Amid coronavirus panic, customers pack stores for household essentials and food


  • People need to just calm down and stop listening to all the hype coming from the news media talking heads.

  • Coronavirus is in Washington, so what do they do? Go out to a crowded store with potentially infected people and stand in long lines for hours with them. I think Darwin might have some words of wisdom for these folks.

  • There are now reports that some News Stations/Reporters/Videographers are clearing shelf spaces to create the visuals of empty shelves so they can report their stories as a "crisis". Their motto: "if we can't find a story, we'll create one!"

  • Lol I told my husband
    Me: I want you to take out all the white and black tees you don't want anymore so I can make scraps and use them as toilet paper.
    Him: excuse me you, Have more clothes then I do.
    Me: sorry hunny we have no choice at this point the way things are going
    Him: hes half Salvi so… Esta vicha wanting to get rid. Of my white tees for toilet paper, who does she think she is..

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