Alright! | Backpackers | Ep 3/3 – Rehnuma | Mini Web Series | ft. Ambrish Verma

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Alright! | Backpackers | Ep 3/3 – Rehnuma | Mini Web Series | ft. Ambrish Verma

Guys Please SUBSCRIBE to ALRIGHT! Anny Anny! Anny are you dumb? I was leading you guys till maggi point right? You guys should have followed me.. Why did you called me dumb in front of Bisht uncle You guys are in a relationship? We are not in a relationship Shit.. Shit.. Are you drunk or what, you can not even walk and you want to go on trek Guys I think I have a plan We plan our journey But the fact is the journey plans things for us It was not my plan to come on a solo trip with three people It was not my plan to stay here for 7 days instead of 2 days It was not my plan to hang up on my boss call and Era To meet Era and realizing after meeting her that actually I am very exciting, it was not my plan Well unplanned things are quite exciting Whose idea is this? It was my idea I was sure it was some dumb person’s idea You are dumb! If you have problem with this then I’ll get you bubblegum on our way back home.. and you can keep on inflating balloons from it on our way back.. Common guys let’s do it I have a four page bucket list of my fantasies If I’ll die who will fulfill them Ok guys.. On a serious note Body can get paralyzed It’s chilling as it is December, This is too risky Guys we have taken so many different variety of risks on this trip and within 5, 6 minutes body will adapt to waters temperature Era that’s not the point Common Era Oh my god!! He jumped How’s water? It’s normal.. Come What’s up? Chilling! You were becoming hero outside there Now what happened? It is cold in here Listen Just relax! So Come Within some time body will adapt waters temperature You are feeling better? Yes! Oh my god!! Guys how peaceful it is here! Until now You just ruined it Have you guys packed everything? It is almost done Guys When we were kids and we used to go on trips While coming back from it I used to wish that please let’s miss that train Today I am feeling like that only Let’s have these sad goodbye talk when we will actually say goodbyes I have some work in market Will meet you guys in resort You want to come? Let’s go Nice You didn’t even made me realized and you bought me on a date Have I done anything wrong/ It’s ok.. Let’s go back, it’s ok.. No, now that we are here let’s just have coffee Bhaiya! 2 Coffee’s Hot or cold? Hot!! I got something for you Wao.. It is a canvas.. I don’t know how to paint It is expected from you But try it someday.. It’s actually like meditation If you are ever feeling low in your life Just take the brushes and paint What you have to paint is your only concern.. Thank you.. But it was not needed Yes, it was needed.. I have traded for the very first time on UPSTOX I had to donate something to my guru Seriously? You have started it Yes! But you have done it carefully right? Ye I have done all the research and have taken help from UPSTOX chatting tool You are good! Not, you You Talk respectfully Actually, I have Tata and Reliance shares So some respect.. So where are you heading next? I was thinking Manali Manali is a very nice place Have you been there? Namrata told me Still not over her No.. No.. It just reminded me I have even deleted all her photos What do you think about me? Leave.. Shit! You are one of the best places I have ever visited You have so many shades You are new everyday.. It doesn’t happen like that Do you think we have a chance? I really wish if there was any but To be honest I am like Namrata I really like you today but you know what Kanan after exploring all the chances I’ll get bored and I’ll feel stuck We just get used to roaming around But at some point you will have to get settled with somebody right? Yes In fact I know When time will be right I’ll but now it’s not the time For now I just want to explore Are you sure you don’t have regrets in your life I think one will be there Ok guys Ok brother! You pig.. and your face looks like pig.. Okyy then.. Bye.. If hugs are done let’s have sad conversations now Right? If your would be husband will trouble you just let me know.. I have friends in Australia You will come to my marriage right? Actually I have some passport issues It can be made very easily Ok will try.. Do come.. Ok buddy! It was nice meeting you.. If you get your passport come to Beijing We will chill together.. Ok bro! Ok now it’s time for my bus.. It had fun with you guys We didn’t had much fun with you but you were manageable.. Ok.. Ok bye! Bye Kanan! Actually I left my charger in your bag Please check it once.. Yes I’ll look for it It was of white color.. Yes.. You take your head outside the window It is dangerous Ok.. We think that journey is over now.. but Journey never ends.. and even if by mistake it ends.. then you can restart it.. It is your journey.. Bhaiya just stop the bus.. Hey guys we really hope that you liked our web series BACKPACKERS season finale and if you liked BACKPACKERS then LIKE & SHARE this video and if in any of your journeys you have met someone like Era then do tell us in the COMMENTS and guys don’t forget to download the app UPSTOX and register for a free Demat account, you can use the coupon code PXJAN300 you can avail up to 300 rupees off on Flipkart Also first time users can avail benefit up to 28,000 rupees Common guys go do it.. and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to ALRIGHT and be ALRIGHT!!


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