Burnie’s Vlog at the Grocery Store | Rooster Teeth

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Burnie’s Vlog at the Grocery Store | Rooster Teeth

Burnie: How’s it going? Gavin: Suiting up. Burnie: Look at this. Gavin: It’s moments like this… Gavin: Where I really hate the.. erm.. past version of myself Gavin: ’cause I’m the idiot who suggested the suit of armour thing. Gavin: Assuming we wouldn’t be able to get one. Burnie: Alright, well sometimes when you’re working on an production, you end up in some really interesting places like Burnie: a grocery store at five in the morning. Burnie: and there’s a little smoosh – a little smoosh right there. Get rid of that smoosh. Burnie: and er.. we are shooting Million Dollars But Burnie: in this local grocery store. Burnie: We do end up in a lot of grocery stores for in- inperticular for Million Dollars But. Burnie: It’s like a place that everybody understands where you’re in public. Burnie: You’re around a bunch of people you don’t know. Burnie: and an embarrassing situation can happen. Burnie: This blog is actually going to be a shorter vlog than what I intended. Burnie: Because this vlog we were going to be announcing something really cool Burnie: that we’re doing- Gavin and I are doing. Burnie: But, kind of at the last minute, they said “don’t announce it this week, wait until next week to do it” Burnie: I’m half-way through a haircut right now and I came ba- Gavin: You got half-way through your haircut? Burnie: I got half- Gavin: That looks cool. Burnie: I got half-way through a haircut. Burnie: err- we were hoping to announce it in the vlog this week. Burnie: but we’re gonna have to announce it on the vlog next week but hopefully- Gavin: so we are announcing an announcement Burnie: We’re announcing an announcement. Actually I’m complaining about the fact I couldn’t make an announcement. Burnie: And err.. I already have something planned for next week’s vlog Burnie: so now I gotta figure out how in next week’s vlog to do the announcement Burnie: that we’re gonna do Burnie: and then do the thing I want’d to do. Burnie: I dunno, we’ll figure it out. Maybe we’ll do two vlogs- I dunno. Something like that. But. Burnie: the only reason I’m prefacing this whole thing is because we’re gonna be doing a really cool thing for fundraising Burnie: and I want everyone to be ready for it – it’s a really, really cool thing. Burnie: So as you know, I really like crowdfunding a lot because it makes things that are kind of just out of reach, possible. Burnie: For us that is Lazer Team and then Million Dollars But: The Card Game. Burnie: Well, we now have an opportunity to do something where we’re gonna be able to do that but on the behalf of other people. Burnie: Who are doing something really cool. Burnie: So I just wanted everyone to be ready, you know, for when we announce it next week ‘cos it will be moving pretty fast at that point. Burnie: It’s not gonna be like 30 day thing. It’ll be really quick and really cool. Burnie: Gavin and I are super excited about the opportunity. Burnie: Sir Gavin is super excited about it. Gavin: I very much am. Burnie: I’m very excited about it. Burnie: But, more on that next week. Burnie: You know in the last week’s vlog Burnie: It was all about Austin and I talked about how coll Austin is but… Burnie: there’s kind of a down side to being part of something that’s really cool and really popular because Burnie: by definition something that’s very popular is getting bigger and more people are getting interested in it and Burnie: for a city, that means more people more there and things change and I had that point illustrated this week Burnie: because one of my favourite restaurants in Austin, a place called Taco Express Burnie: it’s this little err.. kitchy little taco place run by this lady. There’s cats everywhere Burnie: there’s this huge statue out front of her Burnie: it’s a really bizarre place but it’s very Austin to me. It’s very odd, it’s very weird Burnie: but they just recently announced that they’re going to be closing soon because they can’t afford the property tax on their building anymore Burnie: which is just, you know, just a symptom of, you know, Austin becoming bigger and cooler and more people moving here. Burnie: You know, and I can’t help but think about that in terms of what we do at Rooster Teeth Burnie: because ultimately the story of Rooster Teeth is one of longevity because we’ve been doing this for 14 years. Burnie: And 14 years is a very long time in both entertainment and in anything that’s online Burnie: and the cross-section of those two- of what we do for online entertainment Burnie: there’s not many people who have been what we do for as long as we do. didn’t speaking engagements this week I spoke at the university of texas at austin and i have spoke at the Google Fiber space and what it is like to talk about in speaking engagements is something that I’ve learned both as a content creator and someone who has enjoyed watching content online for many many years and that is that the internet demand progress but the internet hates change and i think we can all identify with the catering change part of it because we all have something in our lives that we liked a lot and there was some kind of drastic change that was made to it and we no longer identified with the thing that fell in love with and we didn’t recognize any more but on the flip side of that is the progress I and that’s the part I don’t think many people understand which is if you keep doing the same thing over and over again just because people liking and you think you can just keep repeating that over and over again and that people keep coming back they won’t they’ll have seen what you’re doing they will have already experienced that and then you’re single become stale and they will simply move on to everything else and I had to keep that in mind about this taco restaurant which was I thought oh it’s too bad the taco restaurant is going out of business if I love that restaurant but then I thought about it and thought well how much have I really gone to this place how many tacos if i bought from them you know in the last year and I really just wanting this place to stick around service my nostalgia but why does anyone have a responsibility for that so i think that in mind for myself and I think if you’re starting a business online or if your content creator you should keep that in mind as well is that you have to be able to continue to grow your voice and not just kind of existing some space where people can fondly remember you who wants to have a career that that and it was chief I think we walk that line every day you know I started a company that will begin with really one person in the spare bedroom then grew to five or six people and then over the course of 14 years now almost 300 people have to take a company photo with a drone at this point when i started i started because i wanted to make videos that made my friends laughs I want to make Joel and Matt and Jeff and guts and Jason I just wanted them to all laugh what I was doing you know I went over to my buddy doesn’t just house stuff camera interface that hear you say this you say that recorded some dialogue for even bothering but you never know i mean i could find this video is pretty interesting and you know it gets hot enough but you never know we’re making our behind-the-scenes huh want to do this we’re going to contract I wasn’t expecting with that was applied for voice telling everybody went home and animated and that turned in do the first episode of red vs blue hey ya ever wonder why we’re out here that’s a good question i don’t know there’s an easy answer for it and so even though we have 45 different productions across all of our different department i try to approach everything that I do in that way of just like I’m gonna make a video that makes my buddy’s last you know and if you like if i do that i keep that same spirit well then the thing that made her shes what it is will continue and yeah i’ll try some things that don’t really make our buddy’s last but at the same time you got to figure out what that is and even after 14 years it is a perpetual journey of discovery of figuring that out and I love every single day and I always look forward to what we’re doing next even if I have to come to a grocery store at five in the morning all right that does it for me Dave million dollars but i’m leaving the set heading back to the office now next week we’ll have our vlog where we announced the thing that we already announced or that we’re going to announce it and then another thing I think you’re going to really enjoy having a week everybody


  • What goes into the consideration of an announcement not being announcable yet? like ohh yea go say it….wait no!!!! You cant say it yet, wait 7 days. If you say it 7 days early the whole thing will be ruined

  • Restaurants will be overcast by franchises until the death of everything that is not a major franchise, you should not celebrate this. Nothing changes? You change, you have different conversations enjoy the same food and alcohol, capitalism will one day come crashing down. Everything will one day be owned by a major franchise/corp healthcare,food,water,land,air 6 people own the wealth of half the human race, it's always the elephant in the room when you talk about increased land tax, merges, 'progress' it's unnerving to say the least.

  • I love to see what Burnie and RT up to in these, but I really wish Burnie would develop his own vlogging style. There's no denying that he is taking most of his techniques from Casey (as do a lot of other vloggers these days) and it just puts me off these vlogs unfortunately ๐Ÿ™

  • Listening to Burnie talking about not announcing the announcement and announcing that there will be a future announcement about something instead it like listening to the whole Who's On First ordeal. xD

  • Is it bad that I thought about the Yogscast a lot while listening to Burnie talk about online content creators not changing butat the same progressing? I don't know that exact words to use to describe it, but I feel the Yogscast took a wrong turn at some point; and I don't want to use the Shadow of Israphel as an excuse for something, because I know the money siphoning and story behind the events that happened in the Yogscast.

  • When you were talking about things that people love that go through a change and people stop loving it I instantly thought of Halo. I loved Halo and I'd have to say Halo Reach is still my all time favorite game and I know you guys obviously like Halo too. However, Halo Reach was the last Halo I truly enjoyed. I remember full custom matches with all of my friends and fun matchmaking but ever since Halo Reach I truly haven't enjoyed Halo.

  • Thank you Burnie for your invaluable wisdom and insight. Everything you said makes perfect sense and as an aspiring content creator and business owner, I appreciate you taking the time to help those of us who are getting started out.

  • Burnie, the first half completely goes with my RT experience. You guys do make fun content still, but how much do I really watch it? to be honest, still some since I'm watching this, but in general not a whole lot. Anymore.

  • I like the editing in this vid but how many times did you have to say the whole speech over again then move location then start again

  • Very inspiring words burnie. Awhile back I thought the same about nostalgia and change. I realized that even roosterteeth had become not what I originally loved, but knowing the change that had to happen. Now I acknowledge that and love rooster teeth more than ever. I still strive to make Rhinovision just like roosterteeth. But in our own way. One day maybe we will be able to work together

  • I had to watch this twice, i kept focusing what was on the shelves in the US. As im from the UK that was fascinating for some reason xD

  • This is why you guys are my inspiration! We will grow just like Rooster Teeth has grown. We will be you guys competition…..maybe ;D

  • Hail sir gavin… really hinting at that knighthood, come on Queeny Liz do something random and cool before you…errrm… "retire"

  • I appreciate you so much. You and your team have always been such inspirations to me ever since I was very young. Thank you for all you do and all your insight. And above all else, thank you for always being the benchmark for creators who value their community and really do seem to do what do because they enjoy it and want to share what they love with the world.

  • Once you realize Bernies glasses are very slightly tilted to our right, you can never look at him the same way again

  • This has GOT to be the most confusing shoot schedule EVER!
    They record MDB over a month ago, then do follow up shooting after, then release it, then this vlog comes out, and now there's an announcement next week!
    How do you keep it all straight?!??!

  • I just love to imagine people walking by seeing some dude talking to the sugar and the ketchup.

  • When burnie was walking through the aisle of the grocery store there wasnt anything missing off the shelves. Wut kinda unrealistic setup was that. C'mon grocery store

  • … I just realized if I was offered something at RT I would leave for Austin as quickly as possible and I love Winnipeg… I just know I'd stay indoors as much as possible though

  • So I just now saw this vlog because I'm an idiot and I don't turn on notifications on youtube for some reason but whatever. This stuff you say burnie and a lot of the other videos rooster teeth makes are actually a huge inspiration to me. You guys are what inspired me to start Live Streams and getting into the practice of creating videos. So I'd just like to say thanks.

  • I just want to say I love how Red Vs Blue is going this current season. I love RT and honestly AH and Screw Attack, they've all been a huge part of my life for so long. I watched Screw Attack top 10s since I was about 10 and Red Vs Blue since season 8. I'm a huge fan and I really hope you guys keep producing great content

  • It's awesome how many amazing shots Burnie gets. I love how he was just walking around the grocery store not getting anything haha The grocery store was empty…. Yeah some RT (Gus) people have complained about how Austin has exploded in size, it makes sense, but yeah. My town is getting bigger and bigger, but only damn houses, nothing else. The town denied a bowling alley, wal-mart, and movie theater…. The wal mart was citing businesses closing, but they (90%) keep going under here anyways. At least we have a good non-chain video games store. It's the best Funko Pop (I don't collect them though) store in the region. People drive to this store from over an hour away, and it amazes me, because nothing else in the town is worth it haha

  • If you do something for too long, people will lose interest because they've already seen it…yet, we're on 270 weeks into 'Let's play minecraft'

  • Made me so happy to see Gus and Geoff running the very first lines of RvB. I remember sitting at the computer with my older brother laughing our asses off and waiting ever so impatiently for the next episodes to come out. Have the DVD and a Caboose jersey shirt; very special times for me. Thanks for the reminder ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Progress and change are kind of different. People want progress in the sense that things will be better for their needs, but change can be drastic to the point of problematic for some. Not here to start a war, just adding my two cents to something really interesting and thought provoking Burnie said.

  • Hey Bernie I love your vlogs and the Chennal i wish i could come to Austin Texas and meet you guys but I live in p.e.i. Canada ps. I love Rvb and million dollars but it's hilarious ps. Hope you guys have a great year โ˜บand a marry Christmas servivalest out

  • I really love the fact that for the first recording of red v blue that Burnie recorded a behind the scenes thinking maybe this will last and people might want to laugh and look at some eairly behind the scenes and 16 years later it's still a company and we do

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