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hey everybody guess what’s happening today see these empty spaces they won’t be for long stay tuned I’ll tell you why [Music] [Music] holy crap man 10 11 12 whatever weeks waiting anymore [Music] Perkin kids these are my boys two ugly suckers what’s in what’s in the truck it’s a surprise the surprise surprise yeah they’re all cracked yep oh I have like an all in one piece now we’re what short two pallets there’s snow over in the other store cool awesome all right get him off the truck guys carefully all right we got him off the truck successfully and 112 pieces well 112 112 tanks hundred twelve pieces not in like one tank in like 40 pieces or a thousand pieces we got them all off the truck in one piece our blood pressure went up though we’re talking about a four foot pallet getting it off of a three and a half foot lift gate but we did it but which is not this is not a big deal I was expecting this and I didn’t really doesn’t really bother me but we had two casualties from shipping not from us we had 140 Alan and I believe 120 high so let’s take a look at the tanks these are the 40s this is the 40 with the track in it and see it there yeah you can see it yeah it takes a little goner and there was one 20 hi – he said I don’t see it but they said it’s there I don’t know could be in one it’s in one it’s in this stack I believe let’s see know where they saw it I don’t see it [Music] No I don’t think it was on this other rack another thing was in the 75 three of them oh yeah there are some glass right there must be and that must be that tank right there oh well not too bad 112 tanks two broken ones we can draw them ourselves not a big deal who ordered the tanks having next week drill him and put him in no biggie cool oh that was the drama for today and still I’m much good to say about aqueon they really didn’t do anything to help our distributor central Lisa or a rep she was uh she was a big help what kind of socks is aqueon is owned by central so they’re the same company parent company but you know two different companies the stack of 15s well at least it was a big help thank you Lisa she got the tanks to me three days earlier than I would have gotten him normally they would have been on a truck Friday for my for this store I had them delivered to one of my other stores so they didn’t have to do that would be good that was nice of them I appreciate it thank them a lot three days what that does is that gets us installing these in the racks by next Monday so if I got him Friday there’s a good chance they wouldn’t have gone in till the middle to end of next week that’s the poop [Music] hey make sure you like subscribe if that notification bell in that in that last video I did I want to thank everybody for the words encouragement it really meant a lot I was stressing big time his stress has gone a little bit right now but uh I’m gonna have a beer or two right now so if somebody want to go get a couple beers and then we’re gonna start cleaning the backs of these tanks and start painting on them and get rockin and rollin hey when in doubt drink a beer or stay fishy whatever you want to do peace be good back [Music]


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