At least 64 killed in fire at Russian mall


  • Russian media keep silent about the real numbers of the dead. Almost 400 people are most children. Before this event, 150 children were poisoned in Volokolamsk from the garbage dump. Some of them are in extremely difficult condition. it should be known by all the people in the world about how they destroy the population of Russia

  • any journalist will do basic research. they will find out if any of the kids belonged to high ranking officials. but not faux news and cnn.

  • aren't those foxy faces TOO HAPPY with the issues, diplomates expelled, children void to hell – IT'S GOOD FOR RUSSIA for what they did to US elections as they've been blatantly woppling for 15 months. Bloody hellish bunch of criminally insane politicians of sold to ISRAEL Congress-merchants &Jews-run news agencies of SATAN. I won't dare watch the other maddog killer TV channels – otherwise I start shoot to kill every thing or living being as less as possible related to the USA, STARTING WITH CONSULATES EMBASSIES SHPS CARS PLANES AND EVERY SINGLE DUMBEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET, starting with Israel, Kremlin, Washington D.C.

  • Смерть и всем вам и вашим родителям и вашим будущим сыновьям и дочерям и внукам кто смеётся над этой трагедии в Кемерово Если хотите Переведите меня в Google Translate

  • Russia is a true shithole.
    They turned off the alarm system, blocked fire exits and the fire extinguishers were broken.
    What a fucked up country.
    Safety regulations work.

  • Such a terrible and heart breaking tragedy. My prayers today are with the families of the victims and the Russian people.

  • To all you fucktards enjoying this tragedy remember karma's a B***h and tomorrow it might be you crying over your dead.

  • No EU directives at the building , all materials flammable like gas and producing deadly gases and fumes. Most fires in russia ends like this.

  • Sounds like it was orchestrated with the alarm system or intercoms being disabled and the fire exits being blocked. Scary ass times we're living in.

  • If you think this was an accident you are blind, Causing something tragic to distract the people looking at the real issues in Russia. Security guard to blame is he! Good luck finding him..

  • I'm a conservative, it's fine for Russia to be conservative, however, there are also times we are humans, where we shouldn't be manipulated by facts, rather be human, not everything you hallucinate or feel pain is bad, but good. It's normal to experience pain, not to rebel against it. That's true for all, buying things, religion, they don't stop pain. Religion gives you fantasies, stores give you goods, all the information in the world won't end pain. Simple as that, so definitely, this is redemption for the Russians being abusive. Even with infinity information, its not enough, pain is what encourages you to do, not the other way around, why we like sex, money, all for survival, pain is a need. Sex for children, money to access goods, info to aid, theories like umninazis are fake, no one controls the world, we do, HUMANS.

  • So horrible for these families. How come no one has said maybe a terrorist did this..blocked doors, fire alarm shut off, PA system turned off. The theater doors were locked, a father was trying to break into the door to save his 3 girls but couldn't get it open. A guard was sending people to a blocked/locked exit.

  • isn't it remarkable that so many of the cameras work in some heretofore unheard of Siberian city? and yet they don't seem to work around really important buildings in major western capitals…

  • This is depressing honestly. There's no silver lining to this. I'm not even sure why this is REALLY on the news.. Is this just horror porn for the masses? People in this society are really lacking in sympathy honestly.. What if it was you in that fire? If they made a wider point about the need for disaster recovery and safe building fire-proof construction then I would understand, but there really is no reason for all the lurid details like some girl texting her mother than she's about to burn to death, I really really do not understand the justification for this. Are you sick? Seriously, is there something wrong?

  • On the one hand, life is filled with all kinds of tragedy and uncertainty and I understand it's important not to be in denial of this. On the other hand, let's be honest, this is just porn for some people, they're fascinated by the horror of it. It's like the forbidden fruit, eating from that tree, breaking psychological barriers in the process.

  • Poor babies. Always a thousand times worse when kids are involved. Prayers for all of the victims and their families.

  • … reading the comments… You people are so blind!!! If you are looking who to blame look towards your government. Your government is the one who practices terrorism and all of them are in the same boat that is going to sink very soon.

  • Over 200 animals dead? That struck a cord. What a HORRIBLE attack. Obviously the security guard is apart of ISIS or something.

  • Lol, сейчас смотрю на людей в комментариях и удивляюсь. Почему ДАЖЕ ТУТ все обсуждают эту дурацкую политику??? Произошла катастрофа, погибло много людей…

  • Совсем еще недавно они были с нами, но бог забрал их, оставил боль и раны. Сейчас все позади. Теперь это время прошлое, нельзя вернуть обратно. Мы потеряли вас, но вы всегда будете с нами. Когда то рано или поздно все мы там будем.

  • Why would a fire start where children are? Animals in a petting zoo too….Heads in that city will roll. It was reported children were offered free tickets to a movie at the mall any many were taken there by tour bus on a Sunday. Doors to theatre were locked and children/people burned to death. Who gave away movie tickets that meant more children were there than usual reportedly. The fire alarms shut off a week before on and on. This is so sad.

  • This is tragedy for everyone, in every country, when this happens with children's.
    There is no need to blame or to use in political uses Trump/Putin etc.

  • Fake news is that died 200 to 500 people.
    This news came from Ukraine pranker
    Official is 64 / 40 children's died.
    Someone turn off the fire system.
    Exit doors locked, roof in cinema fall down

  • We are against our government, but we can't do anything to get rid of them. We are trapped. There is no justice in this country. Election is fake, and there is no peaceful way to remove the government. This is why there is so much policemen to hold us from a riot

  • Is all americans FBI shit…i know why U.S is worry about😀 becouse mother russia is coming for You !!! Can't wait when WWR 3 will start

  • Please don't believe the official figures.

  • This wreaks of terror…exits blocked, doors lock, and the fire alarm turned off…I wouldn't be surprised if this was a terror attack.

  • Today Russia is mourning. And on this day Trump decided to expel Russian dipmlomats??? I hope Russia will finally takes gloves off ant hits back very painfully. Stop all US space program with not allowing US astranouts flying on Russian space ships. Kick all US diplomats from Russia… lets see how US will manage Middle East without Russia…. Just stop helping US over the world…. They want a world without Russia – jast give them a taste…. Stop being a nice guy in all out media war. Russia, give them a tast of a world without Russian support……….

  • US government, US senate, US congress – you people have NO SOUL. Russia is mourning and you decide to hit Russia when it is LOW. In Russia there is a saying: " You don't hit a man when he is down" But obviously you have no rules. US is hitting Russia when it is mourning. Russia, I prey that you hit back double….And this time, unlike WW2 go through all Europe and take NO PRISONERS…. F–Ck them, they don't deserve mercy. China is with you, all Asia is with you, Middle East is with you, South America is with you.

  • Why will the staff turn off the PA system and lock the exit? This is just plain evil. They need to be locked up for life!

  • This is so sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • But for the regulations and statutes effected by DEMOCRATS…. the same would be a common occurrence here. Sit-on-their-asses-REPUBLICANS = allergic to government rules. Wise up, 9th grade mentality Americans.

  • More than 412 people had burnt. Don`t believe Russian government. They made parents of perished cildren to sign subscription of non-disclosure. Otherwise they would have had problems

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