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I saw someone he was coming from over there. He is coming he is coming ahhh. I want to get out now. Shark Blobby? Wake up! Shhhh I hear the workers! Hey guys it’s me Sedona and today we are back again with another video but not any video! Today we are doing another 24 Hour Challenge at the Mall! And I have a quarter of the whole family here. Gabriel is asleep Hannah is just like Bubba Yeah, let’s pull the blanket up on him cause he looks cold and then we have Sid and Sarah at the back. we’ll have
to find a place to stay overnight we have a blanket and we have some overnight
stuff and some snacks we are gonna go to Starbucks and get our I only packed water and I have water too okay so let’s do it
and Timmy is here yes, hi Timmy say hi Timmy. Hi. What do you think would
be a good place to hide? Tokyo World, Starbucks! no they will close those stores. Tokyo World! We will have
to hide in a bathroom or something. Tokyo World. No it’s small! Are we gonna pretend
we are plushies? Let’s hide in the presents! yeah My two sets of twins are sleeping! Sid and Sarah are sleeping and these two are slepping okay we are looking for a place where we
could actually hide because they are gonna close soon maybe the could go and hide there behind
the teddy bear I don’t think there’s enough space though yeah I think we should. Where are we going now? So we got our
Starbucks snacks and now we are gonna go and see if we can find a quiet spots to
hide okay let’s go guys it’s still pretty busy right now should
we go to Dick’s and go in the tent? oh we can’t go in the tent though shall we just look anyways yeah maybe
it’s open what the tent is open? Yes. It is? shall we go inside the tent maybe it
only looks like it’s open are you excited or are you scared? Excited! this is cool but people can see inside
camping in the mall I saw a little tent that might be open. It’s open! Which one? See? It’s open! Aw the stupid net! I thought I could unzip this. It’s all locked guys! boring this looks so good
look oh my goodness to me are you getting stuck in the chair
just be careful so where shall we look I Mom can we eat here we’re kind of
like camping here at Dick’s it’s a shame we can’t get inside the tents
but cook it it would be so cool wouldn’t it
let me look over there guys all sleeping bags too. Oh we could hide here
don’t know if they have any cameras here I found the hiding spots come and
have a look quickly maybe here yeah we can stay here until
they close and they have sleeping bags too You’re causing too much commotion
they probably see that on camera let’s move quickly because if they see us to
keep going in and out they’ll be suspicious I am somebody will notice. I will grab all the chairs. They will notice that some chairs are missing okay guys we are
doing it we are moving into our quiet spot over there we have a little shelf
here okay it looks good sweetie I think you should move your
yellow chair because you can see it through that hole move more because there
is like see-through shelving and here are after ouch
thank you Timmy do you wanna share the blanket? I’m
gonna be the spy. Share the blanket with me. wait I want you to I’m gonna be spying
through the hole in the middle of the night okay guys so they close at 9:00
and it’s almost 9:00 and you’re settling down the light is so bright in there I
think I like I might go and get a sleeping bag what I saw someone he was coming from over there. He is coming he is coming ahhh. I want to get out now. So scary. Where is he? I saw him. Up there! Oh there he is! There he is! I saw him, he just walked past! I saw him walk past! This is the haul what I got for Gabriel. I got him nice camouflaged pants! I am just gonna- I think it’s the workers stacking the
shelves. I know okay, these are more like PJs so I am gonna dress him in this yeah He is so cute! that’s a cute one. There is another one. where’s Sara
I don’t know isn’t she in the… huh she is not in there! She is not in there? Let me check! Is she there? I don’t see her. SARAH! Sarah’s outside! Sarah’s outside? Go and get her then! okay! I see a man he’s coming he’s coming so guys this is my Ice Cream Sandwich
squishy oh man it’s so slow rising and it smells nice
it smells like like soap Wow red so it looks so really it’s a bread pretzel mmm
that’s most amazing to guys I love these squishies they’re amazing they cost five
dollars or 490 something and this is Timmy’s I don’t know if he wants to take
it out of the packaging pick it up and just slow rising yeah this much so much
it’s like perfume thingies oh my goodness oh look it says happy birt because the birthday
oh yeah because when the cake is like that it says happy
birthday but like this it’s happy birt let’s look at her cute Gabe looks yeah
oh and I forgot Blobby Shark! Aw they are waving at us!I love Blobby Shark. I can be your friend but stop don’t you dare bite
myself in here please please don’t fight he’s very hungry still hungry
oops nice hole grease quick-quick okay did they see you Timmy
they saw you they saw you running in here oh my god okay guys I think we’ll
have to move from this place because somebody saw us
man he’s hiding in me look at Gabriel he’s sitting in a boat guys it’s closed
now so we’re gonna walk around a little bit the main door is closed what are we gonna do guys I see you I’m come exploring here It’s locked up how are we gonna get out I wanna get out
now no no you can’t do that you can’t do that hello sweetie so don’t come are you
going it’s all locked up I’m scared no you’re not now this skateboard is amazing I pass it
in here mama you’re gonna try this I saw this bike
and I was just like oh my god do not like go just pedal pedal pedal! so guys
my mom is on the skate board there she is she’s gonna crash it to a toy she’s
pretty good no no kids never go on the safe I’ll
look here it’s the music if we’re gonna switch off not to like could you see a
Shark Blobby’s nostril and yes Sid is asleep so
so guys it’s more comfortable here mommy we are in a more open area
yeah but nobody’s here workers are not here they all went home
the gate was shut you saw that guys I wish they switched the light off because
it’s like so bright can you sorry so anyways we are sleeping here
I’m so scared right now well the workers are gone so it’s okay Shark Blobby Shark Blobby. Don’t be scared! Shark Blobby stop stop Shark Blobby stop eating the
camera Shark Bobby you want to be our pet? You do? Then could you not bite us please? hug me give me a hug you promise not to
bite don’t bite don’t bite! he licked it. give me hug
so guys it’s 2.38 am yeah and we are still here
I can’t believe we’re still here guys but anyways I’m gonna go downstairs okay
if you can get out because they have to forget or what do you call that single
play not probably guys anyways I’m gonna see you in there in a few hours or in
the morning and she was right guys I just want to say goodnight to Gabriel
I’m Hannah and
okay night-night it’s the morning let’s see what time it is
I didn’t sleep that look at Timmy he is sleeping. Wake up! come on it’s time to go and it’s 7:00 in
the morning it’s 7:00 in the morning now come on we have to go now did me let’s
go let’s go guys I see some workers over there so let’s go hide
yeah we have to wait for them to open the gate okay oh my god quickly hide oh my god oh my goodness i I hear the workers Shh you can’t yell because the workers
are there I don’t know when it’s gonna be safe to come out do you think they
open the gates let’s see if we can I’m gonna see if the
gate is open okay it’s quiet now it’s quiet let’s go guys Timmy let’s go come on yes it’s open its open okay I think it’s
safe to just pre-High five mom yeah I think it’s safe to pretend that we’re just
shopping we can just blend in and we look like
customers so that’s that’s good hey wait why is there like why are you in the same clothes like
from yesterday who the workers that let’s go get some Starbucks me we
have never been here so early have me we always come in your late it’s
kind of weird to see during the daytime I can’t believe that nobody caught us oh
my goodness guys what a night I didn’t sleep that good did you sleep good awesome video make sure to like subscribe for
more awesome videos and make sure you also turn on those post notification
bell anyways bye guys we love you! oh and guys one more thing comment down below if you want me to do more
24-hour challenges okay or any other videos please comment down below your
recommendations or requests and guys if you wanna see the video where I got
my squishies it’s gonna be on my main channel Sedona Fun Kids TV okay
bye guys I am gonna let you go bye

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