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you’re on the penryn rabbit farm. we feed our bunny rabbits fodder which is in organically grown Starting with organic barley seeds that we get from Modesto MIlling. We sprout those in our growth trays. The process takes about 7 days. We start with about four-and-a-half pounds organic barley seeds. We weigh the barley seeds and place in a mesh bag. The barley seed is soaked overnight in water that is aerated. Here is the barley soaking in the aerated water. we grown our own rabbit food. We start
with organic barley seed. that we soak in aerated water. this is from an organic seed certified and once we plant the seed daily in these hydroponic trays this tray here is about five days old
will be going to the rabbits in about two days This tray below it is about three days old as you can see there are already sprouting and the tray below that is about two days old already sprouting as well this is our hydroponic grow system and that we use its and ebb and flow. these pipes here are the drain valves where when the water comes it drains into this pipe here The bunny rabbit food grows quickly. This is fed directly to the rabbits. See the root system. the fodder goes directly to the rabbits in addition
that we supplement them with some out alfalfa. It’s also organic alfalfa This tray here was planted yesterday these they’re starting to sprout alread This top tray will be going to the rabbit the day after tomorrow. you can see the the root mat. how all the roots grow intertwined with each other this is the manifold that does all
the watering see here I have adjustable valve. It is used to adjust the amount of water and I water the fodder 4-5 times a day for about 15 minutes each time. The water fills the trays up You can see them sprouting.

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