60day Grocery Store Tour with Julie

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60day Grocery Store Tour with Julie

Hi, guys. My name is Julie, and I’m
a registered dietitian and national nutrition program
coordinator with Life Time Fitness. And I’m here today to talk
to you a little bit more about how you can dial in your
grocery store shopping habits. Because you know, anybody who’s
starting a new healthy way of life journey or tightening
up on their old one needs to learn how
to eat healthy. And what better way than to
do it at the grocery store? So let’s get started with a
great grocery shopping habit by talking about four quick tips
to maximize your grocery store trips. First and foremost,
shop the perimeter. Staying around the
edges of the store will keep you in check with
most of the healthiest options that they have to offer. Second, make sure you’re
starting your trip in the produce section. That should be where
you’re spending the majority of your
time, loading up on the healthiest,
most nutrient dense and fiber rich
vegetables and fruits. Third, make sure that
you’re planning ahead. Take the time to
put together a list, and also to schedule
your grocery trips each and every week. And finally, it’s
quality over quantity. You don’t have to
have a full basket to make sure that you have
the most nutrient dense foods. Stick to your list
and make sure you have great options in your
cart for you and your family. Let’s get shopping. So the first stop
that you take needs to be the produce section. When you get in here,
enjoy the rainbow of colors and let your
preferences guide you whenever you’re
shopping for what you’d like to eat that week. Go off of your list and
get some great variety. Greens, purples, reds,
yellows, orange– the variety of color is going
to increase the nutrient density of your food and offer
you an opportunity to get a lot of
vitamins and minerals in for you and your family. When it comes to your
vegetable intake, you’re aiming for
five to seven servings of vegetables every day,
or the size of your head. That’s a lot. That’s why you need the most of
those in your basket each time. And when it comes to
fruit, limit to one to two servings a day,
sticking with things that are higher in fiber and
have a great natural sweetness, like berries. After you finish up in
the produce department, your second stop should
be the meat counter. You want to load up on a
wide variety of protein options for your
family, including wild caught fish and shellfish. You can also do grass fed beef
and pasture raised poultry. When it comes to
choosing how much to have at every single meal,
it’s a simple way to go just to use your hand. Women should aim for one
palm size serving of protein at every meal. Men, two. The simple way to
make sure you’re getting enough protein to meet
your healthy way of life needs and gain the muscle
that is going to help you along the way. After you finish loading up
on your great protein options, be sure to swing over
to the bulk section. It’s one of the
most underutilized areas of most grocery stores,
which offer you the biggest bang for your buck. When you swing
over, keep in mind that you can find great options,
including raw nuts and seeds, that can make great snacks
for you and your family. You can also get
some options that include quinoa and
wild and black rice, to give you some healthy
carbohydrate options when you’re adding those
to lunches or dinners. After you finish up over
at the bulk section, head on over to the
cold cases, where you can find your fill
of eggs and dairy. When it comes to
your eggs, you want to make sure that you’re aiming
for the cage free options and organic, whenever possible. Eggs can be a great way
to add protein for you and your family at breakfast,
or for an easy healthy meal throughout the week. When it comes to
your dairy, you want to actually go against the grain
and choose the whole fat dairy. The more healthy fats in your
dairy, the more satisfied you’re going to be
throughout your day. If you’re choosing
non-dairy options, make sure you’re choosing
unsweetened options, and maybe you can
go for those that have a little bit
of vanilla added for a little bit
of extra flavor. If you’re going for cottage
cheese or Greek yogurt, the same rule applies. Go for that full fat
option, and you’ll find you’ll be
satisfied a lot longer. Your next stop can be
the freezer section. There can be a multitude
of great options that can help enhance
your diet here. First, you may want
to consider picking up some frozen vegetables. They can be out of season, and
may last longer in your freezer than they do in
your crisper drawer. Then you may want to pick up
some frozen fruit, as well. That can go great in your
morning breakfast smoothie, or it can make a great dessert
with some heavy cream on it. One of your final thoughts
on your grocery trip is likely going to be
some of the center aisles. Be sure that you’re not spending
too much time or too much money in these aisles, because
all the things that are here are high carbohydrate,
contain a lot of sugar and added ingredients,
and don’t necessarily benefit you on your healthy
way of life journey. When it comes to things
that can help you that you might find
in center aisle, you might look for things
like canned tuna, things like nut butter. You might also find your
spices and your cooking oils. So when you’re heading
over to your center aisles, come with intention
and steer clear of the things that don’t belong
in your cart or in your body. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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