Beating Garyvee At His Own Game | $3,000 PROFIT | Reezy Resells vs Gary Vaynerchuk #trashtalk

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Beating Garyvee At His Own Game | $3,000 PROFIT | Reezy Resells vs Gary Vaynerchuk #trashtalk

This is your boy Reezy. So Gary V
thinks he’s the king of the flip right? I’m here to take the W
back for the West Coast. (music) (Gary V) Boom, I sold the $650,000
in used books on Amazon in 2015. You see that? That’s hustle. Reezy Resells, follow the hustle. (music) [Luna] Hi guys! My name is Luna and
today we are going to be going to the flea market. We’re going to buy
some stuff and make money. [Reezy] Are we going
to out flip Gary V? [Luna] Yeah. (music) First score of the day, I spent $10
for this whole box. This is a Proton 320 high-fidelity radio. I
don’t know if it works or not. It’s missing the antenna, dude said it
does work these go for a $30-$50, so for parts hopefully worth something. This is a Fluke Network Ts19 landmen.
I sold one of these in the past week for $50. Dremel charger, this is going
to go for at least $15. Another lineman’s tool, these can go
for $25. Another lineman’s tool, this one goes for about $10-$15. (music) I just picked up this Bernzomatic
torch, it still sparks and it’s missing the tip. I paid $3, these go for $30
to $30 plus shipping on eBay if they have the tip which I’m
assuming can’t cost that much. (music) What did you guys buy?
You bought this Luna? [Luna] Yeah it was only 25 cents. [Reezy] For hustling or for you?
[Luna] For me. [Reezy] There are some books here.
These books, they said are a dollar. Found a couple of books I want. Guaranteed that’ll be good, if not
I’m keeping that for personal. Then these Lemony Snicket’s books,
they got almost the whole series. 8,9, 10 they’re missing three. That’s a really good
deal, they want $10. Also picking up this vintage travel
Scrabble for $2, which has the pieces and their wood. The pieces alone
are worth at least $10-$20. (music) [Mike] Hello
[Reezy] Hey what’s up Mike? [Mike] What’s happening?
[Reezy] …punk audio m10 and when you look at it some sold for like $450,
$350, $300 and like plenty sold for like $20, $25, $50. So I got this book, the travel
Scrabble, and 10 of the Lemony Snicket series and I ended up paying $13. I think this 10 books from
Lemony Snicket series will go for about $20-$25. This should
go for at least $20-$45. And this will bring in another $20. What you spend all your money on Luna?
[Luna] Toys. [Reezy] There you go Gary, this is
right up your alley. I don’t know anything about these. If you’re
watching this Gary, comment down below, let me know about these
wrestling dudes. [Luna] Daddy, I found some Nerf guns. [Reezy] Picking up this Breg
t-scope knee brace for a dollar, should sell for about $30. Picked up Sony discman, they
wanted $8, I ended up paying $6. What do you guys think? Should I buy
this and send this to Gary. (laughs) [woman] Gary V?
[Reezy] You know who Gary V is? [woman] Yeah good inspiration. [Reezy] Picked up an HP 12c calculator,
he wanted $5 for this I ended up paying $4. This is in excellent condition
and will sell for at least $30. Out here on that agricultural hustle.
Homie said he been selling succulents for 15 years, just takes time. [Luna] So we just bought kangaroo plush
toys. We bought it for $2 and it will sell for $30. Winnie the Pooh!
Tiger – woohohoo. [Reezy] We’re getting a lot of items
that are selling for around $30. I love plush, Gary V, that’s one
thing you’re definitely about. [Luna] And I sell a lot of toys. Maybe
I have something in here that might sell for some really good money. [Reezy] So we’re leaving the flea
market. Rosa got some stuff I didn’t get to look at all. Luna spent… [Luna] I got a lot of stuff.
[Reezy] Luna got a lot of stuff and we got a lot of stuff to flip. The hustle’s not over. We’re about
to swoop up some shoes from the Nike store. So right
now, switching to the GoPro. What do you think? Will this work for
in the store? I think it’ll work, you guys ready to go?
[Luna] Yeah (music) So we’re just leaving the Nike store,
we bought 118 pairs and I knew it would fit in the Audi but it
is so packed tight. With two people in the front and a car
seat, 118 pairs is the maximum amount of shoes you could fit in the Audi.
Check this out. So for the shoes, we spent about
$5,000 a little less and we’re looking at $3,000 profit, expected
prices for right now. There’s nothing stopping you from
doing exactly what I just did today. You can go to the flea market,
you can go to yard sales, you can go look on Facebook marketplace
and you can find stuff to flip for profit whether you’re
selling it on eBay, on Amazon, on Poshmark, on Mercari,
on etsy, on Facebook marketplace, Craigslist. Wherever you’re selling
it, you guys can be getting money. You can make an extra $100, $200, $300,
$1,000 a weekend and you can grow that to the point where you
can quit your 9 to 5 and have a life of freedom pursuing the
passion that you want to do in making money when you want to make money. Making more money or
having more free time, whatever it is that you
really want to do. Until the next one guys, if you
aint flipping, you slipping. Peace. Luna, Luna we’re home sweetie,
wake up sweetie we’re home. Check it out guys
[Luna] I’m already playing. [Reezy] This is a bootleg NES classic
and they’re out here selling it for $30 [Luna] Uuggh [Reezy] You know what game this is?
Adventure Islands. [Luna] Oh my mum plays
this but she never wins. (music)


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