Baby Names I Love & The Random Origins of My Children’s Names | Baby Names 2019

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Baby Names I Love & The Random Origins of My Children’s Names | Baby Names 2019

what matters to me isn’t the story
behind the name before the baby’s born for me the story of the name begins when
my baby’s born hi my name is Mai today I wanted to share some baby names I love
but won’t be using as well as my three children’s names and how I came up with
them so I have this Google Drive list of remaining baby names
I created this list on Google Drive where I kept track of baby names that I
loved from 2012 is what this sheet says which is um a little bit crazy because I
didn’t even start trying to have kids until 2016 so I’m a bit of a planner but
I have this like little Excel spreadsheet or anytime I saw a baby name
I loved or heard one I would put it on to this list and even though I was by no
means close to trying to get pregnant when I started the list I figured I want
to be prepared so that when I do eventually get pregnant I have this
go-to list already of names that I loved at one point and if I still happen to
love them by the time I do get pregnant they must be really good names right and
you know what like props to me for doing this because this little Excel
spreadsheet was beyond helpful when I did finally come to the point of wanting
to name my babies before I get into the actual list of
baby names I love and my children’s names I just wanted to say something
that I feel like maybe maybe there are people out there that need to hear this
I’m in a lot of different mom groups and I feel like I always see threads where
there’s a mom saying I have this baby name that my husband and I really really
love but my mom and mother-in-law absolutely hate the name yada yada yada
I think you probably know what I’m talking about people essentially
struggling to figure out a name because of outside influences that truly don’t
matter that much because it’s not their kid I know it’s so hard sometimes to not
care what other people think but these baby names are your baby names truly when your baby’s here everyone can have whatever opinions they want on your
baby’s names but you’re the one getting up in the middle of the night with the
baby you’re the one waking up early in the morning with the baby feeding them
every two to three hours changing all those diapers spending all that money on
them it’s your name to choose other people need to shut the up if they have
any rude comments or opinions to make about your child’s name even in my
family my mom really didn’t like any of my baby names she made it very known
that she didn’t like them and I just shrugged and told her well that’s your
grand child’s name so learn to love it it may cause a little bit of strife at
first in your family if you have really opinionated family members like me but
ultimately once baby’s born and gets their name everyone will learn to love
the name and love your child unconditionally all right so I’ll get
off my pedestal now and I’ll get into the baby names that I love I’m going to
go into my baby names now and other baby name videos people might be going over
the story behind the name the meaning of the name like some sort of significance
that it holds and this isn’t that video like it’s just not especially when you
hear how I named my kids you’ll you’ll see
how kind of crazy I am but it’s an honest video and they’re my kids names
and I love the names despite how they originated freely with my baby names the
backstory is not romantic so don’t judge me on that but for me you know now that
my sons have these names and names have so much more meaning to me now that
they’re alive and are creating their own story hopefully after everything I just
said about not bashing other people’s baby names hopefully no one will bash my
kids his names in the comments so I’ll get into the names now but before we do
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appreciate you guys alright let’s get into the baby names my first Born’s name
is Everett I’ve read out of all my baby names was actually the only one that
like it wasn’t on my little list for years and years my husband and I had to
come up with two names our first time because my first pregnancy was a twin
pregnancy and we came up with our baby B’s name right away but with our baby a
we were kind of struggling on the name front and we had just bought a house and
we needed a refrigerator for our house so where do you go for refrigerators we
went to Lowe’s or Home Depot I can’t remember which one I think it was Lowe’s
yes this is literally how the story begins it doesn’t get any better anyways
we went shopping at Lowe’s there was a nice little old man who helped us buy
our refrigerator for our new home and as we were leaving Tony asked me Tony’s my
husband Tony asked me if I noticed the salesman’s nametag and I actually had I
noticed his name I thought it was kind of a cool name and my husband agreed so
it sorta named our first child after the dude from Lowe’s who sold us a
refrigerator literally that’s how we named our first child so with all of
these names in my list and going forward just take everything I say with a grain
of salt I should not be influencing anyone in terms of baby
choices because I guess I I made my kids after complete strangers who are at
least really nice dudes they helped us he at least was helpful but I just
thought ever it was a nice name it’s not like we’re forever gonna tell him that
he was named after the dude from Lowe’s we will just tell him that we liked the
name Everett it was a name that both my husband and I thought was a really cool
name and he’s a really cool kid so we named a member it my mom especially did
not like this name probably also because of the story that went behind it but
once again it’s my baby so it’s my choice my second-born son is Silas and
the way we came up with his name is it was one of the names on my list and it
originally came to my list because I really liked the TV show Weeds I know
right mom of the year but the show Weeds was one of my favorite shows one of the
main characters on the show’s name was Silas and I always just thought it was a
cool name like right off the bat when I started watching the show and I heard
the name Silas it was a unique name that I hadn’t heard before and I immediately
popped out my phone and put it on my little Google Drive list and it just sat
there until we plucked it for our second born son not sure if any of you watch
the show Weeds you definitely should it’s on Netflix but I feel like it kind
of makes sense now looking at my life it’s a strong female lead raising her
three boys living in a dangerous drug filled world driving carpool that’s
accurate at least so maybe it’s just that we’re both girls and we have three
sons but I love the name Silas so my son is named Silas my third born son is
Wesley and I always loved this name this was probably one of the first names that
ever came up onto my Google Drive list and it’s because one of my favorite
movies is the Princess Bride and handsome Wesley was the lead guy I can
remember even just being a really little girl and he was probably like
it’s kind of weird that I named my son that but he was probably I guess you
could say like my first TV crush when I was a little kid and I just really liked
the name and so now my third son is Wesley okay so now that I have fully
disclosed that all of my opinion should be thrown out the window hopefully if
you are still watching this we will now move into the baby names I love but
won’t be using I’ll start with the girl names on my list just because I have
three boys and no girls tier so here are the girls names that I will never be
able to use for any little girls the first one I have here is Tia so back to
the theme of naming my children after movies and shows that I liked growing up
I really like the TV show Sister Sister with Tia and Tamera Mowry and that
wasn’t their names in the show’s I’m blanking on their names and the shows
right now but when I when I heard the name Tia that one of the twins his
name’s was Tia I really like that name hence why it landed on my list then I
actually do have somewhat of a rhyme and reason behind the other girl names on
this list it appears I didn’t even really realize
it until looking at it again now I am very drawn to French girl names so some
of the names that I have that fall into that French girl name bucket are Adele
audre Maisie Maisie is a French name but the other reason I really like it is
because my name is my first initial of my last name Z so I always thought
Maisie was cute because it was kind of like my Z so my name without being my
name I also have Amelia or Amelie which is the French version Madeline and then
the last two names kind of think they’re French they sound like they could be but
I don’t think they are but Isla or Laila Isla and Laila were the twin girl names
that I really liked before I had the gender confirmed his boys as for the boy
names again my kids are Silas Everett and Wesley and then another name I had
is beau with the French spelling DEA you I also liked the name
bow because growing up I played this video game called was something at
rocket Movado was the main girl I’ll throw up some pictures but it was this
teen computer game and it was a first-person like you were rocket Movado
and it was all the drama of high school it was a really fun game to play in
middle school to pretend you’re in high school and deal with like all the drama
and stuff beau was like the cool popular jock boy and I always just thought it
was a cool name too so that’s where that name originates from then the name
Warner the movie Legally Blonde that I mean it’s he’s kind of like the evil
dude in the movie but I thought it was a cool name when I heard it so that made
it to my list archers on the list I don’t really know where I came up with
that one probably just a name that I liked then the last name I have on here
is Theo not Theodore like not a shortened version of Theodore like just
the name Theo because it’s a cute name like a little
baby Theo if I have another boy maybe that’ll be his name all right so if
you’re still watching this mess of a video where I laid all my crazy cards
out on the table please like and subscribe and leave a comment down below
on the top baby names that you have on your list right now I’d love to know be
sure to also check out some of my other videos in the description box below and
I will see you in the next video bye


  • I love the names!! My baby’s name will be Demi Leigh. I love different names! I just liked and subbed!

    I’d love support on my new channel! When my baby girl gets here, I plan on doing a lot of different vlogs with her, and day in the life’s, etc 🙂

  • I absolutely love Wesley. My mom tried so hard that's me my mother's name. And I tried so hard to make that are first born's name. I did end up having a girl the first time but my other half completely said no

  • Ug. Seriously! You get to choose your own baby’s names and everybody else can shove it! 😂 and I totally agree that what happens AFTER the baby is born, THAT is when the real meaning starts! We named Tyler before he was ever conceived. We just always loved Tyler. But Alex’s took us a a little while and then I thought we were never going to come up with a name. Haha! What if we had another boy?!! I don’t think we’ll be able to come up with a name! He’ll just be “FOUR”. 😂 Love your Lowe’s refrigerator guy story! And girl! I binge watched Weeds several years ago. It’s so trashy but it was so funny. 😂😂

  • Oh! And we talked about naming our first son Jackson because we are from Jackson, Mississippi and my husband’s name is Jack (so he would be “Jack’s son” which we thought was fun) but my sister stole it. Well, she didn’t actually know that we wanted it but whatever 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  • I think your boys name story is great, he’s named after the dude lol My son is going to arrive any day now and his name will be Haven 😊

  • 😂😂😂 that is awesome 👏🏿 it’s a good name and I totally would tell my kid that story when they are older. Too funny

  • i keep a longgg list on my phone of baby names for when i finally start to have children. Ender is a name i’ve loved since i was 13, and it will always be my first choice for a boy. i got it from the movie (and book!) Ender’s Game because he was a badass kid. i also love the name Echo, for a girl or boy. i’ve always liked the idea of all my kids having “E” names. when i told my brother in laws girlfriend, she said she liked the name Echo. i know, super bitchy to steal a baby name, but my bil never wants children so i don’t think it would ever be used. i also really like Enoch, but solely for a middle name. my fiancé’s middle name is Cain, so i think it would be cool. (Enoch is Cain’s son in the bible) Veda, Vivek, and Valentine are also strong contenders. i guess i like the spacey, unique and only borderline odd names.

  • My sons name is Theo Jael Lopez and he’s always getting complimented, because Theo is not a very popular baby name

  • I’m down to two baby names… Ethan or Lucas. I’m leaning more towards Ethan but we’ll see this December 🤰🏻I’m not a big fan of Jr’s so my husband is against having a Trevor Jr. and so am I lol

  • Hey just came across your video. I have 2 daughters my 10 yr old going on 11 is Ariana skye . My 9 month old is emmalina eloise. Im done having kids. If you have your heart set on a name use it.

  • I agree with you. It's your kid you name it . Too bad lolz you sound like me with that . Everett is my oldest cousins name it's elwood everett.

    Wesley i love it

  • I have 6 boys
    Hugh, Calvin, Winston, James, August and Bowen
    My parents didn’t love Hugh, Winston and Bowen but we still used them and we love them a lot
    I think the way u named your kids is the best 😂

  • Some of my top baby names are
    -Kaysan, Navy, Vaeda, Vanetta, Jenia, and Gaia for girls💕
    -Niles, Soren, Noen, Cannon, and Arlo for boys💙
    -And Charlie, Cove, Lake, Reese, and coast for Maybe both

  • I love your baby names! Its so true, if you go by people's opinion you'll never pick a name.
    My kids are adults but glad I picked these names and they just go together.
    Angel (all the popular boys in school were named Angel)
    Christian (cause Angel and Christian go together)
    Lissett (French 😉)
    And baby coming in May will be a boy and the name is Cruz!

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