20 BEST VEGAN ALTERNATIVES (that you can buy in most grocery stores)


  • Pink really suits you!! Love this look. And THANK YOU for spreading the word, I feel like not enough people walk over to the vegan substitutes simply because out of habit. There's a myriad of them and folks should just explore their grocery stores a bit

  • I've never been a huge fan of provolonge cheese but I tried the one you mentioned in the video and it's by far one of my fav cheeses right now. And it melts! I was so mind blown the first time I used it. I have started to dive into the world of nut cheeses- pretty big adjustment but they are tasty in their own way.

  • How is it possible 19 people gave this a thumbs down. Must have slipped when they were giving it a thumbs up, is all I can think.

  • I can’t help but eat the tofurky slow roasted chick’n pieces plain whenever I get it at target 😭 it doesn’t last very long in my fridge lmao 🤣

  • I really miss Gardeins Beefless burgers. They didn't return when Gardein was purchased by a USA company, and moved the production plant over the boarder. The crabcakes are wicked.

  • i've tried oatly in my coffee, i couldn't do it. i need my silk vanilla almond creamer. nothing else will do. and it's always super hard to find. treeline cheese is to die. and yes everything gardein. not a huge fan of the realistic burgers, i hate cooking the beyond meat burgers, but i'll get them every once and awhile.

  • I love your hair like that. So pretty! I agree, eating a vegan diet does not have to be hard. You can make everything homemade, but if you are in a pinch or just don't feel like cooking, there are many great alternative products. One of my favorites are the Butler Soy Curls!

  • I think I agreed with everything you said except the soy milk but only because I have an allergy to it…keep up the great videos!!! 😁

  • when people tell me they don't like the silk unsweetened soy milk I am always so shook because it is literally so drinkable and works so well in cooking, I 100% agree that it is one of the best if not the best soy milk

  • I try to buy vegenaise over Hellmans vegan mayo because they are a vegan brand, its in glass, and made with solar power 🙂

  • everyone raves about the gardein chicken tenders but i tried them and thought they were DISGUSTING… was so excited to see them in the uk but they were nasty

  • Just egg is bomb more pricey though helmans mayo is more runny n vegenaise is thicker creamer garedin has Nashville hot tenders n those mf are bomb and made with pea protein

  • Can you do a video without all the covering up of your natural look please, because only then could we see how the vegan diet is able or not to sustain your body well.

  • Hello EV. Has it ever crossed your mind that you seek out meat and egg substitutions because your body is craving proper nutrition. Given that you have mental health issues you may find this video useful…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIi8NFPk-k0

  • I was always a sausage lover and when I want sausage with pepper's and onions I'm a beyond girl the spicy are my go to. For breakfast my go to is the Gardean ( I hope I spelled that right? I am shit at spelling). I love all them. Sometimes though I do get a little freaked out how real the mock meats taste.

  • I love your hair! Here in the US Hellman's vegan mayo cost as much as Follow your Heart. I think I like Hellman's best. Great Tips!

  • Violife is the best vegan cheese. The other ones dont compare. I will say that Daiyas new cuttingboard shreds taste way better than their original but it maybe to late for them now. Violife is everywhere

  • The only cheese I can find here in Dartmouth, NS on a regular basis are Chao and Daiya. I've never seen Follow Your Heart or Myokos in any grocery store here My fave product by far is non dairy milk, oat milk is my favourite for coffee etc, or the Silk Hazelnut creamer. I NEED to find those Boca chicken burgers!

  • I’m surprised by the follow your heart raves. I tried the shredded mozzarella and it was awful! Tastes like old potatoes.

  • it's so funny to hear your dentist story!! Sounds so similar to my childhood; I'm 1 out of 3 girls and we would always go way out of our way to go to the dentist and stop by either burger king for the whopper or wendys for the spicy chicken burger. I'm so happy that BK has the impossible whopper so it would be amazing if wendy's came out with a vegan spicy chicken burger!

  • I LOVE the Yves Cuisine Ancient Grains Chick'n and Gardein Chipotle lime Chick'n Tenders. Have you tried Nafsika's Garden cheeses? I'm partial to their mozzarella and provolone. It's a newer brand that has been expanding like crazy – they even have cheese specifically for poutine which I still need to try! The Field Roast Apple Sage sausages are the best I've tried. And Earth's Own milks are amazing too. Oh and Hellmann's vegan mayo – I put that stuff on everything lol.

  • I used to like the Chao brand mozzarella, but the only place that sold them near me (walmart) doesn't anymore 🙁
    I'm looking for a new brand atm so thanks for this 🙂

  • UK 🇬🇧 alert! We had the fry's hotdogs last night, and 😮 so shocked!!!! Seriously, not just close but tasted so alike the real thing I had to go into the trash to check the ingredients!!!! Blumming amazing! Got them in Sainsbury's Ipswich. Honestly 10/10, brilliant!

  • I haven't eaten meat in 44 years and I never crave meat textures.
    These are all highly processed foods, not a healthy choice. you would likely experience
    poor health and an early end to your life if you eat these things all the time!

  • I haven't eaten meat in 44 years and I never crave meat textures.
    These are all highly processed foods, not a healthy choice. you would likely experience
    poor health and an early end to your life if you eat these things all the time!

  • Gorgeous EVERYTHING…..girl..energy…message…love…only thing that sssucks is the impossible burger…not made by Our community beware…it a not healthy !!! Now that there is money in vegan foods thanks to my brothers & sisters doing an excellent job on the planet…..the evil industry is infiltrating…..so if u wood like to know about this…google …..Global Healing Center video impossible burger…& please spread the word……we r vegan out of love for love in love…..not about evil impossible burger !!!!

  • I found that the vegan items are high In sodium which cause weighted gain as well. Plus cane sugar. What are your thoughts?

  • Do vegan butters brown like regular butter?! I’m mostly plant based but when baking I looooove browned butter and haven’t gotten to try plant based butters yet

  • We've come a Long Way…
    30+ years ago, when i went vegetarian, the only options were make it yourself or open a can. Veggie products in the freezer or refrigerated section of a Grocery Store? THAT ain't gonna happen. LOL
    Times Are A Changin' xD

  • Feild roast is just so good! My boyfriend and I just started a Vegan YouTube channel where we're documenting our experience of being vegan through cooking, challenges and more! Check it out 💛🌞✨

  • Miracle whip was my fave so no surprise I the the follow your heart the grape seed is my fave when I can find it!

  • Awesome video I concur with everything you said….. Only two products you mentioned I haven't tried yet. For the low carbers out there all beyond meat products with the Xtreme wellness 4 carb tortillas and follow your heart cheeses are amazing!!!!

  • We got similar tastebuds bc I love everything you suggested. I use to love McDonald’s chicken nuggets when I was little and I found one that just the same gardeins mandarin chicken has the same texture. I just don’t use the sauce and I just get a whole bunch of sweet and sour sauce at McDonald’s so I can still get that nostalgic taste

  • I love Boca chicken nuggets and chicken patties, Almond Breeze chocolate milk, Vegenaise garlic aioli, Field Roast smoked apple sage? I think it's called? and pretty much all Beyond Meat products. I've never had Beyond Meat that I didn't love.

  • Hmmm I really don’t like the beyond burger or the beyond sausage and I wanted to 🙄. The impossible burger is good I’m trying to transition into no meat but this is hard 😫

  • I'm not vegan, but I eat a lot of vegan products like veggie burgers and soy milk. I think chocolate silk soy milk is like a dessert. Going to try oatly! It's in a store in my town. Thanks for the recommendations!😄

  • I don't know where you live in Toronto, but regardless of where you are you HAVE to go to yam chops (vegan grocery store) and get the ”vegnature” vegan goat cheese. It is completely indistinguishable from the real thing. Like, literally astonishingly accurate. Just trust me on this, even though I’m a random stranger haha

  • Follow your heart parm is sooooo good!! My colleges dining hall makes these vegan cheese sticks that are SO good and I even like them better than real cheese sticks, and it’s just pizza dough, olive oil, garlic pesto and follow your heart parm it’s BOMB

  • I wish we all of these products had healthier fat profiles. Most are high fat from only 1 tbsp or so. They make it very easy to passively over consume.

  • Am I the only one that prefers morning star chicken nuggets over Gardein. Also idk why buy I HATE Oatly milk, maybe it's because I make my own oat milk but it just has a strange sweet taste.

  • The impossible burger grounds are available in the Northeastern United States at Wegmans grocery stores. I think they (we, I guess – I work in the produce department) are the only stores able to sell them – not as patties, just the ground version. But in case anyone in the New England area was looking!

  • Vegenaise is the best great for making creamy sauces & dressings.Follow your heart & tofurkey the chick'n peices & deli slices are really good.We just got some gardein here in Australia its good but expensive.

  • Think you can get your hands on some notmayo? For me it's the best mayonnaise hands down but it's made in Chile

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