Apocalyptic Mall Exploration

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Apocalyptic Mall Exploration

(Mall music plays) Compare this mall to the last mall we explored. So it looks way more modern, this mall. Well, not only that but the state of decay that it’s in. Yeah, I know. The last mall that we did could pretty much open. After just like a few weeks or repairs. This place is never reopening. I mean it would need a lot of work. But still I feel like this mall gives me a more modern vibe as it is. I don’t know. Yeah, it doesn’t have those like pastel colors of the 90s. it just has like beige. Wow. Look. The carpet turned green because the skylights broken. I hear dripping everywhere. Is this like the food court? I think so. This looks like the food court. Pretty small one.
Yeah, I’m trying to figure out where the food stores would be besides this one little thing. Maybe they didn’t have a real food court. Maybe. Can you read that?
Nope, there’s only the dimples. Could have been anything. Oh, man that shit’s nasty. Well, it was a department store of some kind.
Was this Sears? It says Sears on the wall, but I don’t know. (Cracking glass) Shhhhh! (Laughs) If we didn’t have to be quiet, I would have so much fun. I would pop every single bubble. This area looks like it needs a fountain or something. Yeah, it probably did at one point. And right there is an active store. They even have… their sign lit up still. Hopefully nobody buys a rug right now or else we’ll be visible. (Sound of metal falling) Broooo! Jesus.. Christmas decorations- It’s a lot. The Santa’s stuff. Taking a picture with Santa. They turned a whole store into it. Just storage, maybe? Or this is where they would do the Santa?
Yeah, because look at the walls.
Yeah. Damn, that’s a big chair. All the Christmas stuff is still here.
Typical. These mirrored lights like the most decorative thing I’ve seen in a mall. We need to keep our voices down now ’cause.. You can still hear “attention shoppers” announcements (Mall music plays)


  • Great video; that mall is in my town. Some questions have been answered below, some not, so I'll put them here:

    1. The mall decor doesn't look dated because it had been completely renovated in a last ditch attempt to revive it by new owners before it closed.

    2. There used to be big planter boxes and seating under those skylights, where people sat and smoked well into the 2000's, long after smoking had been banned indoors across the country (this is tobacco country).

    3. There was never a food court, just a few random restaurants (such as Tony's Pizza, Andy's, and Chick Fil A), many of which had their own seating.

    4. The mall had been dying slowly for 20 years due to multiple factors, long before Amazon became such a power. One big nail was a highway bypass providing easy access to the nearby supermalls in Raleigh. Another was the departure of the anchor stores: Sears closed due to its national woes, and the last department store (Belks) moved, chasing the sprawl of new developments at a large strip mall across town.

    5. There is another business still open in that mall accessible from the outside: K&W Cafeteria, though it had no windows or doors into the mall. When they finally raze this place, they'll have to either move K&W and Roses, or carefully work around them.

  • There was no food court towards the end of the mall's days. Honestly there was absolutely no food there at all. The mall changed hands so many times and none of them did anything to fix problems so stores left.

  • I have pictures with Santa in that sleigh/chair! I used to go to that mall all the time when I was little. It got shut down just a few years ago.

  • My home town. Have many memories in that mall. There was no food court btw as he was looking for in the video. I remember the old Santa house !

  • I live in the town that mall is in it was a huge part of my childhood it breaks my heart to see it like this .

  • I grew up going to this mall. I remember when Kerr Drug, Camelot Music, Something Different, etc was there. Roses was the original store in the abandoned Sears location, and before it was Sears, it was a store called Hills. The current Roses location used to be Belk. There was never a food court, but there were a few restaurants in the mall…Chick-fil-a, Dairy Queen, Andy’s, Tony’s, K&W Cafeteria, Something Different. Parkwood Mall (Wilson Mall), Wilson, NC

  • Sad… We owned two stores in that mall one we rode to the end. At one time we needed 4 cops on Friday and Saturday nights in the end only a handful of people all day.

  • Oh hey Ive been there!

    Thats where I got my mannequin for work!

    i wonder if the one hanging with nips is the one I left…….

  • Education ends poverty and resources allow people the ability to have alternatives to help them get on their feet. A shift in consciousness has to occur. The world is dealing with that same issue. Maybe one day beings will evolve. Advancing the human being has always been apart of the plan, even when it wasn't!

  • I miss this mall! 😭😭 and for the food court used to have a pizza place, we had hwy 55. I can’t remember what else. It’s been a lonnnnng time.

  • I grew up going to Parkwood mall ( it’s name in the 1980s and 90s) it was the reason I became a “mall rat”. I STILL love malls to this day. On the weekends you spent Friday and Saturdays there. Originally there were 3 main places to eat. K&W ( cafeteria style great food ) , Chick Fil A and a restaurant called Something Different. So it had full restaurants in it. Basking Robins was there as well. This mall was the social center of high schools. Kids use to drive their cars in circles around the mall. There was a movie theater in the parking lot where the Mc Donald’s is now. That Roses was on its second life. It was there in my childhood and then it closed and Sears opened. I have a teddy bear I got there when I was 10 years old for my birth day. One of the exciting things at Parkwood was the banana tree in center court actually grew bananas!! Lol. I can only say it saddens me that our little town no longer has a mall because it was a social center. Kids will never know true socializing like we did. Parents dropping us off and is staying ALL day having good clean fun. RIP Parkwood, you will forever be in our memories.

  • So tired of the vandalism and destruction… why!? What is in someone's mind they alway s have to destroy others stuff. Just dont get it…

  • Like 8 minutes from my house! People from Wilson just got to go out of town to get something from a mall! Ridiculous!

  • I grew up with this mall it’s in my hometown there is a roomer that the mall closed after the new owner wanted to raise the rates so many of the the stores just left as I assume the new rates made it cheaper to buy your own building this mall used to have a belk, Sears, JCPenny you could even pay your bills here at the center there was one of those play places with some rides where u needed to put in quarters to ride in for kids there also used to be stores adjacent to the mall but not connected on the inside there was a sprint store, barber shop, Dollar Tree so yea it kind of left a void but once a year during the spring time for the past 2 years there has been a mini pop up fair that would last for 5 days in the parking lot that used to belong to the jcpenny with the mall closing it left the only things to do for fun around here as restaurants, movie theater, and bowling

  • I live in the city this mall is at and I’ve been going to that mall since it closed down…..I can’t remember exactly what year either 2011 or 2013 the mall was supposed to be destroyed but the reason why it hasn’t yet it because Roses, K&W cafeteria, and the Movie theater is still in business but once they all go out of business the city will destroy it, and yea it didn’t really have a food court all I can remember was Tony’s pizza and Andy’s/Highway 55 and honestly idk why they had the storage room decorated cause all it was was the storage room they would bring Santa’s chair out in the place where y’all said should be a fountain so that’s kinda weird…..and also the mall is known to have ALOT of homeless people to live in there

  • This Mall is actually located in Wilson NC… I used to live there.. The mall was NEVER much compared to most but it's a Staple in Wilson history

  • Either that facility itself fell into a state of decay or the town ran into hard times almost like a ghost town.

  • It is too bad that many malls like these are dying or became abandoned. I prefer indoor shopping over outside shopping centers, being so hot to shop. Green Hills Mall in Nashville is well keep up, renovated and very popular since the 1950s. But there is no food court in that mall, and I do not know if it ever had one.

  • Abandoned shopping centres abandoned suburbs abandoned towns abandoned farms massive gap between rich and poor and religious fundamentalism gaining a grip on US politics definately the world is witnessing the steady decline and eventual fall of the US Empire.All the social symptoms I have listed affected the late western Roman Empire which the US adopted at the time of its independence in 1783 by adopting the symbolism of the Roman Empire the US has also adopted it's ills.Give it a decade or two some historian will probably writing a book called the decline and fall of the American Empire.So to the American people your period greatness is coming to an end one way or another.No doubt it will probably take ten or twenty years.One big reason for the decline stupid decisions by your greedy stupid elite and when the day comes for the fall and break up of your country the rest of us outside the US will quickly move on.

  • I always thought online shopping would cause the end of main street style trading in small towns, and even large towns, but I didn't think suburban malls in big cities would prove unprofitable so quickly… – i mean, it's only been around 15 years or so since Ebay etc came along. Kinda scary how inventions can shape society and have unforseen impact on the future. Cool vids guys, keep it up. Subscribed ; )

  • I never liked the mall, mall shopping, the whole mall experience. I shopped non mall stores unless I had no other alternatives for a specific item usually a gift item. Malls were overpriced and many people there just to hang out and in the way.

  • And compare this scene to Malls in China! Packed with people shopping! And this is what we have been left with. Thanks Globalists! They are responsible for this decay and the redistribution of wealth and jobs to Red China. Dead Malls where people used to shop and work. A Ghost Mall.

  • That incidental music or theme music that suddenly comes on sounds like the mall's own, as if signaling it back to life, or bringing healthful life to it again somehow. Maybe that's too creepy, though.

  • Yooooo, is this the Wilson Mall in NC? I went to college out there. I’ve been in that mall before it closed. How’d you get in?

  • It is interesting to see that they had the police department and city hall here. Unless those were stores selling some interesting things I am surprised those parts of the mall are not still in use. I mean it is possible they opened a new city hall. It would be interesting to get a copy of the mall map that said what stores were where and than take that with you when you explore the place to try to orient yourself with the map and see if you can identify which store was what.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong. But this mall looks just like the one that had been used in Zombieland: Double Tap during some of the earlier scenes.

  • Food Court – that's funny Wilson Mall, formerly called Parkwood Mall, never had that, however the place did have a few eateries – it was a gathering spot for decades for many who had nothing else to do – some say Wilson Mall was one of the reasons Wilson NC downtown business district went to shit – it was a former early shopping center in the 70's then rebuilt as a mall, the theater outside partially blocking the main entrance is still open – high store rent, crappy economics and bad feng shui with the theater building in front helped close it. Interesting, downtown Wilson NC is now on a progressive come back.

  • There is a restaurant, K and W cafeteria connected to the mall as well. And a fairly new Movie theater in the same parking lot. Old money in WIlson NC has no vision. No way nothing could have been done with that property, even if the city have to chip in.

  • 3:53
    Who thought it's a good ideas to open business in a shutdown mall?
    It's just like a hospital place near bay a graveyard.
    Rent gotta be so cheap

  • I know this mall. There were so many plans to for how it could have been used as a community center. However, those piece-of-crap owners wouldn't budge on any opportunities. Now the inside is melting like this, while the stuff on the outside/edge of the mall is thriving – i.e. Roses, A&W Cafeteria, and the Movie Theatre.

    On second thought, it's been too long since I was inside. Can't even tell if this is the same mall as the one I'm talking about.

    Further watching, yeah, this is it. Those owners were wack and it was a huge missed opportunity for the surrounding community.

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