Appalachian Trail Documentary: DIXIE TO MAINE


  • Wanderlust I’ve watched your trek videos nice ankle lol . You should check out a three day hike in chocaquaro Peru trail to some ruins hardly any body hikes it check it out you might like it .

  • Thank you for being the vehicle for me to fulfill a dream that I have had for over 15 years! I wasn't able physically but I feel like now I know some of what it must be like to walk the AT. At 72 years old with an injury that was stubbornly refusing to heal normally and becoming less steady on my feet I can finally put to rest that insane desire.
    So sorry that you lost your sweet dog while trying to get back home to her! You carried on well. God bless you. You are one strong and resilient woman…and your positive attitude is amazing.

  • I love you lol. How many proposals do you get? You’re an amazing woman and a beautiful soul. You’ve inspired me more than you could know. I wish you the best in life and maybe I’ll see you on the trail some day. I’m saving money to get going soon.

  • Awesome video but lets get our Fontana Dam facts right. "2,813,000 cubic yards of concrete; 5,000 tons of reinforcing steel; 700 tons of structural steel"

  • Stumbled onto your PCT doc 1st, then sought you out to watch your other two and follow your new adventures. I cried so hard about Sugar, I'm such a dog person I do dog daycare for a living. And I laughed til my sides ached over "hanging in there like a hair in a biscuit" (from the south but never heard that one! lol). You are VERY inspiring and I'm really hoping to do at least a section of the PCT since I live in SF, but with a torn meniscus, just can't see being able to do any of the full trails at this stage of my life (57). Thank you for sharing and inspiring us, Dixie!!

  • I cried with you about your Sugar Belle knowing how that felt. High Point is 13 miles from where I used to live in New Jersey.

  • I am so sorry about your dog. I know the ache and pain, and the love that never goes away no matter how many years go by. Peace.

  • Just watched this film. It's probably the best documentary about the AT I have seen. It really hit that sweet spot and made me cry when it was over!!

  • Not long ago I had no idea that through hiking was. I have since watched all of your videos…seriously all of them. Now here I am buying gear and financially planning for the AT

  • Many non-poisonous snakes snakes will vibrate theirs tails when disturbed. I saw a beautiful, harmless, Fox snake do it while in leaf clutter. The sound sent shivers through me even though I knew it was not a rattler. Very effective defensive bluff. Dixie noticed this behaviour. She has the instincts of a naturalist.

  • Wow. Awesome journey and vid. I used to do a lot of AT section hikes about 14 years ago before marriage and kids took over, but a through hike has never left my mind. Hope someday when the family responsibilities aren't so heavy that I can still do it. Loved watching your trip; the highs and the lows and how you handled it all.

  • Dixie, speaking of inspiring people… In 1993 I started southbound and ended at The Priest. That mountain read me my last rights on the AT. But watching your videos, including this one, have made me think about completing that last 820 miles to Springer. It'll probably be a few more years before I get the chance to take the two to two and a half months to finish, but I want to make that my goal before I'm 60. I'm 54 now.

    Whatever you do don't quit. Don't quit making your videos. Don't quit on the things that make you feel good, the things that make you successful. Took me a long time to realize the things that are truly important in life. Thanks for the boost and inspiring videos.

  • Hey 10:17 bushwalking anywhere is a 'mental game' I do a lot of bushwalking and planning to do one of our impressive routes here Australia, the AAWT next year a 650km + track from Victoria in the south to the ACT and know there will be days when I'll be doing it tough. I have always thought the when it comes to bushwalking that it's about 60% mental, 30 Physical and the rest is that WTF factor, extreme weather, difficult tracks or navigation issues that sort of thing. I think ultimately, most people can deal with the physical but the mental battle, well that's why you find people pulling out, stuff left on the side of the track etc. Well done on just getting out there, so many people just want stay safe in the cities etc…not the way I work.

  • Okay so I have been binge watching your videos and have decided to hike the AT next spring. What day did you start/ end the trail? When do you recommend starting?

  • Oh man, super interesting and awesome, little worry, super interesting and awesome…. Heart smash 🙁 sorry you had to go through that on your adventure – or at all but you know what I mean.

  • Thank you for sharing. And inspiring. I left Indiana for Alaska at age 17. That was 24 years ago. After so many amazing experiences, I am stuck. I will be hitting the PCT. Thanks again.

  • Do you ever think about how Native Americans lived .. when you are hiking.. They did not have money … and they did not own Property Per se..

  • 6 Months Eh ? I have never been hiking .. but I have hiked up at the Continental Divide to ski down in the Moonlight .. on Downhill Skis ..

  • Incredible video! You got me trying to plan a through-hike less than halfway through the video! I have been wanting to do this for years. I have been recovering from combat PTSD and I would love to do this as a transition "back to life"

  • amazing but what if I am not thrilled about hiking AT? Can I replace AT with GDMBR and call it good for a triple crown? AT is not my cup of tea at all. PCT+CDT+gdmbr or any other trail for that matter.. Im not sure if I need to chase after it since these ''rules'' doesnt seem to coincide with my liking. )))

  • WOW! I have dreamed of hiking the AT for several years. Just yesterday I convinced myself that dream was unattainable…and then I watched this video! Perhaps it is not so unattainable after all. You inspire me! I laughed, I cried with you and for you and Sugar Belle, I held my breath for you as you crossed those dangerous areas, I watched in awe as you embraced all of nature, and I cheered you as you touched that sign. And I learned SO much. Thank you! Well done!! God bless!!

  • soooo much inspiration!!!!!! so proud of you. and so sorry about your little baby girl. it's never easy but life without dogs is unimaginable. hopefully see you on the trail one day soon 👊🏼

  • Dixie, Love your videos. You really inspire me to start MY first through hike. I'm about to retire at age 66. But have always been a hiker, so I guess I will see what I will see. The passing of your Sugar saddened me so much. I will always get a huge lump in my throat when I think of my dogs that are gone, but they still live on so strongly in my head. So I can say that I know exactly how you feel.
    Best wishes in your future hiking endeavors.

  • They found that womans remains and her written words before she passed. She went to the bathroom and got lost on the way back. She wasn't far from the shelter. Some basic survival skills would've been helpful along with keeping a basic gear bag or pouch with you at all times. Apparently she had nothing/ no means to even make a signal fire with. At the very least, keep a BIC on you for heat, cooking, signaling. A large black trash bag for shelter, rain cover etc.

  • Found your channel a few days ago! You are amazing! So inspiring. I’m trying to figure out how I can start planning for my own through hike. 36 with a 4 year old so it may have to be a section hike. Then maybe I can do either the PCT or CDT as a retirement present to myself. Lol. Keep it up. You are a truly an inspiration.

  • "A prisoner of life"… How so many of us have been until we get it. Thanks once again for another great glimpse into a better way of life.. Just IMO, of course..

  • Oh don't mind me over here just balling my friggin' eyeballs out! Dixie you are AMAZING (obvz) – I've been binge watching your ACT & PCT these past few days and you've got me feeling SO inspired!!!

  • Just watched your amazing video. Sorry that you lost your friend Sugar. It's never easy losing friends with such pure souls.

  • Have you eaten any more banana s’mores yet? How was that btw? Congratulations on your triple crown. You’ve definitely inspired me. Thank you for documenting as much as possible, I appreciate your tips and input as well. Looking forward to more content.

  • Dear Dixie, just finished watching your AT documentary video for the second time. Found your channel two years ago and have followed every step of your Triple Crown and Spain. You show us such beauty of country and such beautiful personal life encouragement. Thank you, thank you, thank you. God Bless you and yours, and Merry Christmas 2019.

  • Inspiring not only to do the AT but to do whatever goal anyone has set for themselves. But when you had to go back home and you put that puppy's collar on your pack I lost it. I'm a "mans man" or whatever but geeze do I love dogs and you hit me right in the feels.

  • I wonder if carrying an easily laminated sign reading "Through hiker" might not make getting rides easier when you need to hitchhike into town?

  • Ms. Dixie, Thank you for sharing this AWESOME accomplishment. You are one of my heroes. You are such an inspiration! I live you. (I meant to say I love you…. but come to think of it, I'll leave it as is) God bless you. I know Sugar is so proud of you!

  • Did the AT with my pup lucy a white husky/wolf. It was amazing. I cojldnt take her to the top of khatadin but she went everywhere else even through the smokies which usually you cant do but she was a service dog so she was allowed. It is an amazing experience ill never forget. Made liferime friends and memories that will last forever. Met 2 people on springer that walked with me the whole way. Our hiking family grew and lost some members but it was the best time of my life.

  • Wow, Your Dad, Your Dog, Your Push, "hanging in there like a hair in a biscuit". Awesome Dixie. I'm impressed and inspired.

  • Awesome documentary. You are amazing and inspiring. The world would be a better place with more people like you in it. I'm new to backpacking. And you have definitely inspired me. Thank you !

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