Amazon Echo Show New Skill  – Show And Tell

Updated : Jan 05, 2020 in Articles

Amazon Echo Show New Skill – Show And Tell

hi this is Esther Kane with I wanted to show you today this new skill that Amazon put out for
its echo show product. If you’re not familiar with the echo show it’s the
Alexa product that has a screen. I’ll show you actually right there. This is it
right here. You can do face to face conversations with others that have the Echo show, you can use it just like you would any other
Alexa product, the difference is this one has a screen. It can show you recipes and all kinds of things. Today I’m going to talk about a
new feature (they call them skills). It’s called Show and Tell. You can hold up a product to the Echo Show camera and it will tell you what you are holding. It’s meant for
people who are blind or visually impaired. So I’m going to give it a test.
Spoiler alert it doesn’t always work. It will not work with products that
don’t have a label on it so you need to use products that have labels. I’m
going to try it with these three products. We’re gonna do the Fancy Feast trout flavor, Orville Redenbacher’s microwave popcorn. And we’re gonna do Progresso’s Chicken and Wild Rice soup. So let’s see how it works
I’m gonna point the camera over to the echo show and take it from there. I’m not
very good with video but we’ll give it a try. Alexa what’s in my hand? You point the product to the
camera. Make sure the label that can read the
label it looks like Progresso chicken and wild rice soup. Alright! It got it!
Let’s try the next one. Alexa what am i holding? – Let’s see. I think that’s Orville Redenbacher’s
Cheddar Cheese microwave popcorn for more info on this product say alexa
details. Well it is Orville Redenbacher’s but it’s Simply Salted not Cheddar
Cheese. So not a hundred percent but close, close Alexa what am i holding? – Let’s see Show me another side, show me another
side. Fancy Feast cat food flake trout feast. Well, it got it! So pretty good! It got two out of three. Although it
did recognize that it was Orville Redenbacher’s it just didn’t read the
Simply Salted so it may be just the way you have to hold it – not quite sure. But
they just came out with that skill. It’s pretty awesome. So if you have a senior
loved one who has trouble seeing, I know my mother did. As she got older she could never tell the difference between a shampoo bottle and the conditioner bottle
because they’re both sometimes you know exactly the same. So this would have been very helpful for her. But give it a try. Alright if you like our videos click on
subscribe! We’re always trying to do videos for you whether you’re Aging in
Place or a caregiver caring for a senior loved one. Check it out. Alright,
thanks and have a great day bye!


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