3 minute Brown Rice and How to Store it for 20 years! HARVEST RIGHT FREEZE DRYER

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3 minute Brown Rice and How to Store it for 20 years! HARVEST RIGHT FREEZE DRYER

hey guys it’s Brian with retired at 40
last night I was making some dinner and we needed some rice and the worst part
about rice as it takes forever to get rice and when you realize in a recipe
that you need rice you pretty much delay your dinner by 30
to 45 minutes so today I’m going to see if we can make freeze-dried rice that’s
already precooked we add some water and it’s ready to rock and roll so we’re
gonna do brown rice and we’re gonna do white rice and we’re gonna do it all in
the instant pot which makes it go by even quicker and it makes a perfect
consistency every time if you don’t have an instant pot you can use a slow cooker
or just use to your traditional method of however you make rice so in the
instant pot you do a 1 to 1 ratio that’s one water to one right so I’m gonna
start off with three I don’t really like doing more than three cups of rice at a
time the first thing you want to do though is strain your rice because all
that extra starch on there that doesn’t get washed off is going to tend to make
your rice kind of mushy I’m gonna do the white rice first so we got our three
cups of pre rinsed white rice we’re gonna add in a 1 to 1 ratio so 3 cups of
water there is our water close the valve we’re gonna go to high pressure and
we’re only gonna do for 4 minutes that’s all there is to it for a white rice I’ll
see you here in a little bit so what we’re waiting for our rice to cook I’m
gonna get my trays out and ready and for rice it’s gonna be really important to
weigh these trays and weigh the rice after it’s done so we know how much
water to put back in to make the same consistency when we’re done so how much
does a harvest right tray way I’m glad you asked we’re gonna find out so we’re
gonna reset the scale so we’re at zero so a harvest right with tray weighs one
pound nine ish ounces let’s weigh a few just to make sure that they’re
consistent so it looks like anywhere between 1 pound 8 ounces and 1 pound 10
ounces not super consistent but we’ll need to know that
so we can subtract that out from the equation later I just started a Facebook
group so people can share tips they can share successes they can share failures
and that link will be down here in the description and now I’m gonna go check
on that rice all right let’s release this pressure I’m gonna fluff it up a little bit got
perfect rice if you’ve ever been to a Chinese restaurant their rice is always
it always sticks together really nice but it’s not mushy and you can always
get that you can always get that result in the instant pot so I’m going to
transfer this to our harvest right tray and then we’re gonna weigh it so three cups fits on one tray perfectly
if you’re trying to maximize your space our weight of three cups of cooked rice
is 4 pounds 5 – I’ll call it 6 ounces the brown rice is the one that irritates
me the most because if you eat it in a recipe it takes forever to make brown
rice it just seems like it’s a lot more dense than white Rice’s I go to i
pressure again but we’re going to go up to 22 minutes for the brown rice I’m
going to go ahead and put this first tray in the deep freeze our brown rice
is now done alright that looks good well my other scale decided to go wonky on me
of course right at the right time so I’ve got a different one I just want to
see if there’s a difference between the brown rice and the white rice so a tray
full of brown rice it’s reading 4 pounds 7 ounces so two ounces really is not a
whole lot so I’m gonna say it’s it’s a it’s the same it’s the same ratio for
white and brown rice the brown rice might be a little bit more dense so it
might require a little bit more water but we’ll just have to see when we go
back to rehydrated I’m gonna load up my other two trays with rice and get them
frozen in the deep freeze overnight and then tomorrow I’m gonna start my freeze dry cycle so I’ll see you then all right we got our white rice we’ve got some brown rice and then
just as a little twist actually did some wild rice too
I think that covers all the Rice’s so I’m going to leave this on default
settings if you’ve done this before and the default settings don’t work leave me
a comment in the comment section alright so the next morning we’re almost at 24
hours and we’re still on the drying cycle we haven’t hit final dry yet so
we’re looking at at least 30 hours if not more at this point
we finally made it to the final dry there was about 4 hours and 40 seconds
four hours of 40 minutes left and we’re over 31 hours already so should be you
finished the late evening tonight and we can get it all bagged
all right we’re all done 35 hours 51 minutes
take these out and we’re gonna get them rehydrated tomorrow I’m really liking
how everything turned out it’s very light and airy it’s incredibly dry you
could powder this if you really wanted to it takes all the hardness out of the
rice so I’m thinking this is going to turn out extremely well it’s gonna store
really well but let’s weigh it and see what the difference is in weight but
we’ll do the brown rice first brown rice is now 2 pounds 12 ounces the white rice
both of these should be the just about the same weight the white rice is now 2
pounds 11 ounces the other tray of white rice is also 2 pounds 11 ounces so
that’s good that means that the brown rice and the white rice are gonna be the
same and we can just add the same amount of water it should be just across the
board same amount of water same weight we can add back in to rehydrate these so
as best I can I’m gonna try and divide this that’s all
laying on here evenly now I’m going to try and take 1/3 of this out so if you
remember when we put it in we put the dried rice in we did 3 cups of dried
rice now I’m not sure how much that yields once it’s cooked it’s probably
more than 3 cups so what I think I’m gonna do before I get real ciyon see I
think I’m just going to do one cup of water back into the 1 cup of dried rice
because a third of this is basically if you if you break it all apart and get it
back down into individual grains of rice it’s one cup so let’s try that first so
there’s 1 cup of rice and we’re gonna add 1 cup of water and you can see just
by adding the water it’s starting to get puffed up already which is a really good
sign but I do want warm rice I don’t want cold rice so I’m gonna throw this
in the microwave for I don’t know maybe a minute one minute didn’t do it that’s looking
better all right so after two minutes you can see it’s really getting the way
you wanted I I do think it needs a little bit more time though so I’m gonna
do one more minute so if you’re doing this from a prepper stance or a
catastrophe stance obviously this isn’t really going to help you because you’re
not going to have a microwave in that circumstance but from a cooking stance
three minutes is perfect and being able to have cooked rice in three
minutes –is at least for me is a big win take a taste test exactly the way that we put it in
strangely enough that’s probably the best experience I’ve ever had with the
freeze dryer I mean it’s dead-on look at that you
know that rice is perfect consistency because of the way it’s holding that
shape so what I’m really curious is if you can do the same with the brown rice
because brown rice takes usually 45 minutes or more to get completely done
if you’re just boiling it on the stove so if you could have brown rice in three
minutes that would be a huge plus okay here goes the brown rice 1 to 1 and this
is just kind of blowing up really quick so I’m gonna throw it in the microwave
for 3 minutes the really good thing about rice is there’s a huge margin for
error because if you get too much water in you just put a little bit more time
on if you get if there’s too little water in you just add a little bit more
water so here’s the brown rice I actually added another minute to it
because it was still really watery brown rice seems like it gets a little bit
bigger and puffier then white rice does so 4 minutes seems like it’s it’s really
good especially after you whip it with the the fork for a while but same thing
it’s just it’s really sticky which is exactly the way it’s supposed to be and
I think most people either over do or under do their rice but that’s exactly
what it’s supposed to be like it’s just supposed to stick together like that so
that is awesome so in four minutes you have instant brown rice I’ve never been
so excited in my life about rice I wonder what 20-year old Brian would
say to 40 old Brian if he knew that he was getting excited about rice we’re on
a roll here so I’m gonna try the wild rice and just do maybe a little bit less
than a cup in this one good news the wild rice turned out just like it should
I think the wild rice I do think it needs a 1 to 1 ratio not less so I would
say rule of thumb for all of the Rice’s do a 1 to 1 ratio I really appreciate
you sticking around on this rice video so I’m actually going to show you how to
vacuum seal in your freeze-dryer chamber to
keep this stuff good for a long time I have three ball jars they’re filled with
each kind of rice that we did and what you want to do is just lightly put the
cap on just a couple threads you still want
this to be loose but you do want the thread to be on it so you do that on all
three of these and then we’re gonna go to the freeze dryer and we’re gonna pull
the Shelf out so you need to take your rubber seal off then you’re gonna pull
your tray out and you should have plenty of slack on your line here you’re gonna
push this red button you want to push that back and then push down on this
black tab and that’ll pull out your whole show if you can remove the entire
shelf that way all right you want to make sure that your chamber is
completely dry and it doesn’t have any particles of food or anything left in
there you just put the tray in where the Shelf was and then we’re gonna put our
rubber gasket back on so to do this you’re not using the freeze dryer itself
you’re just using the pump in the vacuum chamber so you want to close off your
valve to your chamber and then you’re gonna take the pump plug that’s usually
plugged into the back of the machine the machine tells the pump when to turn on
but if you bypass that and just plug the plug it into an outlet directly it’ll
turn on that vacuum pump now this pump is just pulling all the
air out of this chamber and soon as it pulled all this air out of
the chamber it’s going to pull all the air out of here – we’re gonna leave
these sitting in here for about two to three minutes and really make sure that
we’ve got all the air out of there so while we’re waiting for this make sure
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Facebook group it’s a facebook groups retired at 40 live life simple I’ll put
a link down below so you can join that so these have been in for three minutes
we’re just gonna shut the pump off we’re gonna drain the chamber you’re gonna
know if these are done or not because your lid is still gonna be loose and
this is gonna be so tight on there that you’re pretty much just gonna have to
pry it off you can see this one’s really good on there that means all your air is
out and you’ve got rice for a long time three-minute rice well that’s all for
this week this is retired at 40 do you remember to live life simple and we will
catch you next week


  • Thanks for the video. I'm looking at getting a freeze dryer not long from know and your videos have been great.

  • Please tell me you are a free man who doesn't live in Communist Denver. I feel so very sorry for those who have lost their freedom.

  • unless i missed it, i dont see what you did to stabilize the fats in the brown and wild or evebn defat it. if you didnt then there is no way it will store anywhere 20 years

  • I have done a but of rice. I tend to rehydrate with warm water and let it sit with one stir for 5-10 minutes. It does come out great as you indicate.
    You might try parboiled white rice rather than polished white rice. The parboiled (traditional method of hulling) has most of the nutrients, but not the fiber, of brown rice.

  • This is awesome info to know. Thanks for sharing! Curious though…. In a cooking situation, why wouldn't you just use the instapot of it's only 4 mins?

  • Looks like you need to change out your batteries in the scale. When scales jump around like that it is time to change them.

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