Bohemian Rhapsody in a Guitar Store

Updated : Jan 05, 2020 in Articles

Bohemian Rhapsody in a Guitar Store

Why are you watching with subtitles? No seriously, just why? Are you okay? Cause I sure as hell am not. I don’t speak except for the occasional “Dammit” so just why?? Uhh okay you do you, mate. Haha, I must be really bored to be doing this. I know nobody watches anyway so why bother adding subtitles? But anyways, thank you for putting on subtitles even if that’s kinda weird. I only really have subtitles on when I’m watching shows, even if it’s in English and I can hear perfectly well. I guess I’m weird too, then. Props to Radwan my cameraman here, even if he messed up by not recording the first ten seconds. Also props to the store for letting me play even though I lied saying I was gonna buy an amp. I mean come on, man, do you really think some random teenager is just gonna pop up and take out £300 for an amp? Are you kidding me? I’m happily living the broke life. Well, maybe not happily but I’m still living it. Okay yeah I’m getting tired now. If you’re reading this and want more subtitles just say, lmao. Enjoy the rest of the video with subs, peace.


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