Coffee Shop Style Coffee at Home Recipe in Urdu Hindi|Cappuccino, Mocha & Latte|The Home Maker Baker

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Coffee Shop Style Coffee at Home Recipe in Urdu Hindi|Cappuccino, Mocha & Latte|The Home Maker Baker

People generally like coffee a lot Especially if it is Cappuccino, Mocha or Latte style coffee then it is very popular almost everywhere And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you today that without needing much ingredients, without any coffee machine how you can make Cappuccino, Mocha & Latte at home as per your liking Before we go ahead with the recipe, make sure that you have subscribed to my channel and hit the bell icon so that you never miss my recipe So lets start First of all, I will make my basic mixture I am using a hand blender with a mechanical whisk attachment You can whisk it using hands or using a hand beater if you like Here, I am taking an instant coffee and putting 6 tbsp of coffee You can use any other coffee of your brand Just make sure that it is instant coffee I have put 6 tbsp of coffee in the jar After that, we’ll add sugar in it Try to make sure that you don’t use thick sugar Grind the sugar if possible This way it would be easier to beat the coffee I will be adding 3-4 tbsp sugar I have put 4 tbsp but you can add 3 tbsp as well After that, we’ll add water in it We don’t need to put a lot of water We just need enough water to make the mixture wet So I’ve added around 3 to 3.5 tbsp water in my mixture Just enough to make our mixture wet so that it can be beaten easily Here, I am taking my electric whisk You can whisk it using hands too or using an attachment on your hand mixer Now we have to beat the coffee enough that it becomes pale, thick and its peaks become stiff The reason is that we are going to store our coffee So if you try to store the coffee without properly beating it the coffee will accumulate at the base, and the foam will occupy the top and you will have to beat it again and storing it is pointless I will now show you till what point you have to continue beating it so that when you store it, you won’t have to beat it again You can see its consistency now It is extremely thick and very pale. So make sure that you beat it until this point so that you can store it easily Now lets get to our drinks First of all, I will make Latte To make Latte, you only need the mixture You can add 1 to 2 tbsp of mixture(depending on your taste) and after that, we’ll add in it hot milk I had warmed up the milk in a separate pan and now I’m pouring it on top of my coffee mixture The basic difference between Latte and Cappuccino is that of foam to milk ration In Latte, the foam ratio is less but the milk and coffee ration is high Our Latte is completely ready now and you can see how yummy, frothy and creamy it has turned out. And how instant it was to make at home. How beautiful and creamy its texture is. Now we will turn to our second drink. We will make Cappuccino I have taken a mason jar You can use any other bottle that you have We’ll put hot milk in the jar The foam you are seeing at the top is only the result of pouring it in the jar from the pan Make sure that you air tight it well and after that, you have to shake it well. While shaking, make sure that you place a piece of cloth around the jar. This will not only give you a better grip but also prevents the mess in case of any leakage or spillage. The tea towel will absorb all the mess That was a small tip to make things easier for you You can see how creamy and foamy the milk has turned out As I told you in the beginning, the difference between Cappuccino and Latte is that of foam to milk ratio so here as I’m making Cappuccino, I have made the milk frothy After that, I have taken 1 heaped tbsp of our coffee mixture the one we made in the beginning and along with that, I’m adding 1 tbsp of warm to hot water The reason we are adding this is because as the milk we used is so frothy we want to make sure that the our coffee mixture is slightly loose and it mixes well Before adding milk, make sure to tap it once or twice on the counter so that the foam settles in Now pour the milk from the side And in the end, pour the foam on the top of the mug After that, you can decorate it to your liking Since, I am not a professional coffee artist I use a small hack by taking a tooth pick and turn it in circular motion in our mixture so that it forms a heart or any other circular pattern similar to the one you get at coffee shop It also looks beautiful while serving So that was our Cappuccino, and how easily we prepared it and you can see how foamy and creamy it turned out Next, we’ll make Mocha This is the mixture that we made I have taken out most of it and we are only left with mixture sufficient for 1 cup of Mocha Now, if we have to make 1 cup of Mocha, I will add 1 tsp of mixture but if you want to make Mocha from the whole mixture and suppose you have put 6 tbsp of coffee you can add 6 tsp of cocoa powder You can also tweak the quantity slightly depending on how chocolaty you want your coffee to be. There is no rule of thumb here. I personally like 6 tbsp coffee with 6 tsp cocoa powder Now I am going to add 1 tsp of cocoa powder and I am going to whip it again so that the cocoa powder mixes up well in my coffee and no solids are left. So you just make sure that you beat it well with the coffee and sugar mixture And after we are done whipping, I will show you how we can make both Mocha Latte and Mochaccino from it So this was our Mocha mixture I have transferred it in a cup Here, I am making Mocha Latte It has the exact same procedure as that of Latte You have to pour in hot milk and mix it well and your Mocha Latte will be ready If you are making Mochaccino, you will have to make the milk foamy in a mason jar by shaking and beating it well similar to what we did for Cappuccino and then pour it in Basically, Mocha is a mixture of coffee and chocolate. and the word “Chino” and “Latte” that are appended with it determine its foam to milk ration So if you have to make Mochaccino, you will have to make the milk foamy And if you have to make Mocha Latte, you can simply pour hot milk as is At the end, I usually sprinkle cocoa powder on it This gives it a better look in case you have to serve it to guests This is my left over mixture I have already made 3 cups of coffee from it and we can easily make 3 to 4 more cups from it Now I will store it in my fridge by putting it in an air tight container It is very important to make the container air tight, otherwise the mixture will become dry Whenever you want to have a cup of coffee simply take out the stored mixture, take a tbsp of it and enjoy your coffee So these were today’s recipes of Latte, Mocha and Cappuccino I hope you liked the recipe Do try it out and let me know how it turned out Until next time.The Home Maker Baker over and out


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