5 Weird Folding Knives on Amazon

Updated : Jan 05, 2020 in Articles

5 Weird Folding Knives on Amazon

What’s up guys, how y’all doing? Today I’m going to show you pretty unique folding knives Regular knives just fold like this nothing special, and then to fold it back together you push it right here and fold it and that’s how most of them work Well lets see what these folding knives do First knife, lets open it up, boom. Theres a clip and on this side how you would fold it is push on this side here Boom and it folds like this, look at that, weird handle sticks apart and, then you can squeeze it the handle together and it’s opens and to fold it that here you push it and then you can fold it. Let me show you close-up how it works again you hold it like this push it, it opens you see how this handle separated then you push the handle together and it opens, boom. you push this to the side to close it and look at closes again, handle moves like this and then it closes. Wow, never seen anything like that Boom Boom Awesome, definitely very unique compared to standard, regular folding folding knife just like this. I guess to open it quickly just fold it like that and close it. not as quick but it’s just very cool and unique. so the next knife, same company brand. Let’s see what this one is all about Oh cool, this one is very unique check this out and here’s a clip What it happens right when you press it you see this thing’s like a button So you press on it and that way its unfold Boom and again to close it you press it right here to fold but Make sure you fold it the right way this way it will not close Boom fold it this way. Definitely not the most comfortable way to open and close the knife But I thought it was just super cool and very unique. I guess with one hand to open it you’d just flip it like that, with one way to close it you just flip it like this Be careful not to cut yourself. and for the next knife Let’s unbox it ooo cool it came with the case there you go, once again to open it look at that Look what happens to the handle and to close it you got to push right here. isn’t it weird, look the whole handle come off Look at that and to close it you gotta move this part Definitely very unique folding system had to include it in the list. and the next one let’s see what this one is all about Whoa what is that? Check this out. this is really thick handle. has a hole out here, there’s a clip that you can clip it to your pants or whatever and this looks like the safety right here Okay, now it’s all for safety or its owner safety Oh yeah, right here let me show you close-up if press this, boom you see something popped up and then it went away so looks like there is definitely a safety so let’s open it up. whoa it flipped off pretty good. what is this for? I guess it’s to close it, okay. wow definitely a fast deployment. pretty thick blade Wow pretty cool but the handle is so thick but hollow in the middle Not the most comfortable handle but at the same time very unique just watch your fingers when you close it. and make sure to keep it on safety when you dont want it to deploy because deployment is pretty easy. let’s see, if I can do this with my one hand, and then to close it Boom it’s doable with one hand, easy to deploy little harder to close with one hand but definitely no question very unique folding knife and for our last folding knife unique and weird folding knife We got right here, well this one is little. check this out? There is a clip for your pocket I usually clip it on my pocket inside of my pocket and this sticks out on the outside but let’s see, how this work I don’t even know. should read the instructions how this works. okay there’s full steps instructions okay think it pops out right here which way though? this is definitely unique look how it pops out regular folding knives full unfold and then you push this part and you fold it together This one check this out you unfold it there is a knife you fold it out then you fold this back together definitely not a fast deployment Also would be a perfect box cutter because it’s pretty small knife once again to close it you open this part right here you push it to close it and then you close this part insane that’s my favourite because it’s so small and it’s not going to deploy easily and it’s fun to just Have it I think this Is my favorite for like a box cutter knife If you have to cut open a lot of boxes I do I always order a lot of cool products and gadgets so this one would be perfect and handy to have I love that design the folding style Ow! Pinch myself a little bit so be careful not to pinch yourself Then you close it boom Awesome, well guys hopefully you enjoyed this little Series of unique knives and if you want to see more please like this video and let me know in comments below if you want me to show you more super cool and unique knives like this, this is honestly two of my favourites Well guys thank you for watching click right here to my next video and I’ll see you next time (SUBTITLES BY NISHA HUSSAIN)


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