🥝CHEAP Healthy ALDI Large Family GROCERY HAUL! | 🛒SHOP WITH ME | Jamerrill Stewart

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🥝CHEAP Healthy ALDI Large Family GROCERY HAUL! | 🛒SHOP WITH ME | Jamerrill Stewart

– [Jamerrill] Okay Daniel, what do you want mommy to bring home? – Ice cream and pizza! – [Jamerrill] Ice cream and pizza, you think we need that in our lives? – Mhmm! – [Jamerrill] Okay, here I go! So the girls, and Benjamin, and I are doing a big grocery haul today. And we went to get into our super-mega, large family van, and uh, I just could not drive the thing with crumby messes. You know when your van
looks like the bottom of the cereal box? That’s how our van was a looking. When our brooms break… Benjamin hears me, he’s
not happy with this. We keep the bottoms of
the brooms in the van, that way we can do sweeps. We did lots of trash pick up. You’re doing it Amelia, almost done. Here, get that bottle lid. And then when we sweep the van out, if there’s like little trash
pieces that come out… See right there, the cough drop wrappers and the bottle lid, and I think we’re done. What I’m trying to do today, is I’m doing a pantry challenge. I’m not doing it super organized. If you wanna see a very fun, inspiring, organized pantry challenge, go over to our good friend Sarah at Our Tribe of Many. She did a pantry challenge in the summer where they ate down their
pantry and their freezers, I think for four weeks, and she did an excellent job sharing each week along the way. We have been working on
eating down our pantry and freezers over the last few weeks, since after the holidays. So now it’s almost the end of
the second week in January, and I have a lot of the components
to do big weekend tacos, to do large family spaghetti, to do some meatloaves,
and probably some chili, you know, the old standard favorites. I have the meat, which is the big part, but there’s some fill-in
items I need at Aldi. And then, also, while we’re in the city, we’re gonna go by Sharp Shopper. Now, I’m trying to not spend a ton, because, again, I have a lot
I need to use up in the house. Okay, we had to fill up
our big, beast of a van. It was only $55 of diesel, that makes you feel like a deal. And the girls and I, we’re three girls and a baby out, we are gonna go to Outback Steakhouse, actually, for lunch. But the shopping center we’re at, it’s either that or McDonald’s
or an Italian restaurant, and I’m trying to stay, you know, trim healthy mama-ish. And I looked up Outback
Steakhouse’s lunch menu and they do have… Let’s see. I’m going in a big circle here. They do have lunch specials. It looks like you can
pick two things for $8.99. So, it’s gonna be more
expensive than fast food, but then again, trying to not eat those carbs. Okay, you ready for some lunch? You was sleeping. – [Jamerrill] Are you
just a little excited about that bread? Naomi’s getting it going, look at that. Cutting everybody a hunk, huh? Yum. She’s gonna put the butter on it for you, then you can shove it in your face. – How is she gonna put the butter on? – [Jamerrill] Well, yeah, she’s gonna use that knife
she’s cutting it with. Are you excited? – What did you order?
(screaming) – [Jamerrill] Yes, what did you order? – Um… – [Jamerrill] What was it? I forget. Oh, ribs! – Yeah, ribs. – [Jamerrill] You gonna try some ribs? – [Naomi] I got a cheeseburger – [Jamerrill] You got a cheeseburger. And you’ve got grilled cheese. Say “grilled cheese.” – Grilled cheese. – [Jamerrill] Grilled cheese. Good job! Oh boy, Benjamin! Ohh! Say “I can figure out
what to do with that.” – Yummy. – [Jamerrill] Yummy. No, don’t eat the table. Eat your butter bread. There’s mama’s, and look, this is like… This grilled cheese sandwich is bigger than my hand. So (laughs). And you got your ribs. Yummy! We’re here. Get six cans of tuna. – [Amelia] Of tuna? – [Jamerrill] Yes. Stack ’em up, put ’em in the cart. Spaghetti sauce is .85 cents each. I’m gonna get a whole case of 12. I’ll get four of these at $1.39. Really good price on pretzels. I’m gonna get a few bags of these, just for extra treats. Let’s get two of these. Can you get two and put them in the cart? There you go. Woo. Say “asparagus.” So many good choices here. We’ll get these. Get our spaghetti squash, baby. No, you don’t need those. Woo, trampoline! Okay. You get in the back of the van, I’m gonna hand you bags. Put that over back near the cart because we have bread and stuff in there. There you go. Here’s more bread. Take it way back. – [Friend] Do you need more
or do I take the paper away? – [Jamerrill] I would
take the paper for now. Naomi’s getting Benjamin buckled for us. Here honey, we got a whole bunch. That’s a good pretzel deal we got. Here’s our pineapples. I ended up getting a third pineapple. Okay pizzas, you behave yourselves. I got kiddos expecting you for dinner. So, here’s how the one week, huge, healthy,
Aldi grocery haul is looking. Well, as Travis is reminding me, we have basketball practice
for some kiddos in a few hours. And in order for me to get
home and show you this haul, which I’m gonna do next, I’m gonna have to go back over the river, through the woods. Our fun girl-lunch out means
no Sharp Shopper today, but that’s okay, because wait until you
see what Aldi’s price was on yogurt this week. So we are back from our fun
Aldi grocery shopping haul, which I had mentioned earlier that this is more of a fill-in-ish haul, because we are working down on, I think, we might only have, I don’t know, three or four freezer meals from this fall, left in the freezers. It’s already middle of January now, so I’m trying to get the last
of those freezer meals gone. We have lots of items there that I’m gonna go through
every single one for you. Then I have our dinners
planned for this week. So, let me show you what I got. So, already, for tonight, I have two kids with
basketball practice tonight, so we got two of these pizzas. The pepperoni was $5.49, and the five cheese was $4.99, and I figure if the kids really want to, we can put pepperoni on that one. And then, look at this Jamerrill restraint, I only got one box of 12. Gonna actually go put these
in the freezer right now, so the kids can have- Oh, look at that. Doesn’t everyone just
have some stray pepperonis hanging out? You know what? These are pepperonis that are trying to get
over to this cheese pizza. I know it’s a thing. I know. That must be where these mystery
pepperonis have come from. Anyway, that’s dinner tonight. If you are new here, we could easily go through
a gallon of milk a day, so I got eight gallons. All of these are dated for January 24th, and it is, well look, my battery is dying. I think it’s January 11th, which means Benjamin’s
officially 18 months old today. Anyway, these two here with
the little squished down heads, they were like that when we got them, but it wasn’t worth Naomi
digging back in the cooler for any more at that time. ‘Cause we were busy. We were working hard. So, we are getting ready to
have a snow storm in Virginia. We’re gonna get anywhere
from two to eight inches. How do you like that? What I’m gonna do for this weekend, is I’m going to do weekend tacos. Which means I’m gonna make
’em tomorrow, Saturday. We’re gonna have ’em Saturday, we’re gonna have ’em Sunday. We may even have some
leftovers Monday for lunch, we shall see. So, I got a whole case
of these taco shells. We already have some cheese. I think we already have two
bags of shredded cheese, so I got two more. And then these little
containers of sour cream. That’s right, these are little. These were only .89 cents. And I figure, we will use most of these for our couple days of tacos, and we will have, of course, tacos in the shells, the traditional way, and a lot of taco salads. That’s what I’ll be having. I got only one container, cottage cheese. Again, Jamerrill restraint now. This yogurt deal. I only got 24 yogurts, which again, if you’re a
long time viewer ’round here, or even a recent viewer, you know this is like, no yogurt for me, basically. It was only .29 cents each, which was an awesome deal, because usually at Sharp Shopper I can get them for .25 cents each, but I didn’t have to drive across town. However, my cart was almost full and I wanted to get home
to basketball practice, I knew we had to go over the
river and through the woods. So, anyway, I only got what
I could fit into my one cart, which was these two cases. So, it won’t be a heavy snack for the kids for this coming week, but it’s a little yogurt filling. That’s the only yogurt we have right now. I got three things of almond milk. This is probably more almond
milk than I’m going to drink and a few of the kids are going to drink, in the next week, however, I like to stock up and have a little extra on hand. The pineapples were an awesome deal and we have not had
pineapple in a long time. Just a $1.19, so we actually ended up
getting three of them. Then, I got some celery. I got two bags of organic pears. This is more for snack-wise. One head of iceberg lettuce, and then I also had got
some spring mix lettuce. And so, this is for tacos, taco salad. I got two spaghetti squashes, because after we have weekend tacos, we’re then gonna do a
big batch of spaghetti. We probably have spaghetti twice a month. We absolutely love it, and so if it’s on spaghetti squash, then I can have it. I really wanted to get these, and of course, we love mini peppers. So I got a bag of mini peppers. Got two bags of tomatoes
with tacos in mind. These were only a $1.39 a bag. I got us a box of the kiwis. Two packs of the green peppers. These were $1.49 a bag. I got one bag of green apples and one bag of honey crisp apples. I think these were $2.69 a bag. Then I got… Oh, let’s not forget the asparagus. Two packs of asparagus, because, see the meal
plan for the next week is coming out as I talk. So, tacos, yes. Spaghetti, yes. Then I was gonna do a couple meatloaves and I thought we could
have those with asparagus. Here are all the spaghetti sauces. I like to buy the big cans
from Costco for like $2.69 of just plain tomato sauce, and I make homemade spaghetti sauce. Aldi doesn’t have anything comparable. These jars are only .85 cents, so I got 12. I got four boxes of spaghetti sauce. It’s two pounds each. I got one can of shakey cheese. I got five loaves of bread. It was .99 cents a loaf. Two things of mayonnaise. We have six cans of tuna. I have six more cans at home. If I do it for lunch, with just a little left over, that’ll take six cans. I also have some avocados left over, and Amelia and I like to have avocado, and even Liam likes to have an avocado with a can of tuna on it. So, that is that. Got some more barbecue sauce. This is to have on-hand. It’s not planned for any
meals, in particular, although some of the kids
might have it with meatloaf. I got these pepper rings
because I would like this on taco salad. I got the apple cider vinegar from Aldi, use that for all kinds of things. Got one bag of black beans. There’s a couple different recipes in the coming weeks I
need black beans for, and I also might use
this in our taco meat. I got two packs of the 85% dark chocolate. Travis likes dark chocolate and these were .99 cents a bar. This is the super-great, what was it, .59 cents a
bag for these pretzels? Yes, please! So I got four. Those will be nice and
snacky for when we need ’em. So, this whole haul came to $158.50. That’s for our family of 10, which includes two adults
who are home full-time, two teenagers, a young adult, and a whole lot of growing kiddos. Here’s another look. And the reason you don’t
see meat in this haul is because we bought a whole, pasture-raised, grass-fed cow this fall. And that is the meat that
I am using for the tacos, and the spaghetti, and the meatloaves, and then by the time we get through that, it’ll probably be time for another haul. Doing these little hauls
for the next few weeks as we continue to eat
down more of what’s in our freezers and pantry
and be a little creative. And then for February I will probably do a super-mega large family grocery shopping haul to Costco and Sharp
Shopper and all the places.


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