20 WAYS TO REDUCE WASTE | Easy Sustainable Lifestyle Hacks | Zero Waste for Beginners | The Edgy Veg

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20 WAYS TO REDUCE WASTE | Easy Sustainable Lifestyle Hacks | Zero Waste for Beginners | The Edgy Veg

– Unique New York. The arsonist had oddly shaped feet. – [Director] Yep, we’re rolling. – Oh, okay, great. Today on the Edgy Veg,
we are going to talk about sustainable swaps
so that you and you and you and you and you
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description box below. Earth Day is just around the corner. It is April 22nd, and I haven’t really put out a lot of things for Earth Day which is kind of crazy because it’s one of my favorite recognized
special event days because I’m a stickler
for keeping thing green, at least, I’m trying to. I’m that annoying person that
will go through the garbage at my house when I have people over, and make sure that all
the recycling is actually in the recycling bin. I’m that person. Swap number one is getting
rid of your Saran Wrap and your aluminum foil and switching for these reusable food wraps. These ones are by Wrappa. This is just this piece of cloth. You can just use this the exact same way that you would use normal cling wrap. The way that it works is this is wax, and you just use the heat of
your hands to make it stick. Let’s say this is a cut in half avocado. All you have to do is
just wrap this like this, and put it in your fridge,
and then two hours later, when you want to finish
that avocado toast, just unwrap it. This works amazing over bowls,
to wrap your sandwiches, cereal, no one saves half-eaten cereal. I’ve completely replaced buying
cling wrap with these guys. You can buy them in different shapes, different sizes, really cute designs. They’re super affordable,
and they’re handmade, so go out and buy them. Swap number two is swap
your plastic water bottles with a reusable water bottle. I like the stainless steel
ones because they work like thermos; they keep hot
things hot and cold things cold. I keep this guy in my backpack,
in my purse, in my gym bag. If I’m catching a flight, I can just fill this up in the bathroom. If I’m at a fast food joint,
I can just ask the guy behind the cashier to fill this up for me. I never leave the house without this. Did you know that
there’s a 280,000% markup on bottled water versus tap water? And you know what? It’s the exact same water. Swap number three is stop
using paper coffee cups. Guys, those things do not recycle. They have a wax and plastic
coating on the inside. Inside, I have this reusable
KeepCup which is so cute. You can get them in all different shapes and sizes and different colors. You can even get glass ones and cork ones. I love this one because it’s plastic, so I can keep it in my backpack
so I always have it with me. And if I drop it, which
I will, it doesn’t break. And, at the end of its life
cycle, you can recycle this. Swap number four is stop using plastic straws and replace them. I switched to reusable
straws after I saw a video of a tortoise having a
vet doctor person pulling a plastic straw out of its nostrils, and it was the most horrifying
thing I’ve ever seen. Stop using plastic
straws, and replace them with either a glass
alternative like I have here or a bamboo or a stainless steel. I prefer glass because I like
the mouthfeel of the glass. If you’re worried about cleaning them, they come with this little
pipe cleaner cleany doohickey, and you just go in, and clean it out. I have six of them. I keep one in my gym bag,
I keep one in my purse, I keep one in my backpack,
I keep a bunch at home. We love it for drinking
smoothies in the morning. When I’m on the go, I just
ask the waiter or waitress or bartender when I’m out to
please not give me a straw. Then, I can just pull
this guy out of my bag or just drink without a straw
because you’re not a baby. You don’t actually need a straw. You can also encourage your
favorite bar, your favorite cafe to swap to paper straws. They’re super trendy, and they biodegrade. Step number five is refuse plastic cutlery and paper napkins when you order takeout. I even refuse wooden
chopsticks at this point. Just say, “No thank you.” No cutlery, no napkins, and no bag when they deliver or when
you’re picking it up. I’ve found that this industry
is super, super wasteful. Every time I was ordering
takeout, I would end up with six plastic forks
and a stack of napkins, and it’s just unnecessary. I have forks at home, so
I’m not going to use them, so they were going
directly in the recycling. If you take nothing else from this video, I want you to stop using
plastic grocery bags. I have this little pouch. I keep it in my purse at all times. It carries two reusable shopping bags. Plastic shopping bags are one
of the most wasteful things. You cannot recycle them
unless you bring them to a grocery store, and
who’s doing that anyway? There are mountains,
floating islands in the ocean that are just plastic
and plastic grocery bags. Stop accepting plastic
bags, please, I beg of you. The environment begs
of you, stop doing it. Be smarter! Step number seven is
replace single use tea bags with one of these, a tea
strainer or a tea ball. This is something I just did recently. I noticed about a month
ago that a lot of the tea that I was buying was coming in individually packaged little tea bags which, a) is super wasteful,
and also, a lot of it was plastic, or the
little doodad on the end was plastic and not paper, why? Use bar soap which often comes naked at your local health food
store, and it’s super cheap. Look at the difference in packaging here. Some people also suggest
replacing your shampoo and conditioner with a bar version of shampoo and conditioner. I’ve tried that, it doesn’t work for me, but I can definitely commit
to replacing my hand soap, my body wash, and any
other soap that I’m using on any other place on my body. Step number nine is use cloth
napkins instead of paper, use handkerchiefs instead of Kleenex, and microfiber towels
instead of paper towel. James actually hates napkins, so we’ve always had cloth napkins at home. All you have to do is just
come home and throw it in the laundry and wash
it with everything else. There’s just something really regal about using actual cloth
products instead of paper ones. They’ll keep you waste-free while saving the world at the same time. Step number 10 is to swap
out your parchment paper for silicone baking mats. My nose is itchy. These guys are amazing. They just go over your baking sheet exactly like parchment paper would, and then you can bake
anything you want on it. You can roast vegetables,
you can bake cookies, and it helps cut down on the oil because you’re not
worried about it sticking to the bottom of the pan. Step number 11 is re-use
old t-shirts and socks to make rags for cleaning your house. This is the thing I learned from my mom. She always did this. She reused our underwear and our socks to clean the toilets in our
house, to clean the floor, anything that she didn’t want to reuse her microfiber rags for. Step number 12 is make your own at-home cleaning products. All you need is a little
bit of vinegar, baking soda, lemon, and essential
oils, and a spray bottle. You can clean your bathtub, literally anything in your house. Sanitize your counters. Some essential oils are antibacterial. Some are just really nice for scent. One of the great things about making your own cleaning products is
that it uses minimal waste, you’re just reusing the same
package every single time, it’s natural so you don’t
have a bunch of chemicals in your house which is
great if you have pets. My dogs lick the sofa,
they lick the floor, they lick the bathtub. Really great for kids,
too, if you have any kids licking the floor or the wall. – The snozberries taste like snozberries. – If you’re interested in making your own, I have some recipes on my website. I will leave a link in
the description box below. Step number 13 is buy things in bulk. I love this. I’ve been doing it a lot more lately. I buy a lot of dry
goods, and they’re always in way too much packaging
or some sort of bag. This is just an old
container that I reused, you can still see the label there, to put flaxseed in. You can go to places like Bulk Barn or there’s a lot of co-ops,
we have one in Toronto, where you can buy things in bulk. You can bring your own containers. I highly recommend it, you can save money. Who doesn’t like that? Step number, I don’t know
what, what step are we on? Step number 14 is clean your laundry. I use dryer balls instead of dryer sheets, and these guys are supposed
to hasten your drying time, fluff up your laundry,
and also reduce static. They definitely fluffen up
your laundry and reduce static, but I don’t find that
they hasten drying time. I don’t know what study they conducted, but it seemed to be about the same for me. They almost act like a ping
pong situation in your dryer. You can buy them in a
bunch of different places: home stores, Amazon. Ladies, give up your pads and tampons. They’re not doing you and good, and they are not doing
the environment any good. Did you know that a woman
uses over 240 tampons a year? Think about over a
lifetime, that’s ridiculous. I have switched to a Diva
Cup and period underpants. Both these things are amazing. You can reuse these over
and over and over again, sanitize it, and you just pop it up. These are incredible. They’ve changed my life. These ones are Thinx. My period has never been easier. Step number 16 is try to buy second hand items as much as you can. I love to buy second hand
clothing, jewelry, home decor. It’s so much cheaper, and
it’s so much less wasteful. I found this cute shrug thing. It cost me $15. These guys were $1 each. You can find the most unique jewelry, necklaces, and costume pieces. Fast fashion is one of
the leading pollutants on this planet, plus,
then you’re not wearing the same thing that everybody else has. Swap number 17 is
compost, compost, compost. If you do nothing else
other than the plastic bags, also compost. Go to your municipality website, and find out how you can compost. It’s one of the best things
to create natural fertilizer, new soil, it’s good for you,
it’s good for the environment. It’s one of the easiest
things that you can do. You have to eat five times
a day, so why not compost? Recycle, and don’t just recycle, but rinse your recycling,
and recycle properly. Did you know that a
huge amount of recycling actually ends up in the garbage
because it’s contaminated? If you do not rinse out
those yogurt containers or salsa containers, they
actually can’t recycle it. It actually contaminates all of the other recyclable materials in that
bag or in that recycling. If you’re not recycling, it’s 2018. What the hell is wrong with you? Step number 19 is reuse single-use items as much as possible. I like to save twist-ties,
elastic bands from my vegetables, funny little containers, bottles. I will even reuse bread bags. You can wrap sandwiches in it. You can reuse this multiple times so that we stop getting used to this single-use plastic economy
that we’re living in. Step number 20 is only buy what you need. This is so important. Buy less stuff. We don’t need that much stuff. We don’t need to re-buy a new
wardrobe every single season, or a new cord because you lost yours. Maybe spent a little more
time looking for that cord. What James and I like to do is sell things and buy things on Facebook Marketplace. As much as we can keep
reusing each others’ things, the better to stop them from
ending up in a landfill. Really think about the
purchases that you’re making. Buy consciously. I’m not saying you have to go out and buy all these eco-friendly products. Just don’t buy crap that you don’t need. And if you don’t buy
crap that you don’t need, and I don’t buy crap that I don’t need, there’s less stuff ending up in landfills, and then the turtles won’t have
straws stuck up their nose. There you go. Alright, guys, there you have it. Twenty easy, sustainable swaps so that you can be more eco-friendly. Like I said, all these
things are super cheap and easy to do. I’m not asking you to go out and buy hemp clothing using natural dye. No, I’m just asking you to
get yourself a water bottle, and stop buying plastic. If you like this video, make sure to give it a big thumbs up. If you have any sustainable
swaps that I didn’t think of, please leave them in the
description box below. And as always, thank you
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videos every single week. I hope you enjoyed this video, and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye! The human torch was denied a bank loan.


  • I bought the reusable straw and it’s amazing. My family always reuses plastic bags and containers bc it’s the small steps that help.

  • This is your first video I watched…
    Loved it.
    We in India have always used cloth napkins for all jobs that paper napkins are used for.
    We recycle T shirts to use them at home or as Pjs and for kids they go to younger siblings,they then get torn into rags for cleaning jobs. They’re all super absorbent.
    Old clothes, linen everything gets repurposed , donated to friends family or maids (depending on the item)and used till it looks sad and then respectfully gets thrown.
    We also traditionally buy grain for the year, sundry and store.
    A large population is vegetarian so we naturally consume less of resources since it’s cheaper to make a kg of grain as compared to a kg of beef/chicken.
    We have always carried cloth bags to the market to buy fruit or veggies … sadly the copy the west trend did get us into using disposable bags … but now they will charge you for a bag, which makes us remember to carry our own.
    Many years ago we always carried our own travel thermos flasks of varying sizes on journeys.
    I still posses 1, 5,10 liter cool cans which we carried on train trips.
    Things have changed here too… trying to imitate the west.
    Most Indians make their own yogurt at home in ceramic containers.
    Repurposed things are a norm in our culture.
    We repair and use appliances till they are defunct… rather then buy them new and discard the old.

  • الفيديو حلو جدا بس مفهمتش نصه لان الانجليزي بتاعي متوسط ، حد يعمل خير في البشريه و يترجم الفيديو ده يا جماعه

  • i know this video is old but here is a tip, make sure you tell your waiter not to give you to chopsticks, straws or anything like that before you order. When they put the item on the table they have to throw it away anyways.

  • 3:46 Wow. That’s so disrespectful to people with disabilities that need straws to drink. Calling them babies isn’t the way to go. I’m all for saving the environment, but plastic straws actually take part of a negligible amount of the plastic in oceans and landfills. Before you jump on “simple” fixes like straw bans and similar things, think about how it impacts EVERYONE, not just you. How rude!

  • A thing me and my mom really like to do is, IF we eat something like Pringles or that comes in a similar box like those chips do, we keep the boxes and paint/decorate them to store stuff (Pringles boxes for example are great to store those long brushes many artists have!)

  • I'm doing quite a few of these and have done before it got trendy. Even as a kid I'd reuse say chocolate boxes and redecorate them. A good video, common sense and nicely presented.

    I have plastic bags the 10p ones from Waitrose and yes I do mainly remember to bring with me in my tote bag! However I use them to line wastebins etc.

    In the UK our rubbish is recycled depending on the area you live in they recycle food waste as well. Waitrose is great they use eco biodegradable bags for fruit and trialling refillable dry stuffs etc.

    Things I do-
    1. Have a cotton tote bag or Disney zip bag for shopping
    2. Wear things until worn and alter stuff I'm bored with. Learn to sew.
    3. Lemon and bicarb for stains and I use vinegar with tea tree oil or eco cleaners
    4 Bamboo toilet paper
    5 Cut up old tshirts for cleaning especially floors
    6 Reusable microfiber floor mop
    7 Recycle plastic and food waste
    8 Make my own face mask like honey and banana
    9 Buy some second hand stuff on eBay or good quality charity shops
    10 Never leave gadgets on standby
    11 Eco toiletries like Dr Organic and Beauty Kitchen and yes I use eco soap or a refillable pump.

    Some things like the period cup are not possible with me but I reckon as long as you are doing your bit that's fine.

  • EXTREMELY IMPORTANT REMINDER !: when you are buying a re usable bag make sure it is one that isnt environmentally harmful. certain common fabrics that re usable bags are made of need to be used 20,000 times to be less environmentally destructive than one single plastic bag. do some research before you buy

  • The wax is bees wax. You can make your own covers. Just buy beeswax pellets from Amazon and you can use ANY fabric to make them. Its lots of fun. I miss bulk barn we dont have it here. Also you can buy or make reusable pads an just wash with towels

  • I am proud of myself that i allready do half of those things, but thanks for that baking paper replacement and alumin foil replacement👌💕

  • The official going green guide to reduce household expenses. http://www.cibasweb.com/index_Eng.html
    Reduce your electric, gas and water consumption, save on cellphone, negotiate your insurance coverage, adjust your entertainment budget, avoid irregular bills and lower the cost of life.

    The best money saving tips, to reduce household expenses, start with the green index, avoid unnecessary expenses and ban irregular bills.

  • Plastic bags can be crocheted into sleeping mats for the homeless. it takes 500-1000 bags to make one sleeping mat. I make my own utensil pouches and napkins out of old t-shirts that can't be worn anymore. But glass straws? Too breakable for me and metal water bottles. I've tried so many and they all leave a metallic taste to the water. I just use a plastic water bottle till its no good and recycle that. Also trading in a paper cup for more plastic?? any hot drinks I use my metal coffee cup instead with a silicone lip guard against fernbarking, ie burning, my lips. also parchment paper is biodegradable. I tear it up into small pieces after baking and throw it into my compost pile. No issues there at all.

  • I love this video, so many great suggestions that I will try to include in my life. Except for the bar soap. I use to use bar soap but it reacts badly with my skin 🙁

  • Microfibre clothes contain micro plastics particles that go directly into water sources when washing them. Please reconsider this recommendation

  • There was s this app called Ecosia and its basically google, except every 45 searches a tree gets planted. It’s a fantastic app defiantly recommend it.

  • If 🇵🇭 would swap retail buying with bulk buying we could lessen plastic consumption plus it would be cheaper. And discipline too because alot of us just throw them anywhere.

  • paper straws aren't actually good for the environment since they require more energy and resources to make. So go for metal or glass straws instead

  • In most grocery stores in Australia, (such as Woolworths, Coles and Aldi) it is compulsory to bring your own reusable bag/s. If you forget yours you can buy a fabric one for 99 cents (AU currency) and a bag made out of 80% of recycled material for 15 cents each.

  • Thank you so much! Me and my friend are trying to start a group to save the world. This helps a lot. 😊

  • You can get reuseable cotton pads for removing make up. You can get a pack of 10 from amazing for like $10 and you just wash them once you’ve used them

  • I tried to use metal straws, and i didnt like thestraws getting cold on my teeth, so i switched to silicone, so i take my own cup with my own straw. I use my own plastic utencils out (not single use) i compost. I shred paper for my compost. I useresuable bags at the store. And i have resuable containers for my leftovers to send with my hubby and kids for lunch. I use wool dryer balls from a small company near me. Im trying to knock out ziplocks and foil. I am getting into canning and i save all my glass jars i get to store dry goods i buy in bulk.

  • I use my plastic shopping bags in my trash can, it seems unnecessary to buy plastic trash bags. The only way I'd find that to be better would be if there were biodegradable bin bags.. for my non biodegradable trash :/ meh

  • 1:53 my sister does she doesn’t eat all of it then puts it in the fridge only for me to throw away 20 Minutes later

  • I have a tip; buy your skin care, body care and hair care products from lush. They're expensive but they do reuse the plastic tubs, just take 6 (as clean as you can get) tubs in and you get a free face mask

  • Bonus tip..If you have a garden in your home you can get a chicken to eat all the leftovers instead of throwing it in the garbage and you will also get fresh and organic eggs everyday 😀😊😁

  • Thank you for the interesting video. I am encouraging some Japanese beverage companies to use non-plastic straws. From Japan

  • also for getting rid of clothes, charity shops, clothes swaps, sell stuff or some shops give you a voucher or discount if you take your clothes to recycle in their shops x

  • Everyone do a favour for the world …
    1. Make a compost (you can compost parchment paper and eggshells as well as fruit and veg scraps)
    2.everytime you go grocery shopping bring reusable cotton or clothe bags
    3.plant a tree every year on your birthday.

  • Kinda glad that in India we never got things like clean x wipes we always use old clothes and make dusters out of it we have bamboo brooms and what not.

  • Has anyone else noticed that a lot of food places at malls give you so much unnecessary extra waste? Like I’ll go to Panda Express and they’ll give me plastic cutlery, plastic straws, styrofoam plates/cups, and they always give me my food in a plastic bag even if my order isn’t to go which is super annoying because I don’t even use the bag!

  • Obviously I'm trying to cut down in my waste but it is really hard when you are a teen and your parents buy everything. It is sometimes quite expensive but you are saving the planet so…

  • Hi, I’ve got a few tips to share with you if you’d be interested in living more sustainably but don’t know how or where to start! If not, just scroll past and have a cool day 🙂

    -Something super easy: Download Ecosia. It’s a browser you can install as a Chrome extension. Except for the fact that they use 80 % or the ad revenue to plant trees worldwide. You plant a tree by making around 45 searches. So you do good by changing basically nothing.
    -Littering. Do you smoke or know someone who smokes? Make sure they throw the cigarette butts in a trashcan. It’s made from plastic and takes at least 20 years to biodegrade. Same with bubble gums. Don’t throw them on the ground.
    -Public transport. If you’re able, use it as much as you can. Or go by bike. You’ll feel better realising how much CO2 you save by not using car too.
    -Plastic. We all know single use plastic is a big problem. It’s so easy to carry your own bag wherever you go! There are cloth sacks you can use for fruit/vegetables, also bread etc. I’ve been using a cotton one for years now. So you can say bye to single use plastic bags. Also zero waste shops are becoming more common! Google if you have some nearby and go shop into your own containers 🙂
    -Buy secondhand things if possible. Not just clothes. Also sell or donate stuff, don’t throw away things you don’t have to.
    -Don’t buy books but borrow them in a library or buy a Kindle and read e-books. They’re also easier to carry around!
    -Women, research zero waste menstrual hygiene products. Think of the amount you’d save every month with a single silicone cup for example!
    -Bottled water is full of microplastics. If possible, drink tap water and carry it around in a reusable bottle. (Or reuse simply a normal plastic bottle! I’ve had the same ‘single-use’ plastic one for 2 years now. They don’t go bad if you clean them.) You’ll also save money!
    -Eat less meat and animal products in general. This is a point people stop usually listening to me. They don’t believe it makes a difference. Just google how much water you need to produce a single kilogram of meat. The Amazon was also burning mostly because people burned it themselves so they could plant soya etc there instead of trees! 90 % of that soya is exported to feed animals. So basically yes, eating meat supports deforestation. If you eat less meat, there’ll be less demand for it and there won’t be so many animals needed = more place for trees and fiels to feed humans. Noone’s asking you to be vegan. Just eat less meat. Participate in a #meatlessmonday perhaps? Or for example sometimes get tofu in an asian restaurant instead of chicken. Or go to a vegan restaurant from time to time. It’s up to you to create a habit suitable for you. I read that America should cut its meat consumption by half and Europe by one third.
    -Order less stuff online.
    -Order takeaways into your own containers.
    -Did you know most of the plastic in the ocean are fishnets? Now I’m not really sure how to deal with this. I stopped eating fish but I guess you can research who catches fish without nets? Like those fish farms or something like that? If you have a better idea, let me know.
    -Be interested in this issue. There are tons of tips on how to live more sustainable here on Youtube but also on Instagram and other social media.
    I started doing so around a year ago by simply buying a bamboo toothbrush that reminded me every morning to live more sustainable that day.
    It’s so easy and there’s no better time to start doing it than now.

    A few more small tips:
    Bathroom – shampoo bars are great and plastic free, as mentioned, bamboo toothbrush is a thing, wet wipes are plastic! Don’t throw them into the toilet.
    Kitchen – before you buy stainless steel straws, ask yourself, do you really need them for yourself? How about you rather ask your local restaurants if they have thought about using these straws instead of plastic ones? It’s so easy, I just sent mine a message on their social media accounts. Also silicone parchment paper is great. Reusable for years. And in case you make ice in plastic bags, you can use reusable ice molds instead.
    Garden/balcony – you can grow your own veggies so easily you’d be surprised! And pesticide free too 🙂

    And my last point, be an example to your friends and family and spread the word! Maybe they’ll be inspired to live more sustainably as well 🙂 I know all of this can be a bit overwhelming but just pick some of the stuff mentioned and do small steps! Good luck 🙂

  • Thank you for the video
    There is a lot of way to act, like being part of a network that shares different tips .. Etc.

    To contribute, we must adopt actions:

    Avoid unnecessary trips with a car.

    Avoid buying a lot of clothes.

    Use electricity during good times.

    Use heavy duty bags for long periods of time.

    Avoid the plastic as much as possible.

    Buy local and seasonal products.

    Make vegetable gardens or go into permaculture etc.

    And many other things.

    There is an American network that is created to unite people and raise awareness, to make small actions on their scale and to unite to ask manufacturers to change, the promotion of this online network is paid because it is new, I leave you the link Get Paid to Save Our Planet and promote this network, https://bUnited.com/invite/BDFJ-6237/05/
    good luck.

  • I am so enthralled to be talking to you right now. As I am sure you know the world is in great peril and I was wondering if you wanted to be part of the solution.
    The enzyme comes from a bacteria, Ideonella sakaiensis 201-F6, which was discovered in 2016 by Japanese researchers, who subsequently found that it could completely break down a thin layer of low-quality plastic within six weeks. Structural biologist John McGeehan and his team have now taken that enzyme and genetically engineered it so that it can begin the process in a matter of days. That kind of discovery is cause for excitement: It takes centuries for polyester, scientifically known as polyethylene terephthalate or PET, to degrade naturally.
    Waxworms- The secret was in the worms’ ability to break down beeswax, which contains some of the same chemical bonds found in polyethylene. Since then, researchers have been working to harness the enzymes found in their digestive system in hopes that it can degrade the millions of tons of plastic in our landfills and oceans. Exactly how remains hazy, though one idea that’s been floated is to spray the piles of trash in the ocean with the bacteria or the enzyme, and let them do their work.

  • You see I get your cause and I believe in it but am in Uganda …Africa and we are still very plastic I mean half to all the things that help aid waste free life are not available and all restaurant chains can not get behind all this waste free life and personally my family and I try to recycle but its a lot so its a personal struggle to do this in an environment that is naive about this life style

  • Hello, thank you for the video, send a message in favor of the environment with these models of t-shirts, and do not forget to act, advice alone do nothing, action is the only truth , thanks and I leave you the link here teespring.com/stores/the-world-in-green-2. encourage me

  • For almost every single-use thing, there's a recyclable alternative AND/OR a reuseable alternative! My favorite is ziplock bags! Amazon has cute fabric bags the same size as snack/ziplocks with a waterproof liner and they're good for absolutely anything!!

  • So I'm only 12 so I can't really do all of this but I do have metal straws and I always have them in my school bag or in my purse and I love them

  • If you don't like using a reusable cup for ur period, you can use a biodegradable pad, and a certain kind even reduces the length time of your period.

  • Another great idea is REUSABLE COTTONS PADS for make-up. Over a billion wipes containing several non-degradable compounds are wasted a year!!!! We can still wear makeup in an fashionable environmental way 👍😉 Great work! Small steps make a big difference.

  • There is a brand called humankind and they are so so so eco friendly. You should check them out They have refills and their stuff is biodegradable. I just ordered some shampoo and deodorant and it should be coming in the mail soon. I would greatly appreciate if you check them out sometime. With recycling, I agree but what about those places that can't recycle. I'm from somewhere that can't afford it and many other places cannot as well. It's just something to think about. I'm doing research myself but it's hard to solve out Earth's problems if everyone can't contribute to it. I'm not trying to be a hater or seem like someone who disagrees but there are also some things we can't do. I'm very happy and thankful that you decided to address this situation because it is becoming an even bigger problem.

  • I rlly want to be eco friendly but im still trying to convince my parents to make them a little eco firendly but im trying to be eco friendly ryt now

  • at least in my area,(rural northwest USA) the fast food restaurants that i've worked at will not fill your reusable cups with anything behind the counter or in the drive thru. I've always been told its a health code thing. As a worker i would personally have no problem with filling up a thermos instead of a paper cup but i've been scolded by management before.

  • Hi Edgy Veg, enjoyed your video on the 3:00 straw I didn't even know this was made until I saw your video, so I went on amazon and also found "whirl peace collapsible straw" they seem to be new but looks really cool and fashionable thought you might be interested in having a look 👀 alright thanks for video . chow

  • It does so much for the planet if you don't dry your laundry in a dryer and just hang it! In Poland almost nobody uses a dryer for private purposes and we live just fine 😉

  • What do you mean by “getting rid of the plastic” essentially throwing or recycling it. No real plan

  • 21. Use a water filter! This is super convenient since I don’t have to drive to the store when ever I’m out of water and I end up saving a lot of money, time and plastic bottles

  • I've started a petition requesting mass scale food chains to minimize ridiculously unnecessary food packaging like those wrappers and boxes for dine-in meals . Guys Please sign. http://chng.it/jzJsFX6P

  • Would love to see a video about how to be a sustainable dog parent😊 I.e. alternatives to doggy poop bags, dog food bag multi purposes?…

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