • I want to use our Team Drive as an overall viewing platform for my entire team. If someone outside our team shares a document, how can I save it within our team drive so that my entire team can view the document?

    Ex. a sheet is created that our entire team should be able to edit but it belongs to another department, and they want to keep the sheet in their departments team drive. How do I then have the sheet saved in my drive to edit and not just with me?

  • Several times when I try and add a member to a team drive, I get a error message saying I can't share to email addresses without a google account. This is going to limit who I can share my team drive with. Is there a solution to this?

  • Can we generate an Upload link with Team Drive? As a design agency, we request files from customers to be able start on their design project. Is it possible for us to send an email to a customer who we only want to upload a file but not see what is in that folder?

  • gfolderCopy can copy Google Drive folders. Team drives are supported.

  • Cute presentation.  Too bad.  This has got to be the most confusing implementation I have ever seen in over 30 years.  OMG.  What dope smoking beta test group did you run this through?  I'd like some.  I have been working on this for a week off and on and still do not have it working on my own machine much less deployed.  You must have a Microsoft mole who is directing this.  I pray it works better than their One Drive.  Love the name "Google File Drive Stream Turbo Action Drive"  Its longer.  Love the idea of "You can use one or both solutions but that is up to you and your Adminstrator"  WTF.   So far all of my Company files are now in My Drive and nothing in my Team Drives.  How do you get files into​ the Team

  • My 2 employees and I were excited to start using Team Drive when it launched last year to share common files that were in each others My Drive. Now we're looking to switch to Box or Dropbox for teams. It so hard to find a file now. Did I put in Team or My Drive? I thought I put it in Team, oops? Also, its frustrating that I can't save an attachment from gmail straight to the Team Drive. I can only save it to my drive, then open drive and move that file manually. Had high hopes and hoping comments are taken into consideration. Thank goodness I just found File Stream download, I can see My Drive and My Team drive on my desktop now. Makes its a little easier, but other problems still exist.

  • How will this work with non google files like, autocad, photoshop ect. Can I still just open and save like i do with google drive or will i need to download, work and then save and then re-upload the file?

  • I would like to be able to allow my team a direct link upload to turn stuff in to the drive . Any quick and easy way for this to happen?

  • I read it is not possible to share folders from a Team Drive, a feature that is essential for team working. Is this true?!topic/apps/NirpJ13VdJ4;context-place=topicsearchin/apps/unidad$20de$20equipo

  • I normally download a google drive to install in my Laptop and Let it sychro from my google cloud drive into my loptop. I am happy to work in locally in my laptop. However, recently my lap crushed I re-set up. I couldnot do the same thing it require G-Suit Account Something. This annoying you could help me out please?

  • I can't find the options you choose, cant configure team work, cant find a configuration menu to change folders or setup things, I think I'll stay with OneDrive it is very versatile to configure, google stream files is still in pampers.

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  • If I add a team member (e.g., independent consultant) that does not have G Suite will they be able to see the Team Drive folder in their GDrive or will they have to subscribe to G Suite before they can see the Team Drive folder? If the answer is they must buy G Suite to see the Team Drive folder but they do not, then where do they find the project? In the "Shared with Me" folder?

  • If I have created Team drive and I left the organization. will other members can see/manage the files?

  • Question: Can we sync the Team Drives to our computer folder like in My Drives to Backup and Sync Google Drive. We want to also access the Team Drives in our computer folder for easy access. Thank you.

  • It would be nice if this video was updated to reflect the name change from "Team Drives" to "Shared Drives"

  • Agreed. This should be available with standard GSuite standard. What about mapping a drive letter to a shared team drive? Users still relate a data storage area with associated drive letters. This is logic 101.

  • I didn't hear anywhere, what happens when you add members and change access to content manager or managers, and google doesn't allow you to because they don't have license, what does this even mean??

  • Why should I pay g suite to better control and protect my account when I share folders ? Really, google ? I'm very disappointed because this feature should be also available for basics owners. I had to sort manually over 500 folders I had shared over the last few years and I'm very frustrated that you don't implement this feature also for security purposes. Since you have been bought by alphabet, everything is turning paid and your philosophy to make the world accessible and more democratic is falling apart @google.

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