A Long Way Down Review (Game) Rundenstrategie Dungeon mit Karten (Deutsch-German, many subtitles)

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A Long Way Down Review (Game) Rundenstrategie Dungeon mit Karten (Deutsch-German, many subtitles)

A Long Way Down is a mix of a dungeon
Crawler and a deck-building deck of cards, with a little board game and Roguelike elements
and a lot of turn strategy. If that sounds interesting to you,
then you are exactly right here. In case you don’t get started with the terms now
you could, I’ll go into more detail in a minute to explain. Moin Moin, I’m the Zap. I present you here A Long Way Down and
show you what it’s about, how it plays and give you all the information you need
to be able to decide whether this game is something is for you or not. In the end there is also a rating, but with
you can get all the information from this post then to some extent form your own opinion. ► A Long Way Down – developer and story
A Long Way Down is a new game by one small French indie team called Seenapsis
Studio. It is published by Goblinz Studios, one
also a rather small company. So here we have a 100% indie game
to do. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not
could be good game. In A Long Way Down we play Sam, one
Witcher who recently mysteriously died. But his soul is now in one in the limbus
Trapped sub sphere. It is led by a medium that just
groomed his body and that with spirits, how we are now can speak. Apparently this side hell is a labyrinth
and our friend gets us some weapons, in the form of playing cards. With these we can maybe the monsters
defeat in the maze, but then it shows up an ominous dungeon master who complains
that his cards were stolen and he promises that we won’t escape so quickly
become. ► A Long Way Down – Early Access and Release
The game will be played on 16 January 2020 on Steam in Early Access
go. The price will still be announced
but I guess he won’t be over 20 € lie. It is also a version for Nintendo Switch
planned. Whether there are also versions for Playstation
4 and Xbox One is not yet known. It is also unknown how long the Early
Access phase will last. Early access obviously means that
Game is not yet 100% finished. To anticipate, I think it works
especially balancing in this game, because the bow side already looks very positive
off, but more on that later. With this, players can now also
get in, with feedback to the developers influence further development and their
Contribute opinion if desired. ► Game type – what game is A Long
Way down? A Long Way Down mixes all sorts of genres together. First, there are randomly generated dungeons,
that we have to fight through. They consist of platforms suspended in the limbus. However, these have a lot of gaps
in the ways. Here comes a board game component
in the game. In each round we can choose from a selection
of dungeon components close these gaps or open up new ones so that monsters may
can no longer pursue us. There are also many special cards, too
later more. If we go forward through the dungeon
travel, we come across numerous monsters, that we fight in turn-based tactics
can defeat. We have different spells and
Skills available that we have through playing cards but also get through equipment. And our goal is to have the bottom dungeon
to reach where the sinister dungeon master waiting for us. He has to be found and defeated in order to
to get our captive soul free. ► Technology, graphics, sound
A long way down was with the Unity Engine created. This is a stable basis what
also has a positive impact on the game. Because throughout the test period, that’s me
Game didn’t even crash. Nothing jerky or otherwise technical
worked incomplete. A few German texts were too long for
their text fields. Speaking of German texts,
the game has been translated into numerous languages. And at least the German text translation
is extremely strong, correct and almost complete. I rarely have a non-AAA game from the
Seen abroad that so good Had translation. There is voice output at A Long Way Down
at least not yet. All story conversations are in dialogue scenes
shown, with the text at the bottom of the screen stands and you have to press a button if
one has finished reading. I think it is possible that maybe
one more during the early access phase Could give speech. I would appreciate it. The music pieces in the game are of high quality
Samples don’t create and don’t remember very negative about elevator music. However, I have already noticed that
the composer here is very strong with copy & paste worked and that’s why they hear each other
a few pieces each for themselves quite repetitive. And there aren’t many of them yet. Here the game could use some improvement. ► Gameplay dungeons
The game is divided into levels, maps or maps, as you may call it now. These cards give you certain tasks
such as “Reach the portal in the end “or” defeat the terrible one
bad boss in the middle “. There are also often side missions for
which gives you extra rewards when you reach the quest goal gets, but if they fail, make
that doesn’t matter. Incidentally, these cards are procedurally generated,
or more simply, randomly generated according to certain specifications. So every replay of a map is always something
different. The process in the dungeon is divided into rounds. In a round we can go a few fields
go, from a selected selection Select something in dungeon components and thus
rebuild the dungeon, close gaps, monsters Block paths by removing components
or twist and some other specials. How many parts and movements we can make
is shown at the bottom right. And the range of motion becomes the same
Mark on the dungeon floor. We have used up our options
or press the “finish lap” button the monsters and the dungeon master’s turn. The monsters try us in the butt
bite if they can get to us. And the dungeon master takes out our dungeon parts
Stock components and distribute them somewhere in the dungeon. Here there are often situations where the trains
of the dungeon master annoy us. He likes to turn parts of our way so that
we can’t get through it, build the monsters new ways of chasing us or destroying parts
of the way we just built ourselves to have. In the levels there are many different ones
Monsters, also a selection of special fields, like teleporters, shrines with special functions,
or a portal where we leave the level can without losing our equipment. Because if we die on a map, we lose
we all loot we’ve found so far. While you’re on the map, you can
you look into the inventory. However, you should not use this prepared setup
change in the map, except for a certain one Shrine, which is often very well hidden. When you’ve got a card, you come
in a space where you can put your equipment and adapt maps, upgrade or new ones
can craft. ► Gameplay character, equipment and game cards
Now this little space is in the limbus optically very tiny, but offers the
actual tactical decisions. Because here we can exchange our equipment
and adapt our card deck to our wishes. Our character has no character class. Whether it’s more durable, trimmed for damage or
we have a tactical balance his equip that we put into his 5 gear slots
stuck. This changes his six basic values
Health, power, defense, crit chance, crit strength and movement. In addition, most items also have
still integrated spells that we fight in just like the playing cards can use. Speaking of playing cards, after a few hours
I already have 25 different seasons Can collect playing cards, but they fit
of course not all in the card deck. Because in addition to the 4 possible spells from the
Armor and our standard attack We only have room for 15 magic cards. So we have to tinker around a lot,
what skills and spells we want to take with us. And of course this also has a very strong impact,
like our character later in the fight suggests. And because that’s not yet complex enough,
we can do the equipment and cards too still improve: ► Gameplay upgrades and crafting
In the limbus relaxation room we have access to that Upgrade and crafting interface. Playing cards as well as equipment we don’t
need or have very often, we can disassemble and get dust for it. With this dust, in turn, we can
Upgrade cards or copies of existing ones Create cards and items. And with some quests we get a reward
Recipes. These blueprints give us the opportunity
open up multiple cards for a better one Merge card or equipment items
to produce that cannot be found in this way. ► Gameplay – companions or companions
Up to three opponents can fight us face at the same time. So that in the later course of the game
there is still a little bit better to survive Companions that we can find. So far I’ve had the Roman warrior here
Met Marcus and the somewhat vain magician Nefi. At the moment these two are probably the only ones
Companion. Whether there will be other companions later
is not yet known to me. But an expansion would not be so
complicated. We can also use these companions
equip your own equipment. But this expands the card deck
Not. Only the number of actions in a fight round
is increased. And then they have different basic orientations. So Marcus can be firmer with standard attacks
strike, while Nefi cast many spells gets a bonus. ► State of the game
A Long Way Down surprised me a lot. Because for a title that is just in the
You can find early access almost here no bugs. I never encountered crashes and
also placeholders or missing translations was extremely rare. Here the game can already be a strong one
Show side. Especially with balancing you still have to work
become. The campaign begins with a gentle tutorial. This is also possible afterwards in the second world
with a demanding but fair level of difficulty further. The third level of the second world, however, has
turned out to be a blocker for me. Even after 5 attempts I did not succeed
to even get close to the end of the level. Appropriate feedback from me is already
ended up with the developers. I hope they might be a couple of things
can make improvements until the release. ► Opinion and conclusion
I’m actually not a card player. Games like Hearthstone, Gwent or the like
are not yet under my spell can pull. The mix of card game, dungeon crawler RPG
and board game in A Long Way Down got me but immediately sucked in and gave me a lot
Fun. The tactical depth both when going through
the level, as well as when tuning equipment and deck of cards, I was very impressed. So I was all the more frustrated that I wasn’t
could continue playing because the sixth level hasn’t shown me a way yet
how I could do it. I suspect this will be fixed quickly
becomes. But that’s not what I feel at the moment
possible to properly scale the scope of the game rate since I don’t reach the end
could. I have screens of at least 5 different ones
Seen graphic sets for dungeon components. Every world has three levels per graphic set, so
I assume that the game as a whole lowest minimum has 15 levels. A level lasts between 20 and 60 minutes,
The tendency is increasing. So I guess the scope of the game is more
than will be 10 hours. But a reliable statement can be made
I have not yet met. The sound of the game is already next to that
criticized balancing even the weaker Page. Both areas still need urgent attention
the developer if you have a real indie hit want to make of it. From there, A Long Way down is already now
a well playable game. And with some tuning and fine tuning
it becomes a real pearl. ► Rating
Since unfortunately no price is known and but I have to finish this review as it
otherwise have to wait a week, I go now just assume that the game
will cost less than € 20. For one thing, the publisher Goblinz Studio
all of his games between 10 and 18 so far Euro settled and since the game in the early
Access goes, you won’t get an extreme price ask for it. I’m pretty sure about that. I am now taking a price for my rating
from € 15 if the actual price should be higher or lower, this will
the rating up a few percent or change below, but not dramatically. Only if it should be over € 20, then
this would result in a massive point deduction. With this in mind, I would like that
Play an 85% base rating in its current form give. It would take a lot of levels and therefore
massive game time, possibly more different Game variants and above all a voice output,
to push this rating further up. I deduct 5% for defects in balancing. I am sure that this will be fixed soon
will be. To do this, please simply use the patch notes on Steam
follow. You can also like in the comments
times ask how it develops Has. I will also be happy for you later
let’s see how it currently looks. The result is a very good one
80% rating for A Long Way Down. I can actually do it with any strategy and
Round strategy Recommend friend. Also role players who like a dungeon
clear empty and make some demands on your head Do not despise, you will find fun here. I would be happy if you gave me yours
Write opinions about the game and maybe we can discuss together what is good or
is bad at stake. Have a look at ZapZockt.de for
more reviews and game news. Subscription button and thumb may be pressed. Then I wish you a great day
you are fine, ciao ciao, your zap

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