Anthem Outlet Mall | The 5 Stores You Don’t Want to Miss

Updated : Sep 12, 2019 in Articles

Anthem Outlet Mall | The 5 Stores You Don’t Want to Miss

Are you curious about the Anthem Outlet
Mall? Are you getting ready to do your holiday shopping? Maybe you’re scoping
out the best places for Black Friday deals! Either way the Outlets at Anthem
is a great place to start. Today I’ll be showing you the five stores you don’t
want to miss. Let’s go! Hey everyone, it’s Lindsay! I’m a REALTOR®
with the Wise Move AZ team, right here in Anthem, Arizona. If you want to stay up to
date on all things Anthem and real estate then you need to hit that
subscribe button. You’re also going to want to hit that little bell icon so
that you’re the first to know when our new videos are posted every single
Thursday! If you’re thinking about heading to the Outlets at Anthem then
you have come to the right place. By the end of this video you’ll have a list of
the five stores you don’t want to miss! As a proud Anthem resident and a lover
of shopping I visit the outlet mall… more than I’d care to admit… don’t judge me!
So, I’m excited to share some of the must visit stores with you. Oh and did I
mention I’ll also include the most important thing you need to do before
heading to the outlet mall and where to park when you get there. Yep!
So make sure you stick around until the end of this video. Alright, here we
are at the Outlets at Anthem. The mall is located at the corner of the I-17 and
Anthem Way. They have a ginormous sign, so you won’t miss it if you’re heading out
here for the first time. The first store you don’t want to miss is the Coach
Factory Outlet. Obviously they’re known for premium handbags and accessories for
both women and men but the best part about this store is that they usually
hand you a coupon when you walk in the door, and the staff are always very
friendly and attentive. This could be the perfect place to get a holiday gift for
that special someone in your life! The second store you need to visit is the
J.Crew Factory Outlet. They always have great sales in store and it could be a
great place to find gifts for the family or a gift for yourself and your wardrobe,
as we start to see some cooler temperatures roll in. Store number three
is Under Armour. Now, anyone who knows me personally, knows that I love a good deal
and let me tell you I love a good deal on workout clothes like I love a
well-priced house! So, when I go to Under Armour I
always head to the back of the store just before the shoes because that’s
where they typically have the sales racks. They do have other sales throughout
the store but that’s just where I like to start. The fourth store I want to recommend
is the Columbia Factory Store. Now, the cool thing about this store is
that you can often get really good deals on ‘off-season’ clothing which means if
you’re visiting a colder part of the country over the holidays you might be
able to snag a down jacket at the Columbia store right here in Anthem
before heading off to colder weather. Okay, so are you thinking ‘Do they only
sell clothes at this mall?’ Well, no I just like clothes…a whole lot, but don’t worry
for my fifth recommendation I encourage you to check out Kitchen Collection. This
is hands down the best place in Anthem to get your kitchen gadgets and hostess/housewarming gifts over the holidays, and the staff here are super
knowledgeable. Alright, those are the five stores you won’t want to miss when
you visit the Outlets at Anthem, but wait! Didn’t I promise you tips on what to do
before heading to the mall and where to park? Before you head to the mall you
need to hop on their website and print their awesome coupon sheet. Here is
what you’re going to do: first, you’re going to go to, then you’re
going to navigate over to visitor and hit the drop-down that says ‘Elite
Rewards Card’. You’ll see on this page that you can click and receive your very
own downloadable (and printable) copy of all the coupons. Right now they have
coupons to all of the stores I mentioned and way more. Iif you don’t have access to
a printer don’t worry you can always stop by their customer service desk in
the food court and they’ll give you a copy. Now, my advice on where to park. It
might not matter during the cooler winter months but if you’re going to visit
the outlet mall during the heat of the summer you definitely want to seek out
that covered parking. I’m telling you, when it’s 115 degrees out you need all
the help you can get. So, to access these spots you’re going to go to the far
north end of the mall. You might be tempted to turn
right when you first drive in because you see all the awesome stores and you
can’t wait, but I promise, keep going straight until you see the covered
parking on your right. If watching this video has made you fall in love with
Anthem and you’re wondering: ‘Should we move here?’ Then you’ll definitely want to
click the link in the description below that says Find your Anthem Dream Home.
Also, if you’re coming to visit the Outlets at Anthem, you may be looking for
other activities for the family to do while you’re here. Well good news, we’ve
put together a brand new guide of 10 activities in Anthem Arizona that you
don’t want to miss. You’ll find a link to this guide in the description box below.
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Last but not least, if you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell their Anthem or North Phoenix home please give me a call, it’s always the right time to
make a wise move with the Wise Move AZ Team! See YOU on the next video!


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