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  • Thanks for the video! I`m just planing my christmas grocery list and your tips will go right into it (or off it? :D)

  • I'm so tired of buying bottles water but our tap water is so hard I basically have no choice. I can't afford to have a filter system installed and I've destroyed 3 Brita filters with Lyme from out tap water. It literally comes out of the tap in chunks at times and you have to use distilled water in your coffee machine if you want it to last more than three uses. I have to tape a Ziploc bag full of vinegar to my shower head every 3 days to keep it from crushing over with Lyme. It's a true nightmare.

  • some of the bulk goods are cheaper but what if you dont have the extra cash to buy in bulk?

    Also for dogs and cats, why not save money why serving them leftovers or raw meat trimmings. I used to have a street cat. and she would eat anything i served her like chicken trims, fat, beef trim and fat, etc.

  • All true except encouraging pet supplies store patronage. The specialty pet food and supplies industry is the biggest marketing gimmick since Dow chemical and Unilever decided we needed 10 different cleaning products to clean our homes instead of a mild liquid soap for all purpose and a sudsy ammonia for glass and grease cleaning . You dont need specialty pet food with antioxidant, organic veggie, single sourced farm raised ingredients for your dog or cat! If you want them to live longer and be healthier STOP overfeeding them into fat, over induged, under- exercised blobs of misdirected emotional support and do right by them. your vet can recommend a healthy kibble and occasional treat and keep you out of PetSmart and financial ruin.

  • Buying in bulk is often NOT a good money saving idea! Often things have expired by the time it comes to using the product, then you have to store massive quantities of food, so you need a huge kitchen… Buy little and often as much as you need, no wastage and no food hoarding. I've never saved as much money as when I bought what I needed when I needed it, and I throw nothing away. Yes the spices thing was really off!! I cook for 8 and haven't noticed spices blowing the budget. And if you bake a LOT maybe it's worth buying individual ingredients but seriously, baking mixes are CHEAP and easy for a lot of people with no wastage (taste like sh*t I know, and I don't use them but not because they are more expensive). And if you were going to mimic those precut salad mixes, how are you going to do that without buying six different types of lettuce heads which will be off in a couple of days and wasted. Precut salad rules. I have never noticed a problem with supermarket housewares – anyone else? If you need to replace worn out spatulas or wooden spoons you will find they are A LOT more expensive in homewares stores. Why make a special trip to a speciality store when you can grab a spoon in the homewares aisle?? And seriously, you are trying to come off as frugal and you BUY DISPOSABLE DIAPERS??? And worry about PLASTIC DRINKING BOTTLES in the environment?? I have no words.

    You didn't mention premade/frozen meals/pizza/ which are a massive waste of money. I would have put that first.

  • Gift cards are not a way to save money. You either don't use all the money on the card or too use it all you end up buying more items than you would have. Time is valuable, if you spend a lot of time cutting produce to save a buck are you really better off?

  • How do u figure cloth diapers will save u money when imdeed it possible wont if u have to buy alot and keep washing them alot. The cost of water detergent and electric alone is 3 extra costs.

  • Great tips. I have something to add, regarding pre-cut produce. If there’s just one or two of you, shopping pre-cuts at the salad bar is actually not wasteful. Buying a whole lot of produce and only using about a fifth of it is. So I will sheet for four bucks for a stir fry meal for two and buy the veggies at the salad bar. And I understand not practical for larger families

  • I disagree wholeheartedly with the spice recommendation. Who in the world needs 26 ounces of garlic powder? Spices only stay fresh up to one year, so it makes much more sense to just buy 50 cents worth of a certain spice even if the price per ounce is higher rather than it going off and being wasted.

  • Garlic powder – I just use garlic, either grated on a small dish designed for grating garlic/ginger or finely minced with a knife.
    Batteries – Avoid toys that need batteries, especially for young children.
    Avoid buying anything through Amazon. – Why support the company of the richest man in the world who pays low wages to his employees and has a record of stressful work environments for employees.
    Gift cards – Just give cash or an equivalent amount and let people spend the money where they want or they can even save the money for a bigger goal.

  • No major health benefits to drinking filtered water > tap? Uhhh yeah sorry love ya girl but fluoride is a real thing and it’s real dangerous… not some conspiracy peddled by outliers 😬 definitely great to avoid it as much as possible.. but agree with you that disposable water bottles are no bueno & water filter pitchers are great.. also convenient portable ones like the lifestraw! Target sells them now I believe

  • I am too skeptical to buy gift cards from strangers online, too many scammers out there. My credit card gives me 2% back at the grocery store, so if I buy a gift card at the grocery store, it's an automatic 2% off.

  • Some things you can add:

    – buying on sale produce
    – growing your garden in the summer or indoors (my mom grew white pepper, and saved a ton of money. We live in Canada)
    – clean out fridge, and everything that’s about to expire.
    – cleanout your cupboard. Next time you want sweet, bake your own cookies instead.
    – challenge yourself not to go to the grocery store for a month
    – learn to sew, and patch up all your old socks and clothes. No need to buy more.
    – take up gaming instead of drinking, you will be addicted at a one-time cost per game.
    – only buy $2 packets of spices. If you run out quickly, those are the ones you need to buy in the big bottle
    – don’t buy brand name toothbrushes, try one of the store brand. You might like them better.
    – take a look at your credit cards, are you utilizing them?? Check out who pays you the most for recurring bill payments, and pick up that credit card.
    – buy cleaning solutions in economy size! I don’t see these going bad, if you see a sale stock up!
    – save your Classico pasta jars, and use them as cups. They make excellent cups! My coworkers stare at my Classico jars like I bought at William Sonoma.. oh generation x …
    – buy basic kitchen tools at the dollar store. You don’t need wooden spoons from William Sonoma
    – visit goodwill for appliances, and maybe blankets. If you just need a basic toaster oven for work, you can pick one up for $10. I bought a few hand knit blankets for $7 at goodwill. I don’t have a grandma who will knit me blankets, so I’m okay with paying $5 or $10 for one.

    There are tons of ways to save money, you just need a bit of creativity

  • if you were to drink the water from my city's supply, you would instantly find a need for bottled water, because not even a filter gets that nasty taste out. NO ONE in my city uses tap.

  • Someone edited all the full stops out of this! She's got good points but goes on like a chipmunk on espresso! ^_^

  • Pre-grated cheese. You get twice as much if you buy a block and shred it yourself. I have rheumatoid arthritis & grate all my cheese in the food processor & put in freezer bags. You can use it straight from the bag when cooking and if you need to for tacos or whatever it thaws in no time.

  • I have been doing some comparison pricing and have found that feminine products are less expensive at the grocery store that at your local pharmacy such as cvs and Walgreens. Target is another good source of affordable feminine products.

  • I have been doing some comparison pricing and have found that feminine products are less expensive at the grocery store that at your local pharmacy such as cvs and Walgreens. Target is another good source of affordable feminine products.

  • Good advice for morons unable to comparison shop on their own. Also, for those who have all the time in the world to cook and do food prep from scratch without any shortcuts.

  • Gift cards are a terrible gift idea no matter where you get them.🙄 Stores make a fortune in unused cards. They are just as " thoughtful" as a cash gift but less useful because the person receiving them can't just buy what they need/want or pay an urgent bill😓 Thoughles waste of money!

  • Stfu about Amazon already. Most of what you know is from misleading news and exaggerations from leftists. Workers make the choice to work. Amazon or any company is not responsible for paying a “living wage” which is a privileged term for “I wanna buy whatever I want.”

  • Herbs and spices lose their quality quickly. You should never buy in bulk unless you’re a big cook feeding many people.

  • One good way to save like $100k is to just not have kids. Save on tuition, diapers, food – pretty much anything in life where you'd have to drag kids along.

  • Great video! 1 correction..the reverse osmosis system you mentioned as an alternative…I’m not sure that helps save the environment. Sure, you’ll be avoiding plastic bottles…but most at home systems output 2 gallons of discarded water (used to wash the toxins out of the system) for every gallon of fresh water. It can be incredibly wasteful. I’m not sure if there are systems that don’t waste so much. I just remember reading that a on a few devices when I looked into buying one a few months ago.

  • Garlic powder? If you live in a warm and humid climate, your garlic powder score will be a solid garlic block, and you lost all your money. Same with onion powder.

  • I agree with all you said!
    Besides, pet food from grocery stores is usually quite bad quality, at least where I live.
    Also if you have a traditional market with a spice stall near your place, I suggest you buy there those spices you use on a regular basis. It may not seem very cheap, but it does in the long run if you buy 100 g or more. Plus the quality is incredibly better! I buy my oregano and paprika there, and the seasoning they give is glorious!

  • If you want to save time and buy pre-cut fruits and vegetables, take some more time and make a long ritual of it?! I think you missed the point

  • lol better buy good spices at a local shop than amazon where you get zero tracability and quality proof

  • It you are paying attention you will have noticed that pre-cut fruit is the source of numerous food recalls. Don't buy it unless you like food poisoning. Leafy greens are even worse though. Learn what local plants are edible if you really want to eat leaves.

  • I clicked on this quite happily, because who doesn't want to make better choices, right? But I won't support Amazon, so it's disappointing to hear it recommended over and over here. Who wants to give their money to such a corrupt, unethical corporation? Buy local. Pay a bit more. Support the humans who run small businesses in your town. You can save money on all of these items without shopping at Amazon.

  • How about shopping at the commissary? I feel like even when I try to look for bulk purchases options. The commissaries prices are either the same per unit or less per unit then the bulk prices.

    Could you do an episode about financial recommendations for military families and saving? Being a former service member and possibly having a bit of insight. Like maybe an episode on PCSing and the financial decisions that come with that "Are we going to pay to have our second car shipped?"

  • The Badia brand of spices are usually over half the price of the stuff in the baking/spices aisle and are just as good. They’re usually near the Mexican food instead.

  • Be careful buying diapers in bulk;don't forget that the kid will grow and probably will need a different size diaper before the year is over.

  • Check out if your favorite store has a loyalty program. Sometimes the rewards from such programs can save you money on groceries, gas , etc. Also, some stores offer programs where the store will send you digital coupons which can save you money. And don't forget to consider buying the store brands as they are often made by the same companies that make the name brand products and are just as good and a lot cheaper.

  • This is all about saving a few dollars. But what about the bigger issues? Recommending amazon while they treat their workers shitty and do not pay taxes as they (morally) should? What about all the dying stores because of online shopping? What about all the traffic because of delivery, delivery, delivery….

  • 1. Spices
    2. Houseware
    3. Batteries
    4. Pre-cut produce
    5. Bottled water
    6. Diapers
    7. Baking mixes
    8. Gift cards
    9. Pet food
    10. Items that aren’t on your shopping list

  • This episode of Making it Work will teach you how to shop for healthy foods without spending a ton: https://youtu.be/C9XRVBBNzTo.

  • Just want to say I always love your videos and you are such a bad ass! Thank you so much for all of your smart and organized ideas!!

  • Yea…I'm not buying something I consume from Amazon. There could be so many contaminants like mercury in my food and amazon definitely doesn't give a crap about my health. Only my money.

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  • Why do people hate store cake mix? It's $1 to $1.75 at most places… Shoot Dollar Tree even sells cake mix for a dollar.

  • I never knew this about grocery store spices. It seemed ridiculous at first, but I price checked the spices in my pantry and at my grocery store and Amazon online is about 1$ on average cheaper per spice.

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