Amazon Keywords


  • Amazon keywords from AMZ3 PRO are often very low competition terms. This video will show you how to target those terms and covers the most important on page SEO ranking factors.

  • Hey Jack. Love your training as always. Your page is in the #10 spot from my incognito geo search, amazing really.

    Quick question – where you talk about the importance of where the keyword is (Title, URL, H1, etc), #4 you state "Keyword in internal link with keyword in linked page H1". Could you expand on how to do this exactly? I noticed on your test post you didn't do this and have heard a theory (yet to test myself….but will soon) of wrapping an internal page link in the posts' H1 tag. Actually, the "internal link" is that posts' permalink, from what I've been told. Is this what you are talking about?

    Mind if I post your vid in Cliff's Skype group?

  • What's the tool that your company uses? I know you said you can do that in the browser but your tool looks much simpler to look up all in text and stuff.

    where can we get that tool or is there an easy way to do that on a browser?

    thanks and great video!!

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