Bumco Baby Solids Vegan Leather Diaper Changing Clutch Bag Review & Packing | Every Mommy Must Have!

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Bumco Baby Solids Vegan Leather Diaper Changing Clutch Bag Review & Packing | Every Mommy Must Have!

Hi Mamas. I’m Shen and welcome back to my
channel at mama banana where I share hacks tips and reviews on products just
for mamas so today I’m going to be reviewing the new solid print diaper
wipes pouch clutch from Bumco baby. so for today’s review we are going to go
through all the features of the Bumco baby diaper clutch and I will show you how it packs up
how much it fits for disposable diapers and for cloth nappies because
that’s what i’m using at the moment and then I’m also going to quickly compare
this with their existing and original print the stripped design and then at
the end I am going to wear this so you can see some cool on body shots okay so
let’s get straight into it. just a quick disclaimer I was sent this bag
by Bumco baby but my my review is going to be completely honest I will
talk about all pros or cons so here I have the
new Bumco diaper pouch in their vegan leather solid print black. this still
has the the brown leather trimming okay and it is so soft and supple this
vegan leather it’s just so smooth and feels lovely it even has the leather grain on it. it looks like actual leather it’s so soft so comes with a
short strap so this is the same Brown as their original so you can
put this under your arm or you can clip the two together okay so when you click
these together then it’s just a quick grab handle. I’ll take this off I
don’t tend to use this it also comes with them a long strap in the same
vegan leather. this is really high-quality and just give you very
quick measurements here so I have a a 12 inch ruler it just marks the end of my screen and it gives you an
indication on sizing for everything. just the base from here to here okay this is
24 centimeters long which is a good size then the strap not including
the hardware is sixty one and a half inches long.
hey I know me shorten this a bit but I can’t this is very good length so should
fit anyone and it’s easy enough to adjust okay and this is so handy to have
I actually mentioned in my previous review I will link that in the
description box down below but I mentioned in my previous review before
that I do use a long strap with this from one of my jujube bags because when
you have this attached to either side of the d-rings here and rolling over your
shoulder then you can be hands-free go change your baby you don’t have to look
for somewhere to hang your bag to keep it clean
you just need to hang it on your own shoulder keep it up off the floor and
then when you have everything open then you could just work away taking
everything out that has you needed to change your baby it’s so handy I
genuinely wish I had one of these diaper clutch just from the very beginning okay
so anyway this comes with them – wipes pouches this has the black past but
photos black plastic lip opening okay it’s much to buy and so same as original
they came with two these white patches right on both of these come with the
zipper zips up opening so on the outside you have a zipper pocket which is really
really nice and deep okay so my hand goes all the way down to the very bottom
and all the way across so this perfect put in some and little poop eyes
and we also have a small dog patch I put in my own extensions I’ll show you that
when I pack it up and then in the inside you have a little – five daily and slips
poppers so that the wipes go on one side and then you can put your nappies etc on
this side so I’m just going to a very quick size comparison between the two
pouches the original design and the new solid prints so they are the exact same
size if there is any difference it’s just marginal Thanks I’m just to mention as well in the new
solids print they have the flap and they also have a denim blue which looks
really cool as well so the wipes pouch is removable it’s very easy to take out
okay just kind of stretch this opening around the pouch I’m actually going to
use the white purge from the previous clutch just so that you can see better
what’s contrast and color how I put this in but it’s very easy to do this isn’t
elastic ators right or it’s not slice opening okay so you just need to
maneuver the fabric around opening of the pouch then you just run your finger
around the rim talk everything in it’s actually much easier than the way I did
it there it’s just because I don’t have this right under my nose and I’m angling
for the camera so this back pocket here I’m going to put in my little mummy
pouch just just has my essentials that I use all trying with hair bound hand
cream lip our basics okay and then I’m going to throw in my little nappy bags
just a quick tip if you’re at home restock is just open up the first five
it just makes it easier when you’re out and about and changing a baby that when
the thumb is open already Cepeda I currently have two in nappies
my toddler was potty-trained what she regressed so anyway I have one size 5
pull-up diaper here and then to size trees so that’s the tree nappies in the
arid locker room and then I have a light change pad here from jujube so if that
folded up and I put it into this front slit pocket here with the wipes pouch
because that’s just like where I like to choke everything that’s nice and flat
and I also like to put in a small wet 5 as well so this one is from jujube it’s
the mini wet bag in the duchess print and because i combination and diapers so
at home i cloth diaper book I bring disposables out with me because I don’t
have that many car drivers to spare so then I thought the club the disposables
there and so here in the front pocket I have the wipes the change pad and my
mini wet bag and then on top is where I put the foam tray okay mix that up and
that is very nice and spacious and then just a quick tip I like to keep the long
strap hooked on to this when I put into my diaper bag wash to keep the strap out
of the way what I like to do is I just clip it on to one side and it says side
where to sit is when the bag is closed and then I will quickly wrap the strap
up in my hand and actually just mentioned it’s hopped on to a swivel
clip so the strap will straighten itself out and then I just go sit this will pop
it here I’m I took the strap in so doctor strap is out of my way when I pop
this into another bag hey nice and handy I asked Lee love this bag I think it
looks so good and the leather is so soft I can’t recommend this enough now I do
want to mention her eyes I did have a small issue with the zip here at the
back where it kind of popped open this can happen with any of these type
of clutches especially when you pack it up quite full so what I do is I’m fix
this on any other bag and where the zip opens up at the back I just pop that
inside out right here so that this it can go all the way down so push the zip
in all the way and then flip it back over again zip it up and that should fix
it with them some bags all right it does open up a couple of times again
what you do is you just keep doing what I did
I want the bag softens off it should stop popping open and with any of these
new bags they can be a bit stiff so you could have these issues I don’t like to
send things back willy-nilly especially since it’s just a resource on the planet
on the environment and on small businesses so know things I thought I
just fixed myself doing what I did okay and I don’t have that issue with this
bag anymore I think this bag looks so good and it’s absolutely perfect for
errands where you only want to carry just a couple of nappies with you if
you’re running to the shops shopping center and you don’t need to bring a
whole load widget this is perfect so I’m just going to pack us up with some car
typers just to show you how everything fits in so we’ll take up with Trena
knees and I’m gonna pop in to my cloth diapers so I have a little arm and
pocket nappies here and I have hemp around Cotton’s booster in both of these
just got to meet Ernest Ward’s me you know helps the bunk room in between the
two nappies perfectly like I said at the moment I
don’t bring flat diapers out with me I’ve only because I don’t have enough to
spare for like this still fit to cloth diapers easily I just wanted to add as
well that these are actually my favorite white pouches because the amount of
knitting is so big so for wipes I can the water wipes it can be kind of
difficult to peel off and each of these sheets one by one even in the
no pouch but because this has such a wide opening it’s not an issue at all
I’ve actually a.m. purchased a couple of white pouches and I find that this is
the best one because of the wide opening so even just for the two wipes pouches
alone I feel that it’s worth purchasing never mind that I love the touch in
itself hope you enjoy my view of the Cocteau
baby diaper clutch and if you did please do give this video a thumbs up and if
you’re going to buy this clutch let me know what colors you’re going to buy it
in I’d love to hear from you so until the next video thank you and goodbye

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