Amazon Prime Review 2019 + 13 HIDDEN Prime Benefits!


  • Nice 13 benefits to gain from prime. Good to know your Edge or benefits in prime, it will help you.

  • I’m Glad you did a Video on this …you just reminded me I needed it n it’s other benefits…because it k pay for itself in many ways!!!! You’re the MAN!!! Good Job

  • You earn 500k a year, yet shill amazon prime links for your own personal gain to poor people to keep them even more poor when really this channel is meant to be about financial freedom..shame really

  • Regarding Whole Foods. You said Scan The App. And you get the deal. Unclear as to which app. Prime Now app? Thanks for the

  • I didn’t know about the photo storage! Also, didn’t realize I could be getting free books and reading free stuff without having a kindle. Cool.
    Marvelous Mrs Maisel is my favorite show on Amazon Prime. Costumes, sets, and music on that show are wonderful!

  • Here are the benefits I was already aware of

    1. 2 day and free shipping
    2. Prime Video
    3. Prime music
    4. $1 digital rewards for no rush shipping

  • Ya whoever is scrolling through the comments I hope you have a phenomenal day. Get ya bread and all the crumbs too. Stack and act broke Ladies and Gents 😤🙌🏾

  • Unfortunately on the Amazon prime card, non Amazon purchases may subjected to a $10.70 service fee per transaction.

  • This channel is becoming so commercial instead of helpful and informational? Why don’t you just sit there with a begging bowl?

  • Thanks Ryan question a previous video you had mentioned an on line school skill set? You said it had 28 k courses I was trying to find that video to find the school?

  • The donating .5% of your order. If you do that you don't get 5% on your orders when using your Amazon Prime Credit Card (if you have one). . You default the 5% and you only get to donate .5%. You loose your 5%. I read that over a year ago on Amazon. Did they change that?

  • Wow I didn't actually know a lot of stuff, like for example that you can link 2 accounts together, I'm gonna try that with my girlfriend later! Or that Twitch is owned by Amazon! Always very informative videos Ryan, thanks.

  • I have been using the Prime VISA now for a few months. Being that I shop at Whole Foods and Amazon like crazy, its great. Cool metal credit card too. I pay it in full weekly as I check my receipts against it.

  • Thank you Ryan Scribner for the helpful details. I discovered many benefits I didn't know Amazon. Smile is a great idea I knew already, still helpful reminder. Cheers☕

  • The UK being tiny, we get the option of same day shipping on some items and next day for most. Prime video has saved me a bunch of cash already – currently working my way through Elementary. Prime wardrobe is handy dandy. First Reads didn't move my furniture so i pulled out. Kindle Unlimited was slightly better than Prime Reading but PR is decent enough.
    I'll have to look into the credit card thing – see what the deal is here. You've inspired me to look for other benefits i may have missed.
    Totally recommend Prime too 👍

  • Yay! Never paid attention to the no rush shipping. This will come in handy since I rent a lot of Amazon videos!

  • Prime credit card link isn’t there but it’s all good.
    I actually DID learn a couple things that I didn’t know.

    Doesn’t really surprise me though, I seem to do that everytime I watch one of your videos

  • Didn’t know about the student deals at all.
    Not the Amazon credit cards, I’m sure I got mail on the subject and just never opened it.
    Had no clue about the 3-5%

  • I got scammed out of a return for $166. Since then, it made me think twice about buying on Amazon and probably saved a lot of money by doing so.


  • UK its 80 pound not including music. but also some other things are not available to uk people
    but you have to be careful using photo storage if you stop being a prime member that will end or you will be charged for that service by itself..

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