Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Only A Repellent Stick?

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Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Only A Repellent Stick?

Fallout games often have weapons that you
can only obtain certain way, like finding it at a specific location or after completing
a quest. Sometimes they’re a powerful reward for
a job well done… and sometimes they’re not. Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Only A Repellent
Stick? I named myself Rufus, tried to look as much
like a mole rat as possible, had a lovely chat with father who immediately left which
shouldn’t have surprise me. Nowhere in the world is a hat more useless
than in an underground bunker. The Repellent Stick is a melee weapon which
makes Strength at 10 a necessity, Luck is at 10 to boost all stats, and I left the rest
at 4 because in the past when I’ve gone all-in on 3 SPECIAL stats the perks I can
choose in the beginning are usually garbage. Aside from making myself one with the balloon
as best I could and following the Overseer to hear him call me a brat, the birthday was
about as exciting as a birthday could be, I killed the rad roach in the basement because,
as I’ve said in other videos, this can’t be skipped without turning this entire run
into a giant clusterfuck. It’s effectively a requirement to kill the
roach to proceed, so I did it and actually took the GOAT for the first time in the history
of ever. I tried looking at someone else’s test to
see what they answered but it didn’t help, that question was a doozy. Unfortunately it didn’t matter since I got
to pick my skills anyway: Lockpick, Medicine, and Melee Weapons. Before escaping the vault, I helped Bitch
by failing my attempt to convince him to go stomp on the roaches, so I gave him a BB Gun
and he killed the roaches, saving his stupid mother. I got the gun back and his jacket as a thank
you. If I was smart I would have ran off after
giving him the BB gun, maybe the Overseer seeing him with it would make him sentence
Butch to death by волк (bonk). The rest of the escape was about what you’d
expect. Threaten the Overseer’s daughter, avoid
his goons, and you’re out of the vault. My first stop was Megaton because there’s
only one place in the game where you can find a Repellent Stick. Both involve entering Craterside Supply. You can pick a lock that requires a lock pick
skill of 75, or you can do the Wasteland Survival Guide side quest, because one of the objectives
is to test the Repellent Stick out on Mole Rats. There’s just one slight, little, tiny problem. There are 3 chapters to the Wasteland Survival
Guide quest and the Repellent Stick can’t be obtained until you start chapter 2. The good news is that the quest is sort of
a way to introduce various mechanics to the player, almost like an advanced tutorial,
so none of it is very difficult. Objective number one was too bask in the warmth
of Atom’s eternal glow. I stood in place next to a undetonated nuclear
warhead that could explode at any moment for about 4 minutes until my nose started to get
even bigger, which was a sign that I’d begun to mutate and that was was ready to face Moira
and hopefully give her some 2nd-hand radiation sickness. After she sort of cured me, I left to gather
supplies from the Super Duper Mega Mart. The mart was hit worse than I imagined. The shopping carts were in complete disarray. This is what the government secretly refers
to as a Category 4 scenario. I’d put a few them back where they belonged
when the bullets flying all over the place made me think that maybe video game cart pusher
wasn’t the right career path for me. I gathered the food without really knowing
what I was doing, grabbed the pharmacy key but didn’t actually go into the pharmacy,
I found what could be the Tunnel Snakes symbol, and returned to Megaton. Nothing fills my bladder quite like disappointing
Moira. The last section of Chapter 1 is all about
blowing off limbs and watching the complete series of The Mindless Adventures of Milton
Minefield, available now on video and DVD. The Minefield is not an insignificant amount
of steps to the North. Even though I can’t attack anything, me
being a pathetic weakling is par for the course at this point. The only slight problem came from a Raider
who blew off a few of my kneecaps with a grenade. Once I got to the minefield, I began carefully
disarming frag mines one by one with the precision of a surgeon and not accidentally setting
off multiple mines and blowing up several cars. I ran around for a bit, picking up mines and
as I hobbled away from the Minefield, I wished that I could do the world a favor and wipe
Arkansas off the map. Back in Megaton, I told tales of my bone breaking
success to Moira and with chapter 1 complete, it was time to start chapter 2. For no reason other than to embrace the pain,
I decided to give myself a taste of what’s to come later this year by using the power
of gravity and a grenade to break as many bones as possible so Moira could see if she
was right to drop out of medical school. She fixed me up, gave me an environment suit,
and finally I’d gotten my 2nd favorite stick, the Repellent Stick, and was off to kill some
Mole Rats. I wasn’t excited about killing rats, after
all, it is Micheal’s birthday today, so I opted for the environmentally friendly option
of stopping by the Super Mart to get revenge on the Raiders who shot me a lot. This was a popular request for a challenge,
but believe it or don’t this is not that bad of a weapon. It does 6 damage and can attack as quickly
as any other melee weapon. But what it does have is this wet, sloppy,
slipped on a wet sponge and cracked your noggin against the counter, sound to it every time
you attack something. I killed the raiders, leveled up, looked for
snacks in their pockets, and left to find the Mole Rat den. But on my way there I did spy with my little
eye a vile whore who deserved to die. I cleaved her back in half with my stick and
when I did, what I saw was glorious. The smoke coming from either my stick or her
body was a sign that she was finally dying and her convulsing legs told me that it was
not pleasant. I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of
crashing my game, so I dropped her body in the irradiated river to melt away, pressed
onward, took out a few raiders under a bridge, did a 360 when I discovered the Citadel and
walked away in the opposite direction to find my brothers and sisters. They were not very accepting of me, probably
because my stick caused their heads to explode. After watching the heads of several mole rats
stain the wall with the blood that used to be inside them, I was still not 100% convinced
that the stick was causing it. So I kept going deeper into the sewers. It wasn’t long before I found a quirk with
the Repellent Stick, it doesn’t work on robots. This Mark I Turret took no damage and with
the barrel of it’s gun somewhere in my esophagus, I still had a 0% chance to hit it. But I didn’t let that deter me, I kept going,
killing more mole rats, disarming more mines, and ending the lives of more Raiders. Once a solid chunk of the living creatures
down there were beaten to death with this tree branch Moira found on the ground and
dipped in green paint, I left the sewers, battled a Mirelurk in complete darkness and
noticed that the Repellent Stick sort of glows in the dark. Back at Craterside Supply, I told stupid that
her stick was a complete failure, and she asked me to go plant a microphone in a Mirelurk
spawning pod. The good news is that the location I’m after
is just across the river from the Tepid Sewers, bad news is the Mirelurks inside are mean
and pack a heft bag sized punch. Well, they would if they had hands anyway. I wasn’t too sure what I was after, but
I found a cluster of eggs and just jammed the metal doohickey inside it, left the building,
and returned to Moira for the 6th time. With chapter 2 complete, all that remained
of the Wasteland Survival Guide was the 3rd chapter, also known as chapter 3. This chapter requires going to a few far-off
places like Rivet City, so I put it on hold and broke into Moriarty’s Saloon to gather
information about my estranged father. Rather than hacking my way into terminal for
the information, I did things the fun way by being a thug for Moriarty. Some floozy owed the boss money, couldn’t
let that slide. I convinced her to pay me the 300 caps, then
I beat her to death with my stink stick and stole her belongings. Moriarty gets his payment, I make a profit,
and a bitch dies. It’s a win-win-win situation. From there, I traveled to Tepid Sewers to
begin making my way to Galaxy News Radio. I encountered a group of centaurs who, on
their own, are probably the toughest enemy I’ve faced so far. The Super Mutant stole that title when we
both agreed centaurs don’t have rights and deserve nothing. I freed his captive, realized I just made
a big mistake, and finished the Super Mutant’s work. I found the tunnels, took on a group of Feral
Ghouls, fought another Super Mutant, exited the tunnels, did some damage to the Super
Mutants near Galaxy News Radio and let Cat Club do the rest. Also, some time ago I cranked the difficulty
up to 11. I set it to Easy instead of Very Easy. When the Super Mutant Behemoth arrived I used
the tried and true tactic of hiding and letting the expendable forces waste their lives doing
what I could but don’t really feel like doing. With the Big Lad dead, I went inside GNR to
talk to Three Dog. Doing a job for him sounded like it would
require effort, so instead I spent 7 minutes trying to convince him to give me the information
I needed, eventually succeeded, took the Child at Heart perk, and left to stock my pile full
of Stimpaks from the rudest doctor on the planet and travel to the Citadel to make my
way to Rivet City. Being the overachiever that I am, I killed
the Super Mutant’s outside the Jefferson Memorial and went inside to clear out the
rest so that I wouldn’t need to do it in the future. Sometimes I do this because ammo is scarce,
this time it’s really only because I’m here now so why not get it out of the way. The normal Super Mutant’s aren’t too terribly
tough to kill, they take around 20 whacks each. The Brutes are about twice as resistant to
green death stick, taking 40 solid wallops to kill even with the added effects of Psycho. I went through a lot of Stimpaks and Repellent
Stick was a little worse for where, but the Super Mutants inside were dead, the deed was
done, and I set off into into the world of Bethesda graphics to find Rivet City. I thought for a second or two about whether
or not I should kill Crow, he and his guard seemed to be in a relationship. All the more reason for them both to die. The Guard was first, then the cow. In a twist I didn’t see coming, the Crow
Cow was without a doubt the most time consuming creature to kill so far. It took well over 100 smacks to get it to
peacefully accept death. The first thing I did in Rivet City was ask
around for information about the city’s history. Everyone had different ideas about past life
of the boat, but Belle Bonny flapped her gums and mentioned someone in the other half of
the ship. I went ahead and talked to Doctor Li to advance
the story even though I didn’t need to to know what I was doing next. I leapt from the balcony of the ship into
the irradiated water below to let all my worries and skin be melted away, navigated my way
through the Mirelurks, and got the real history of Rivet City from Horance Pinkerton. Then a few Mirelurks broke into his lab and
I sealed the door shut from the outside. Both the Mirelurks and Horace have no means
of escape. I predict they won’t brutally murder each
other and instead it’ll become a hit new sitcom: I Love Lurky. I went back to Moira’s rust hut, turned
in the objective, bought and sold a bunch of stuff, asked her why she’s such a fucking
freak, got my stick fixed or spayed, I haven’t decided if it’s a boy or a girl yet, and
journeyed to the land of places I haven’t been in search of the official library museum. I talked to a Brotherhood scribe, played on
the computer, and that was that. The last thing that needs to be done to complete
the quest is to reactivate the robots at the Robco facility. I saved this one for last for a reason. There were a few mole rats and radroaches
inside the building guarding the Big Book of Science. I then plugged in the thing and it went worse
than I could have imagined. It confirmed by fears that robots can’t
be damaged by the stick. Now that wouldn’t be so bad if the Protectron’s
lasers weren’t so damn effective, but they were and I reckon there were at least a thousand
if not more trying to kill me. All that Moira asked of me was to install
the chip, so I didn’t need to kill any of them. After escaping, I discovered Tenpenny Towers,
brought a stick to a gun fight with Roy Phillips, returned to Craterside Supply and for the
first time in years, I completed the Wasteland Survival Guide side quest. And me reward for all that hard work was…
a Mini Nuke. I expected it to be a complete waste of time
and was not let down in the least. With the path before me now clearer than ever,
I fast-traveled to Tenpenny Tower to make the trek out to Smith Casey’s Garage. The few Mole Rat Combat Troopers guarding
the garage stood no chance and the superior officers side fell before me alongside their
recruits and auxiliary roaches. I entered the Simulation, everything seemed
pretty normal with Betty abusing the shit out of her powers as a veritable God, I activated
the failsafe, Betty flaunted her height, a Chinese Commando somehow lost consciousness
after I escaped, I agreed to meet Dad back at Rivet City, he said maybe 3 words to me,
I got lost in Rivet City again, and eventually managed to find myself at the still cleared
out Jefferson Memorial. Pop sent me down to the basement to flip a
switch, then made me haul my ass back up to the purifier to see how amazingly the light
reflected off his nose, then back down to install a few fuses, then turn on a computer,
but at least I got to play in the sewer, so it wasn’t all bad. I was a bit concerned that because Power Armor
is sort of part robot, my stick would be ineffective. It did damage, just not nearly as much as
I would’ve liked. Somewhere between a Super Mutant and a Super
Mutant Brute for how many bonks it took to kill them. Dad got what was coming to him by making me
his errand boy, the scientists were all rude to me in the tunnels, as if the one person
keeping them alive is somehow to blame for them being in this situation. I had a brief conversation with a ceiling
with legs before we escaped the tunnel, arrived at the Citadel, I went straight to the Lieberry
to see about Vault 87, got the location from a scribe, and fast-traveled to Smith Casey’s
Garage to head North towards Little Lamplight. I took the Child at Heart perk earlier to
make this easier on me. No save-scumming my way through a skill check
or doing a side quest or glitching through walls, just making jokes about his probably
dead mother liking the way my butt looks. Murder Pass was pretty not great. I didn’t die, I’d gone in with enough
Stimpaks to bring a decapitated walrus back from the dead, but even with Melee Weapons
at 100, the Repellent Stick just didn’t do a lot of damage to the Super Mutants. And for whatever reason they kept crippling
my head. They’d crack it open, I’d tape it shut,
then they’d slam their nail board against it and I’d become an egg that’s been slammed
against the wall again. Really frustrating. I wanted to make Fawkes’ existence as depressing
as possible. Rather than freeing him and letting him die
fighting or ignoring him all together, I told him I’d flip the switch to free him, then
I left him forever. I ignored the Super Mutants on the way to
the reactor chamber partially thanks to a Stealth Boy that worked incredibly well for
a couple seconds. The Environment Suit Moira gave me was a piece
of shit, which I should have seen coming, I grabbed the GECK, ignored the Muties again,
and got abducted by the Enclave. Upon being released by the President, I immediately
showed my gratitude by killing an Enclave Officer. I found this encounter to be a bit on the
humorous side. An Enclave soldier was attacking me with a
Ripper and I blocked it with a Repellent Stick. It’s funny because saws are usually used
to cut wood but in this instance the wood is blocking the saw. Just take a moment to appreciate that joke. [silence] After my sides recovered from the splitting
they’d received, I talked to the President Eden, took his vial of goodies, escaped the
base, and returned to the Citadel to Sir finishing this fight. For some reason I wasn’t locked in place
during this initial interaction between Lyons and Lyons. Cat Club Commander Lyons gave me a set of
armor, Liberty Prime ascended into the stratosphere, I tried to kill Knight Captain Durga, but
as she herself is shit she is immune to the power of my stink stick, and I left the Citadel
to run alongside the Brotherhood of Steel as Liberty Prime propagandized his way across
the bridge and eventually to the Jefferson Memorial. I got overzealous and got annihilated by Liberty
Prime, Sarah Lyons and I entered the Memorial, and began fighting our way through the Enclave
Soldiers littering the building. Sarah tried to her best to be helpful but
all she did was blast me with a Missile Launcher multiple times. In the Rotunda, I took almost every chem I
had to get myself pumped up for what’s to come, Colonel Autumn exploded into a pile
of red goo, and we finally took back Project Purity. Last time around, I tried to push Sarah Lyons
inside the Purifier with me which failed horrendously. This time, I had a new idea. I knock her out with my stick until she loses
consciousness, then I seal the door and activate the Purifier before she wakes up, killing
both of us. I succeeded in beating the consciousness out
of her but she ran down the stairs and woke up before I had time to carry her limp body
into the purifier. Then… A bright light took over my screen. It was the purifier, because neither of us
activated it, purifier exploded. There was no waking up back at the Citadel
after the slideshow, but I got what I wanted, Sarah Lyons and I both died at Project Purity
and I beat Fallout 3 with only the Repellent Stick.


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